Supermarket News Forecasts Non-GMO Uprising

By Jeffrey M. Smith
Huffington Post

For a couple of years, the Institute for Responsible Technology has predicted that the US would soon experience a tipping point of consumer rejection against genetically modified foods; a change we’re all helping to bring about. Now a December article in Supermarket News supports both our prediction and the role the Institute is playing.

“The coming year promises to bring about a greater, more pervasive awarenes” of the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food supply, wrote Group Editor Robert Vosburgh, in a trade publication that conventional food executives and retailers use as a primary source of news and trends in the industry. Vosburgh describes how previous food “culprits” like fat and carbs “can even define the decade in which they were topical,” and suggests that GMOs may finally burst through into the public awareness and join their ranks.

Vosburgh credits two recent launches with “the potential to spark a new round of concern among shoppers who are today much more attuned to the ways their food is produced.” One is our Institute’s new non-GMO website, which, he says, “provides consumers with a directory of non-GMO brands . . . developed ‘for the 53% of Americans who say they would avoid GMOs if labeled.'”

The other launch is the Non-GMO Project, offering “the country’s first consensus-based guidelines, which include third-party certification and a uniform seal for approved products. . . . The organization also requires documented traceability and segregation to ensure the tested ingredients are what go into the final product.”

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9 responses to “Supermarket News Forecasts Non-GMO Uprising

  1. Congratulations. Rest on your achievements for awhile and then begin tackling the rest of the problems with the food supply. An astonishing number of meats, poultry and fish are gassed to preserve the illusion of freshness. They literally will last years looking fresh on the outside while the interior putrifies. The gasses are said to be inert, but then, why would they be used if that was true? What about the allergic reactions they cause? Another FDA/USDA approved experiment on us and the food supply is viruses, that may now be added to any processed meat as a preservative. All without labeling or study. Especially those with autoimmune disorders are in real trouble. Ask me.

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