GMOs contaminate crops worldwide; organic farmers penalized

horizontal_gene_transferThe Global Spread of GMO Crops

By Peter Montague

Felix Ballarin spent 15 years of his life developing a special organically-grown variety of red corn. It would bring a high price on the market because local chicken farmers said the red color lent a rosy hue to the meat and eggs from their corn-fed chickens. But when the corn emerged from the ground last year, yellow kernels were mixed with the red. Government officials later confirmed with DNA tests that Mr. Ballarin’s crop had become contaminated with a genetically modified (GMO) strain of corn.

Because Mr. Ballarin’s crop was genetically contaminated, it no longer qualified as “organically grown,” so it no longer brought a premium price. Mr. Ballarin’s 15-year investment was destroyed overnight by what is now commonly known as “genetic contamination.” This is a new phenomenon, less then 10 years old — but destined to be a permanent part of the brave new world that is being cobbled together as we speak by a handful of corporations whose goal is global domination of food.

Mr. Ballarin lives in Spain, but the story is the same all over the world: genetically modified crops are invading fields close by (and some that are not so close by), contaminating both the organic food industry and the ” conventional” (non-GMO and non-organic) food industry.

As a result of genetically contamination of non-GMO crops in Europe, the U.S., Mexico, Australia and South America, the biotech food industry had an upbeat year in 2005 and things are definitely looking good for the future. As genetically modified pollen from their crops blows around, contaminating nearby fields, objections to genetically modified crops diminish because non-GMO alternatives become harder and harder to find. A few more years of this and there may not be many (if any) truly non-GMO crops left anywhere. At that point there won’t be any debate about whether to allow GMO-crops to be grown here or there — no one will have any choice. All the crops in the world will be genetically modified (except perhaps for a few grown in greenhouses on a tiny scale). At that point, GMO will have contaminated essentially the entire planet, and the companies that own the patents on the GMO seeds will be sitting in the catbird seat.

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3 responses to “GMOs contaminate crops worldwide; organic farmers penalized


    Great Article. GMO food is poison AND IT IS NOT LABELED IN THE US. Food allergies to it are not possible to diagnose.

    Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia and the Netherlands are too smart for the fox in sheeps clothes.

    Justice is priceless.

    • yeah, with the new Monsanto Food Safety Czar snuggled in at the White House, proclaiming the need to “trace” food contamination back to its source, how will they now justify the continued refusal to label GM Food?

  2. Jose Bulatao, Jr.

    I live in the small town of Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by GMO seed companies which have been in our midst for nearly 40 years. The island of Kauai, notable for being “the wettest spot on earth” is also known as “The Garden Island” because of the lush vegetation growing throughout this tropical island. What are our chances of maintaining organic farming enterprises with the proliferation of GMO crops of corn, soybeans and sunflower competing for agricultural lands on our island?

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