Have Monsanto, Oxfam America, Gates, Rockefeller and more teamed up to foist GM onto Africa? – MADGE follows the money trail

Millennium Villages Kenya (150 x 100)By MADGE, June 5, 2009

Congress may pass the Global Food Security Act – Senate Bill 384. This would “boost spending on foreign agricultural development and nutrition programs from $750 million in 2010 to $2.5 billion by 2014. …the money can go to ‘biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions,’ including genetically modified seeds.’”

The major producer of GM seeds worldwide is Monsanto. Monsanto have also spent $2 million lobbying to have this bill passed.

Various groups appear to be promoting improved seed and sustainable agricultural for Africa. They also seem to be supporting the Global Food Security Bill from behind the scenes. These groups are the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. Together they have established the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Could these groups’ real agenda be to force GM seeds on Africa? MADGE has followed a trail of grants and links that are worrying. The US Senate Foreign Relations committee had a hearing on world hunger to debate this bill. There appear to be links between supporters of the bill and the Gates Foundation:

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5 responses to “Have Monsanto, Oxfam America, Gates, Rockefeller and more teamed up to foist GM onto Africa? – MADGE follows the money trail

  1. Excellent post! Great work.

  2. A well researched and well documented reports. Congratulations! A huge amount of money is involved in the food scarcity and security game. The players are many, with different names and philosophies but the purpose is the same. Spread those seed varieties and farming methods which are failed in regions where (Un)green revolution were implemented by none other that funding groups like Rockefeller Foundation. These farming practices failed the environment and farmers of those regions. In India hundred of thousand farmers committed suicide due to indebtedness and crop failures. The Monsanto’s entry in other countries as well destroyed the food security and symbiotic relationship between farmers, land and the consumers.
    Now its Africa’s turn.

  3. Well done. Thank you for the updates.

  4. Politics is dirty! Corporations scare me to death! Obviously, there are other agendas in mind than feeding a starved continent.

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