Going into the Fourth as free people

4th july x fourcolumnsinn dot com (300 x 432)By The Writers’ Collective and Friends of American Farmers

The Fourth of July is rightly celebrated by picnics and parades and fireworks, all in their own way expressions of freedom.  The freedom to eat what we wish, the freedom to gather publicly, the freedom to broadcast how we feel.  We fought to be free of the tyranny of colonialism and of a king who was bleeding us through taxes.  In the glut of the current political and financial world and the noise from a media that represents powerful business interests, we have a basic democratic task – to hold to the simplicity of freedom and to value its profundity.

We have let the marvel of our Constitution be undone through fear – whether of “terrorists” or “bioterrorism” or “bacteria” (food contamination) or “flu.”  And in the holes that fear has bored into that precious document, control over us has moved in.  Homeland Security came in and with it, the loss of habeas corpus, the most basic protection against tyranny.  We are herded like cattle at airports, forced to strip down to bare feet to take a trip.  The government openly tortures and the people can’t stop it or even get the documents it desires as evidence.  

Before the Fourth of July, when we plan to celebrate freedom, why are there bills in Congress now that would ID us like criminals, tracking everywhere we go?  Why are there bills in Congress that would treat our farmers like slaves, dictating every action they take on their farms, capable of mandating purchase and use of pesticides and GMO feed and drugs for animals, surveilling them, monitoring them, taking all records, allowing no due process, and setting them up for punishments without judicial review?  Why are we letting the government begin to speak of mandatory mass vaccinations … never mind only 160 people around the world have died of the new greatly hyped H1N1 flu? 

All unprecedented violations of our Constitutional rights, all at a unconceivable national scale – every person in America ID’d and tracked, every American farmer and small food producer controlled more thoroughly than a felon and with open-ended penalties for doing wrong (undefined), the entire population being set up to be forced to have a medical procedure against its will or face being hauled off to imprisonment in concrete, barb-wired FEMA camps.  

Freedom is simple.  One says “no” to encroachment on it and on our Constitution that guarantees our being secure in our property and persons – no matter what hysteria the government or corporate media hypes.  

Corporations are writing the bills now, one massive one after another, that all come with benign sounding names (such as “food safety”) and justifications and promises of greater security, but the details turn power over to the corporations and remove US sovereignty over itself.  At every level, they profoundly violate the Constitution.  

We want better food, having now recognized that the corporate system has taken over, degraded, poisoned and blocked inspection of the centralized portion of our food supply which they control.  We want a decentralized system of local farmers and farmers markets and urban gardens and fresh, real food.  But the bills now in Congress come from the corporations which harmed our food to begin with and address none of those issues. Instead, they would shift their already unjust monopoly into absolute control (including marital law) over food.  Indeed, the corporations have created regulations that will end normal farming in America, the free and wonderful system they use as “Happy Cow” advertising on the packages of their industrially produced “food.”  

This sham packaging is the sham packaging of our democracy as well.  Good food is simple.  We know where it comes from.  It doesn’t come in layers of packaging.  We know how it tastes.  Freedom is the same.  It is simple.  We know it is ours.  It doesn’t come with false names (“Food Modernization …” “Food Enhancement” …) and layers of regulations.  We know how it feels.  

Freedom means being left alone, in private.  It is farmers being left alone and consumers able to choose any food they wish (including raw milk).  It is habeas corpus and an end to FEMA camps and the destruction of a million coffins (waiting for what planned horror?).  It is human beings in this country who go where they want in privacy and are not ID’d and tracked like numbered Holocaust prisoners.  It is a Congress that rejects bills that recreate colonialism on our soil, setting up multinational corporations to be King George, setting up our president to be their “governor” over us.  

On this Fourth of July, let us celebrate with food and parades and fireworks.  As we do so, let us celebrate our American farmers and our freedom to choose and grow the food we wish.  Let us celebrate our Constitutional rights to gather and express ourselves, not through manipulated polls and their TV image of us, but with our own true voices, and without being tracked and ID’d as we do so.  Let us remember our Constitutional rights and its essential footing in habeas corpus, in privacy, in strong limits on government (and its current corporate masters).  Freedom requires vigilance – and in this case, not against outside threats but against corporations and government which have gotten comfortable using fear – terrorism, food contamination, flu, war, an emergency of any kind – as open-door excuses for violating the Constitution.  

Freedom is simple.  It tastes of real food.  It feels like being left alone.  It takes courage.  It is the noise and obligation of speaking up.  


In opposition to the corporate “food safety” bills in Congress and all attempts to enslave or destroy our farmers and set up martial law and police state control , turning our entire food supply over to Monsanto and multinationals. Stop HR 2749 Action Page: http://www.peaceteam.net/action/pnum996.php

In opposition to corporate Real ID bill in Congress and the grotesque idea of the American people EVER being tagged and tracked like felons.  

In opposition to this country EVER forcing mandatory medical treatments on anyone, and to the profits of multinational pharmaceutical companies with a past history of killing prisoners in Auschwitz with vaccines and others of causing AIDS and cancers with vaccines.

Image at Four Columns Inn.

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