Breast cancer virtually eradicated with higher levels of vitamin D

By Mike Adams
Natural News

In a gathering of vitamin D researchers recently held in Toronto, Dr. Cedric Garland delivered a blockbuster announcement: Breast cancer can be virtually “eradicated” by raising vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is “the cure” for breast cancer that the cancer industry ridiculously claims to be searching for. The cure already exists! But the breast cancer industry simply refuses to acknowledge any “cure” that doesn’t involve mammography, chemotherapy or high-profit pharmaceuticals.

Vitamin D is finally gaining some of the recognition it deserves as a miraculous anti-cancer nutrient. It is the solution for cancer prevention. It could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year in the U.S. alone. Even Dr. Andrew Weil recently raised his recommendation of vitamin D to 2,000 IU per day.

This is the vitamin that could destroy the cancer industry and save millions of women from the degrading, harmful cancer “treatments” pushed by conventional medicine. No wonder they don’t want to talk about it! The cancer industry would prefer to keep women ignorant about this vitamin that could save their breasts and their lives.

Below I’m reprinting the full statement from Dr. Cedric Garland following the Vitamin D conference recently held in Toronto.

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7 responses to “Breast cancer virtually eradicated with higher levels of vitamin D

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  2. you can see all the data on vitamin D at The site also has links to a neat new microtablet form of vitamin D

  3. crestina gonzales

    Finally, we hear the truth! A simple alternative to heal cancer, besides the high market of the pharmaceutical and medical industry that has been rudely robbing us from living and depleting insurance companies.

  4. Thank you for the useful information. For the last ten years I have been using “greens” drink powder. I got mono. in my mid-twenties and my doctor recommended using it to boost my immune system. There is no doubt that the best source for vitamins and minerals is natural food sources.

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