GE Not the Answer – Straight from the Farmer’s Mouth

greenpeace-hands-eu-commissionBy Greenpeace

Oct. 15, 2009  Brussels, Belgium — From the paddy fields of Thailand, 62-year old rice farmer Samnieng Huadlim joined Spanish and Swedish farmers in Brussels to present the EU Commissioner for Health Androulla Vassiliou with our 180,000-signature-strong petition against potential legislation authorising the introduction of GE rice; along with a selection of delicious organic tapas.

Both from Albacete in Spain, Fernando José Llobell Bisbal, president of the association of organic consumers ‘La Tierrallana’ and Eduardo Campayo García, an organic farmer like Peter Nilsson from Kristianstad in Sweden, are worried about the future of their livelihoods. While agri-chemical giants like BASF, Monsanto and Bayer ratchet up the pressure on Brussels to allow genetically engineered (GE) crops, farmers, campaigners and food-lovers everywhere are saying “no to GE”.

Agricultura ecologica greenpeace

Fernando José Llobell Bisbalborn from Albacete, Spain. Since 2002 he has been President of the La Tierrallana, the association of Organic Consumers in Albacete. “I want my government to prohibit the production, distribution, export and import of genetically engineered food until we have a proper and independent evaluation of its risks to human health and its impacts on the environment.”

With their personal accounts from the field, documented in a Greenpeace report “Testimonies of Contamination”, the farmers shed light on some of the disastrous consequences of GE contamination, as well as promoting the benefits of switching to organic and ecological agriculture.

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