Young organic farmers, local food systems and urban beekeeping

bee orange flower cmprsdBy MADGE

A new young and vibrant group of farmers is emerging in the US. Just in time as the average age of US farmers is 57 and more than 25% are 65 or older.

“For these new farmers, going back to the land isn’t a rejection of conventional society, but an embrace of growing crops and raising animals for market as an honorable, important career choice — one that’s been waning since 1935, when the U.S. farms peaked at 6.8 million.

“It’s about creating something real — the food people eat — and at the same time healing the Earth.

“Three factors have made these small, organic farms possible: a rising consumer demand for organic and local produce, a huge increase in farmers markets nationwide, and the growing popularity of community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs.”

The new farming sector is attracting activists who want to start something positive rather than just protest. It is also luring Ivy League graduates who do not want to sit in front of a computer all day.

“Small-scale farming is management-intensive. It’s an incredibly intellectual exercise, but you’re also getting your hands in the dirt — that’s why it’s so attractive. There’s a hunger for that.”

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2 responses to “Young organic farmers, local food systems and urban beekeeping

  1. Hi great article, I would say the same is happening on a smaller scale in Australia. I have a backyard farm – vegetable plots are returning to the suburbs as well as chickens and bees.

    I agree with the notion that figuring out how to grow your own food is an incredibly intellectual pursuit – but also deeply satisfying. I look forward to reading more.

  2. I’m figuring this out in South Florida – after living in Ohio for 20+ years.

    I’ve already burnt up cucumbers and tomatoes.. lol.. but damn, that key lime tree is doing great!

    still figuring this out… definitely an intellectual pursuit, and with the few tomatoes we were able to grow, deliciously satisfying.

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