Ohio HB 414 Would Jeopardize Farmers

By Clint Ziegler
Ohio Freedom Alliance

House Bill 414 grants the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (LCSB) the authority to enter onto any private property to inspect or investigate, obtain samples, and examine or copy records without a search warrant, in direct violation of the Constitution, writes Clint Ziegler.

HB 414 is the enabling legislation for the LCSB which is currently in the Ag and Natural Resources committee. I strongly urge all those who own livestock to read this bill.

All horses, regardless of the purpose for which they are raised, are included under the authority and rules of this board. I wonder what that has to do with “safe local food”?

But that is not the biggest surprise. The minimum $500,000 annual budget is quite larger than the estimated $100,000 to $170,000 that we were told back in October. A commercial feed tax will be the source of plunder.

The most alarming section of this bill is 904.04 (B) which grants the director and those under him the authority to enter onto any private property to inspect or investigate, obtain samples, and examine or copy records without a search warrant. This seems like a clear violation of our 4th amendment right, along with our State Constitution Article I section 14.

This board will have legislative power to create standards (904.03), judicial powers to determine violators (904.04,) and the authority to enforce rules and levy penalties (904.04 (6). There is little mention of the limits of this board other than they cannot create a statewide animal ID system, and they have no authority over animal research facilities or certain food processing plants.

There is no protection for those who hold to certain religious practices (such as the Amish), nothing to protect the organic farm industry from forced vaccinations, no mention of an appeals process for those who wish to challenge the decisions of this board, no statement that livestock are considered as private property and no mention of an annual spending cap.

HB 414 needs to protect the rights and liberties of Ohio’s farmers, not jeopardize them.


One response to “Ohio HB 414 Would Jeopardize Farmers

  1. What is it with elected representatives in this country today? Do none of them know about the protections afforded to the citizenry by the Constitution? Based on some of the things passed into law, I would have to say they have never actually read the Constitution. Apparently, they think they can pass any law, no matter how much it infringes on our rights, and we just have to live with it. People, it’s time to fight back! Stop electing these clowns. Let’s get rid of the career politicians and only elect people who understand how our government is actually supposed to work.

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