Investors are buying up Detroit and turning it into farmland

By Ethan Huff
Natural News

A once-bustling mecca of American industry, Detroit, Michigan today lies mostly in blight and ruin. An empty shell of what it once was, “Motor City” has become largely abandoned with the crumbling of the American automobile industry and other once-domestic manufacturing industries that have otherwise outsourced to China. However, a handful of investors hope to bring recovery to Detroit by bringing back the industry which began the city in the first place: farming.

Michael Score, president of Hantz Farms, has begun purchasing abandoned properties around the city in order to turn them into commercial farming operations. His company plans to obtain as much as 5,000 acres within the city limits to use for growing organic vegetables for food and trees and shrubs for biofuels. His company has other agricultural projects that it wishes to pursue as well.

With his initial investment of $30 million just two years ago, Hantz hopes to take full advantage of the fertile land within the city. Next spring, his company plans to begin growing crops on 30 acres of land and has plans in the works for other nearby parcels.

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13 responses to “Investors are buying up Detroit and turning it into farmland

  1. I gotta wonder if growing biofuels is the best use of that land … considering all the petro-ag chemicals that will toxify the lake and the groundwater.

    Also consider that land and water table has had decades of industrial waste abuse; and now Monsanto’s going to subject them to ag waste? (Or Dow, or Syngenta, or Cargill, etc.)

    Biotech ag developers and poor folks (like in Africa or India, Brazil or Peru) …

    hmm… Looks like a recipe for Love Canal, Motown Style.

    Given Obama’s preference for protecting the criminal class, forcing taxpayers to bail out his wall street buddies’ gambling debts, his favoritism of Big Pharma vs. poor folks (i.e. ObamaCare)… I guess we can pretty much assume these developers stand to make a tidy sum while toxifying that corner of the planet for the next couple hundred years.

    To get a modern view of Detroit, see Frosty Woolridge on Detroit and the Future of the United States

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  3. So Rady – how do you think Detroit should handle Detroit’s woes?

    • I don’t have a solution to offer, but I surely don’t think this solution is wise, given the above reasons.

      Off the top of my head, I’d say why not turn abandoned property into community gardens — to be worked by neighbors, with the produce going to those neighbors.

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  5. If they detox the area and make it into ‘farmland’ – will help create JOBS – we need jobs right now – part of it could be used for community garden if someone has funding – but JOBS are important for people to get their livelihood back!

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  7. Not only if they are hungry to take the mark, but the alternative is to be beheaded by the guiltein (spelling) Once you are in the internment camp to receive the mark, that is your choice. Kinda like if the Obamacare Health plan that doesnt kick in until 2014 but every one has to start paying for in 2010. What choice do you have either to stay and pay or to leave. What a choice!!!

  8. The information mentioned in the article are some of the greatest available.

  9. What terrifies me, is that there could be a connection between Hantz Farm and Monsanto. If you dont believe Mon-satan is bad, do your RESEARCH!! Also, yes, we need jobs, but asking an evil corporation for a job is suicide. The best way to survive is by starting independent farms on vacant land in the city. Grow crops people want to buy (healthy organic, made with NO GMO’s!), sells it to your neighborhood and make a decent wage. In addition, it allows the money to stay in your community!

    The thing that really fries me about the Hantz Farm, is that it will run the local farmers already in business OUT OF TOWN! I thought the reason was to bring people to the city, Dave Bing???

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  11. Is would be so neat the street light are all ready there the water is all ready there I would like to see 2/3 of the city farmland

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