FDA approves Crestor for people who have no health problem to correct

By Mike Adams
Natural News

Big Pharma has been trending this direction for a long time: marketing medicines to people who don’t need them and who have nothing wrong with their health. It’s all part of a ploy to position prescription drugs as nutrients — things you need to take on a regular basis in order to prevent disease.

The FDA recently gave its nod of approval on the matter, announcing that Crestor can now be advertised and prescribed as a “preventive” medicine. No longer does a patient need to have anything wrong with them to warrant this expensive prescription medication: They only need to remember the brand name of the drug from television ads.

This FDA approval for the marketing of Crestor to healthy people is a breakthrough for wealthy drug companies. Selling drugs only to people who are sick is, by definition, a limited market. Expanding drug revenues requires reaching people who have nothing wrong with them and convincing them that taking a cocktail of daily pharmaceuticals will somehow keep them healthy.

All this is, of course, the greatest quackery we’ve yet seen from Big Pharma, because once this floodgate of “preventive pharmaceuticals” is unleashed, the drug companies will be positioned to promote a bewildering array of other preventive chemicals you’re supposed to take at the same time. Did you take your anti-cancer pill today? How about your anti-diabetes pill? Anti-cholesterol pill? Don’t forget your anti-Alzheimer’s pill, too.

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6 responses to “FDA approves Crestor for people who have no health problem to correct

  1. I’m practically speechless – this is just so incredibly shortsighted on the part of the FDA!

  2. It makes me furious to think they can do this and then ban natural healing substances and new all-natural products. In an article I read, I remember that Suzanne Sommers stated they wanted to stop people from having their own organic gardens and all organic products because of fear of bacteria … what a joke. I hope that never happens. The system is corrupt. It’s always that way. What a shame… I agree Rady! It IS time for revolution but it probably won’t happen … to many people are apathetic …

  3. It’s all about the almighty dollar… any way to make a buck. Consequences don’t count as long as they can get away with it….

    • righto, Joan… time to stop these lunatics.

      I can think of a good eugenics program – we need to stop the psychopaths from breeding. They’re ruining this beautiful Earth with their lack of conscience. They’re alien; I swear.

  4. Good article and thanks for your information.

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