NAIS is a Nasty Word

NAIS mark of the beast Rev-13-17By Darol Dickenson
August 20, 2009

FLASH!!!   Today THE BOVINE published my testimony from the first USDA listening session.  I was honored by their comments, the use of photos of our family from the ranch site and I am impressed with their continued battle for the family farms of this once great republic.  A military of volunteers are working day and night to protect the remaining independent livestock producers.  Each of us owe a great debt to the freedom fighters who refuse to bend over and let the governments abuse them.  Join the battle during this remaining time we have to over-throw the USDA in this vicious attempt to destroy the food production system world wide.  Whether it be quasi fake food safety bills or the nasty NAIS, it will destroy registered cattle production, interstate transport and multiply the cost of all US raised foods. 

The Farm Bureau, the Australian government, AQHA, Beef Magazine, Drover Magazine, National Beef Cattlemen’s Assn, the Angus Assn. Holstein Assn,  have all been bought.  They have sold their subscribers, citizens and members down the drain for thirty pieces of silver.  In their ignorance they pretend that all will be well.  Please read for more details.  


National Animal Identification System, enforced by the USDA, proposed on all US livestock and animal owners is the highest-cost livestock surveillance system in world history requiring, but not limited to:

  • All US private property where even one animal, a chicken, pet pony, etc., is kept registered in a federal database accessible to many agencies, governments and unspecified jurisdictions for trespassing, surveillance or enforcements.
  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) microchipping or tagging of every animal.
  • Reporting and recording each animal’s movements within 24 hours, under threat of severe penalty, including confiscation of animals and or fines of up to $1000 per day, per infraction.
  • All computer costs of such recording and enforcement is paid in full by the animal owner.
  • The proposed draconian NAIS protocol is of a more severe degree than surveillance required by a convicted pedophile or child molester in the USA.
  • Please join in opposing NAIS for the freedom of all to raise livestock without complicated government enforcement and oppression.

Darol Dickinson at the Harrisburg PA USDA listening session on 

By thebovine 
I had an email from John Carter, the president of the Australian Cattlemen’s Association, realizing that I would be at this meeting, and he said, “Fight NAIS.” We’ve had NLIS in Australia now–mandatory. It’s a nasty word…. NAIS Stinks.

One response to “NAIS is a Nasty Word

  1. in Aus we have NLIS , same crap different name.
    if I buy a calf, remove thetag, and then need to take it to the vet…I cannot!!! take the animal off my land even in a trailer for medical care.
    so housecall, or nothing.
    animal cruelty, yes!
    mindless bureaucracy, YES!
    serve any real purpose..NO!
    FIGHT with all your Might, its stupid and a money spinner privacy invader and bugger all good to the animal or the farmer.

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