Egypt Bans GMOs

By Becky Striepe
Egypt has been enforcing some stringent food quality standards, and now they’re talking about banning all imports and exports of genetically modified foods (GMOs).

[Cairo. Creative Commons photo by Andrew A. Shenouda]

Over the summer, Egyptian officials rejected several import shipments of wheat, saying they were unfit for human consumption. Since then, the parliament has been pushing for stricter food standards. It looks like they got their wish.

Banning GMOs is tricky business. Even farms that raise GMO-free crops can’t necessarily avoid cross contamination from neighboring fields. Egypt’s Agriculture Minister Amin Abaza says they will determine food quality through testing and that “no agricultural products especially wheat, corn and soya bean would enter except after examining samples from the cargo.”

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One response to “Egypt Bans GMOs

  1. australia grows NON gm Soy…so far.
    Canola and cotton are they have infiltrated on us, though they are pushing hard.
    seriously soy oils nasty stuff regardless of how its grown, the processing is energy intensive and chemically horrific. Olive oil is so much healthier, and egypt has the perfect climate.
    I commend an intelligent man for making the decision to BAN GMO!
    we need more like him.

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