Why Go Organic – Ten Top Reasons

By Nathan Batalion ND
Healing Talks

Here are the ten top reasons to GO ORGANIC

The soil of our earth is the foundation of the whole human and environmental food chain and thus our survival. The typical organic farm is teaming with life – from butterflies, to frogs, to bees, to you name it. Conventional farms have polluted and depleted and thus “dead” soils. They have been rendered sterile, using herbicides and pesticides to kill other life forms. Also through the vast degradation of our soil, we are losing cropland topsoil seven times faster than it is being replaced naturally. This ties in to the philosophy of raw-wisdom that the conventional vision of nature is death-centered  mechanical rather than life-centered.

Nearly 700 hundred toxic chemicals pollute our groundwater, many of them coming from agricutural pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals cause cancer and other debilitating  illnesses and are not removed by conventional means. Virtually all the drinking water in the US is polluted and 2/3rds of our own bodies are made up of water.

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2 responses to “Why Go Organic – Ten Top Reasons

  1. I’m unemployed, so how do you buy organic when it costs more to buy. I believe in it. And living in the desert, we can’t really grow anything? So what to do?

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