Chicago Health Inspectors Destroy Safe Food for Lack of License

By Monica Eng
Chicago Breaking News

City destroys fruit puree during kitchen inspection

City health inspectors used bleach to destroy hundreds of pounds of frozen fruit puree and threw out other food in a West Town kitchen on Thursday night, citing not safety violations but a lack of proper licensing.

The fruit — apples, plums, raspberries, pears, blueberries and peaches from local growers harvested and frozen last summer — belonged to pastry chef Flora Lazar, who valued it at thousands of dollars.

Lazar had rented space for her business, Flora Confections, at Kitchen Chicago, a shared cooking facility for small artisan bakers, candymakers and caterers. A second business, the caterer Sunday Dinner Club, said it lost more than $1,000 in discarded cassoulet, granola bars and baking supplies.

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5 responses to “Chicago Health Inspectors Destroy Safe Food for Lack of License

  1. This is so unfair and just not right. In a time when we need small business america to help re shape the economy small honest folks are getting strong armed by the damn feds. They aren’t really helping anyone by them doing this and truthfully it angers me.

    • I’m with you on on that Cap – can’t think of a more concrete example why this nation’s founders strongly objected to a strong central government.

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  3. another example why the war was not fought over slavery. It was an economic war like most we see nowadays. Centralized government and economic power. I agree with you Rady. If people would read the Constitution and Declaration the would be a good first start.

  4. Margaret Bartley

    Hmm.. Wonder who she forgot to pay off?

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