Bushie’s tail saves miracle calf

aussie calf lgBy Brad Cooper
Queensland Country Life

A FIRST calf commercial heifer has dropped two calves within 45 days at a Baralaba Droughtmaster stud, stunning its owners and sending fertility specialists scurrying for their veterinary journals.The event with the fairytale ending has left respected stud master and this year’s Droughtmaster judge at the Royal Brisbane Show, Bill Zahnleiter, Angle Zed stud, gobsmacked. He says he’s never witnessed anything like it in more than 15 years of stud breeding.“Most people I tell say that I shouldn’t be saying anything about this,” he said. “They all reckon I’m having them on.”But the proof of the freak occurrence is very much alive and breathing on the Central Queensland stud as the two small, ‘miracle’ calves quickly put on condition, their growing weight surpassed only by their reputations as they fast become the talk of the district.

And like any large story, this one has already taken a bizarre twist, generated by the extraordinary measures Mr Zahnleiter has since been forced to take to keep the calves alive.

As he retells the story, the dramatic chain of events were sparked when an insistent Charolais bull from a neighbour’s property jumped the fence and impregnated the heifer, called number 37, prior to the stud’s normal joining.

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