Senator calls for investigation into Dean Foods

DeanFoods-T3963 (500 x 189)

By Guy Montague-Jones
Baker and Snacks

Dean Foods is one of the largest dairy processing firms in the US, and according to Sanders, the Justice Department should investigate whether the company has a monopoly grip on the market.

Request for “a very serious look”

Last week Sanders spoke with Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney, the antitrust division chief, to request “a very serious look” at Dean Foods.

The Vermont senator said Dean Foods buys about 70 per cent of the fluid milk in New England and has been recording massive profits as dairy farmers struggle to stay afloat.

At the end of 2008, Dean Foods reported adjusted quarterly operating income of $184m, the highest in its history.

The company has also been busy expanding its sizable frame, buying Alpro, the European soy-based beverage and food arm of Vandemoortele, for about €325m.

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