Cities Sue Over Weed Killer in the Water

By Nikki Gloudeman

As has previously reported, atrazine is as ubiquitous as it is dangerous.

The most widely used weed killer in the country, it spreads swiftly to municipal water—where it has been found to lower sperm counts for men and increase the risk of breast cancer and fertility problems in women. When tested on frogs, it was even powerful enough to turn males into functional females.

Now, citizens are fighting back. Sixteen cities in Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Iowa have filed a lawsuit demanding that Syngenta—which manufactures atrazine and has made billions off it—pay for its removal from public water systems. If successful, the payout could be huge: It’s estimated the cities involved have spent more than $350 million trying to filter the herbicide from their water.

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2 responses to “Cities Sue Over Weed Killer in the Water

  1. There still may be hope after all. Now to stop putting all the Fluoride in the water against peoples will which most people get over doses anyways due to most food manufacturing is useing fluoridated water. Let get the Murcury out of corn syrup and/or lower use/remove most of its use in like almost EVERYTHING. Go through your pantry at home and try to find 10 normal things that DONT have HFCS or just corn syrup.

  2. OH YEAH forgot lets get rid of the GMO’s as well. I mean really any REAL investigation shows that most if not all the GMOs are harmful to the labrats they try it on. It also does the whole killing sperm and other gender stuff. Wonder why every chemical or product they come up with causes fertility issues. Even the BPA in plastic causes fertility issues.

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