Food and Water Watch: Help Us Push Monsanto’s Bill!!

By Not-So-Gullible

Irradiated and Chemically Treated Foods on Your Plate?

Contact Your Senators

Would you feel safer about your dinner if it had been zapped with a dose of radiation?  [Oh dear!  Not that!]  How about if it had been rinsed with chemicals before being sent to your store? [Oh, no!  Not chemicals, too!]  A new bill in the senate proposes to irradiate and chemically treat more of our food in the name of “food safety.” [Horrors, what shall I do?  Please tell me!]   Can you tell your senators to oppose it?

This week, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced the “Processed Food Safety Act,” which advocates for danerous technologies like irradiation as a cure-all. While it’s clear there are serious problems with our food safety system, [Is that because it is corporate?] this bill does not address the real problems of food contamination.  [No!  Is “food safety”  a fraud?  Does it have anything to do with corporations controlling inspection, the USDA, the FDA, FSIS, and every other regulatory agency?]

Senator Feinstein’s bill essentially forces food processors to use a “pathogen reduction” treatment unless they can certify that every ingredient in their products is free of bacteria.   [But wouldn’t that get rid of raw milk which is valuable because it is full of good bacteria?  And how could other small food producers even afford that?]  While that may sound kind of appealing, [But isn’t Feinstein getting rid of bread bakers and farmers markets because of the scale/cost issue?] the devil is in the details: [Too true, and in all the agencies.] the “pathogen reduction” treatments this bill promotes include irradiation and chemical rinses, sprays, or additives.  [And get rid of farmers and organic food.]

This is not the right way to tackle food safety problems.  [No, thanks for being such a wise leader in this.]  The focus should be on preventing contamination, [Yes, but aren’t GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and rendered animal waste “contamination”?  Why aren’t they mentioned in the “food safety” bills?  Why don’t you ever mention them?  And didn’t Clinton already focus on contamination by blocking inspection with HACCP?] not trying to zap it away with dangerous technologies like irradiation or chemical rinses or sprays that may cause more problems than they solve.  [It sounds just terrible, so please, please, show me what is good so I can blindly follow your suggestion in supporting it.  Anything but zapping, rinsing and spraying!]

Tell your Senators not to support this unrealistic approach to food safety.  [Okay, I am all ready to do anything you say, but when I open this link, it is not about stopping Feinstein’s bill but about pushing for S 510, instead.  Feinstein’s bill isn’t a strawman by any chance, is it?  And aren’t zapping and chemical spraying going to be mandated under Codex which is secretly inside S 510?  Must not be a problem, since you call me by my first name and repetitively send little petitions to save turtles and puppies which warm my heart and ones to stop rBGH which prove you’re anti-Monsanto, I have come to utterly trust you.  So I’m ready to do whatever you say without thinking at all.  And now you are calling on me and all the other compassionate, Monsanto-hating liberals who think FWW is their friend, to push for Monsanto’s S 510.  FWW wants our help to deliver one of the hugest corporate prizes ever conceived – the Monsanto take over of all food and farming here.  Sure, where do I click?]

Thanks for taking action.  [Of course, I will do anything you say since you are opposed to rBGH and use your own first names, too, like we’re really friends, and call yourself “the food team.”  I mean, how much more cuddly and good can you be?  I want to feel part of the “team.”  So, I don’t even notice I’m cutting my own throat food-wise and health-wise, to say nothing of killing off local farmers in the US to give Monsanto everything they ever dreamed of.]

One response to “Food and Water Watch: Help Us Push Monsanto’s Bill!!

  1. How about some information about people with similar concerns ? August was an especially productive month, with Current TV starting a club monitoring news on water pollution which I noted as including Monsanto concerns. I met a couple of farming/ranching guys at Care2 who decided to add their voices to the newsroom there as well as blogging. Plus I have lists of goodies on corporate farming and more at Here are a couple of posts that wouldn’t make it into that index but are especially worthwhile

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