ECOTERRORISM: Agent Orange Victims Aren’t Enough for Monsanto; Now GM Food

By Len Aldis

Pressure On Monsanto needs to keep increasing, to avoid more deadly consequences from the folks who brought the world Agent Orange; this time is it genetically modified food.

It is to be hoped that the ruling of the court will be in favour of common sense; in short the safety of our food, so essential to every man, woman and child on this planet. It is nothing short of a crime that one company, namely Monsanto, has control of 95% of the seeds being planted for food.

Scientists in many countries are divided on the issue of whether GM is good for us. Yet with all the arguments for or against, how is the parent wanting to feed their family to make an assessment of what product on the shelf is safe to buy?

The answer for me is avoid any food, seed, or a product made with an ingredient from Monsanto. I, like many of you readers, would have read of the thousands of Indian Farmers that have committed suicide due to being forced to purchase Monsanto seeds. Whereas before farmers saved the seeds from their crops to plant for the following year, this is now not allowed, indeed it is against the law, Monsanto’s Law, enforced by Monsanto’s pack of lawyers.

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