The Gestapo Food Act, H.R. 2749, Must Be Stopped (Action Link)

GreenEye x KoFreakonLeasHrnBy The PEN

Here we have yet another phony food safety bill, which does NOTHING but grant the FDA massive new police powers without actual policy oversight. And it would do NOTHING to solve the actual problem, the stinking cesspools which call themselves “modern” factory farms, the SOLE source of whatever filth there is in our food supply. We don’t need burdensome new tracing regimes to drive small farmers out of business, we already know exactly where the problem is.

H.R. 2749 would give some FDA administrator (read self-serving corporate lobbyist) the power to dictate what farming practices must and must not be used nationwide (read enforced GMOs, growth hormones, and weird chemicals in our food). How can Congress make sane policy without identifying the specific problem and its source before empowering 10 year criminal sentences and $100,000 fines? It can’t. But only if we stop them from doing it, by speaking out now.

Stop HR 2749 Action Page:

This hideously ill-conceived bill (unless you are a chemical food conglomerate) is so terminally vague about what its PURPOSE is, it can only do massive harm and no good whatsoever. Aren’t bills in Congress supposed to start with some kind of preamble, something like, “This is the problem we have identified, and this is what has to be done to fix it and WHY.” No such forethought in HR 2749, just unlimited and unaccountable new police state powers, while President Obama continues to appoint the WORST possible nominees for just about every administrative position.

It’s time to wake up folks. It’s just one corporate power grab hand over fist out there. Not ONE major bill has Congress passed yet since the last election that did ANYTHING to confront the actual real problem. Credit card so-called reform was some kind of sick joke on the American people, rejecting the only provision that actually mattered, constraining usurous interest rates. Has anybody seen any BIG savings on their credit card bills yet? Did we have to ask?

And they TRYING to do the same thing with health care reform, to do nothing to disturb the existing corporate medical industry gravy train. It is ONLY because of the alerts we have done on this already that single payer is actually getting a hearing. What kind of lunacy is it when the plan supported by a majority of the American people is not even allowed in the room? It’s the lunacy that happens when more of us do not speak out more often. And we’ll have another alert on that later in the week.

Stop HR 2749 Action Page:

But for today, please speak out against HR 2749. Tell Congress to directly regulate factory farms and them ONLY. That’s all that has to be done. And anything else they do that does NOT do that by definition will only make the problem worse, by punishing those who are NOT huge, filthy, factory farms.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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2 responses to “The Gestapo Food Act, H.R. 2749, Must Be Stopped (Action Link)

  1. Dear President Obama, Senator Boxer , Senator Feinstein, and Congressman Sam Farr,
    I produce a public Access Tv series in Monterey and Santa Barbara,California which many people are listening too. They are listening because they want the truth .
    HR 2749 and simular food bills floating through congress arn’t addressing the real health problems that come from factory farming and gentically engineered foods that are spliced with e-colie bacterias that are then fed to the farm animals that then turn more viral in their stomacks and churn out the highly toxic versions of e-coli we are now seening in the poor terrified, dismemebered -alive animals.

    Surely,you also rely on natural, wholesome organic foods. This bill will cost too much for small farmers to comply with . The real problem is “factory farming and you know it. It is now headline news in Time magazine as well as the internet.
    While you, President Obama ,grow an organic garden at the White House, you appoint Mike Taylor, former vice President of Monsanto to be the adviser to Margeret Hamberg,commissioner of the FDA.
    Surely you are aware how gentically altered soybeans are causing smaller brains in rat and mice off-spring?
    Surely you have seen the documentary ‘The World According to Monsanto.”If you haven’t you better get educated because your vote is also going to affect yourown health and the health of those you love.
    Sincerely, Lorna Moffat

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