Wyoming withdraws from NAIS

wyoming buffalo flag (500 x 341)From Amish Internet
September 11, 2009

WYOMING REFUSES TO BE BOUGHT! Congratulations to Wyoming!! NAIS has provided generous funding for USDA offices in every state with minimal oversight in regard to premises enrollment.

States joining Wyoming have received the following “grant” funds not including 2009 funding:

Colorado $4,896,995;
Idaho $4,242,645;
Kansas $3,882,270;
Montana $2,110,256;
Nebraska $3,749,005; and
South Dakota $3,155,907.

Although Wyoming has repented of their latest “grant,” funds, their hands are not totally clean. During 2002 to 2008 they have deposited from USDA a total of $2,054,538.

Pledging to enroll producers in the NAIS program, the Wyoming effort was costing $1,119 per premise sign up. However, if Wyoming did a good job, USDA projected future funding would allow them to harvest another $7,151,717 additional.

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3 responses to “Wyoming withdraws from NAIS

  1. Wyoming is a brave group. One in thousands that did not fully protitute themselves to the USDA. Hip, hip, hurrah for Wyoming—-a fighting do-it-in the West state. Thanks for setting an example to not take the 30 pieces of silver.

  2. gutsy move Wyoming and a great example!
    the 30 pieces of silver
    never a good choice.
    you will prosper better without indebtedness to corrupt schemes.
    Australias been conned canned and cooked! so very glad someone had the guts to REFUSE and stand tall and unfettered.

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