Video: Vandana Shiva – The Future of Food

20-minute talk by Vandana Shiva

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4 responses to “Video: Vandana Shiva – The Future of Food

  1. I have no hope because societal influences effectively moot her words. Because zero people subscribe to what she says. From what she says, from what I observe, we are living a science fiction novel… not a particularly good one at that.

    In a zillion kajillion years who ever would have thought that the ultimate symbol of protest would be planting a seed ?

    • thousands of people follow her words… have hope.

      isn’t the seed a powerful symbol of resistance? I love it – what better symbol to represent food freedom? which ultimately is personal sovereignty.

  2. In my country, milions of people are protesting (without knowing) by planting seeds. Romania is a country where millions of people eat what they produce in their gardens. How long? I do not know but you can search for it. I do.

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