NAIS ~ to Own a Politician

buy_a_seat_sBy Darol Dickinson,
Farm Wars

Let’s call him Mr. B. He was a very auspicious Texas businessman and Mr. B planned to stay that way. His success had come hard, taking the highest risks, and no half pint politician was going to pass some bleeding heart law to thwart his achievements. Mr. B volunteered to serve as Republican Fund Raising Chairman and consistently rolled in the donations. He was highly respected by Texas candidates because he sucked in the bucks. With no small shock to many, here he is on TV, at a Democratic rally, right next to the podium by the featured speaker. What is going on? To cover all bases, he was also the leading contributor to the Democratic party. Mr. B. said, “I must know for certain that when I need special things, no matter who wins, I can make one phone call and — I own them.”

As business giants find politicians invading their inner most profit sanctuaries, control and cost of control is the universe. The closer one stands to the guillotine, the higher the purchase cost. The longer one’s hand is on the rope, is even better.

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