GFC: Similarities between Global Food and Global Financial Crises

Stop-Neoliberalism (250 x 250)By MADGE June 5, 2009

The Global Food Crisis is being compared to the Global Financial Crisis. Like the financial system the food system has:

  • Dramatically globalised in the past generation
  • Has become increasingly concentrated
  • Sent ripples across the world – the increasing use of food for biofuels in Europe and the US pushed hundreds of millions of people into hunger

The global food system is also:

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4 responses to “GFC: Similarities between Global Food and Global Financial Crises

  1. the craziest thing about being rural is the distance to drive:-( to find a Farmers Market! I hope to start my own market garden soon in the West Wimmera, age and disabilty means waiting for help to prepare the land. Once that is done, soon, I hope I will be able to supply at least some if not all varieties of completely Organic vegies for the local area. Our local nursery doesnt even sell vegie seedlings! how sad is that.

  2. Hey, Oz ~ That is great – you can do it. I think this will become more important as time passes. We need to localize as much as possible.

    This is a great newsletter – MADGE – are you familiar with it?

  3. The thing about food and the economy is that it’s connected, so you’re bound to see similarities with the crises. It’s no surprise these two are being compared.

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