Superfood Cereals: A review of the most delicious and nutritious superfoods for morning meals

Superfood Cereal, Acai-Blueberry-9oz, Living Intentions-raw organic ingredients

By Mike Adams
Natural News

I grew up eating a lot of cereal. Sadly, it wasn’t the healthiest stuff, either: Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and other sugary processed foods drowned in pasteurized, processed cow’s milk. Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived my childhood diet…

Even as a health-conscious adult, I still find myself enjoying a bowl of healthy cereal, but of course now I use almond milk or sometimes rice milk instead of cow’s milk.

As far as the cereal itself goes, finding a really nutritious and delicious breakfast cereal has been a challenge for a number of years: The mainstream so-called “healthy” processed cereals at the grocery store are all dead, processed foods usually made with extra fiber, less sugar or whole grains — just enough to call them “healthy” when, by my standards, they aren’t very healthy at all. Even most so-called “all natural” cereals still don’t meet the standards of what I’d like to put into my body on a regular basis.

So over the last several years, I’ve been on the lookout for a really high-end, raw breakfast cereal based entirely on organic, non-GMO superfood ingredients. I’ve sampled many different products from dozens of companies, and there are now three that I would recommend. You’ll see all three mentioned here, but my very favorite among all the raw superfood cereals is called, quite simply, Superfood Cereal.

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12 responses to “Superfood Cereals: A review of the most delicious and nutritious superfoods for morning meals

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  2. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing and turning us on to this resource!

    To Your Health!
    James Reno

  3. Are these cereals extruded through equipment into specific shapes? and how do you think they prepare the grains for the extrusion process? Heating, pulverizing, denaturing the protein.
    Is that really healthy? What happened to oatmeal? I prefer my grains in a natural state, not a artificial

    • Added a reply a little bit below this 🙂

      Everything is natural, if you read the article. It’s all sprouted, non-gmo, living, soy free, gluten free, raw. It is not heat treated at all, for if it were, it would remove the ‘raw’ tag. Very delicious, I highly recommend these.

  4. do you know if they sell the living intentions superfood cereal anywhere in Honolulu, Hawaii? thank you!

    • sure don’t…. happy hunting.

    • Hi Maxx. Living Intentions is currently in Wailuka, Kilauea, Hanalei, Paia, Kailua, and Lihue.

      If there is a health food store near you that you would love to have LI products in then I would love to help get it there 🙂

      Have a wondering weekend!

  5. Sylvia: No, everything is raw, unheated, living, and completely unprocessed. It even states in the article,
    • Sprouted
    • Gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • Nut free
    • Non-GMO
    • Raw (automatically means no heat, so no denatured proteins)

    And I’ve had them, and they have no specific shapes. They vibe me up super super high. Really impressive to eat! I was eating these cereals constantly when I was in Mt Shasta, and I highly recommend them!

  6. Hi Mike! I just found your article. I’m so happy you love our product. We really try to create incredible tasting food that is also good for the body and mind.I just ate the Cacao crunch this morning actually! It still shocks me that I can eat “chocolate” for breakfast 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed our other products as well. And we continue to hope to spread love and happiness through our food.
    ~LI Team

  7. Hi Rady,

    Thanks for the shout out for the food. LI thrives to bring good, healthy food to everyone and I super appreciate you passing on the love 🙂

    • you’re welcome, Denelle ~ keep up the good work at Living Intentions — we need alternatives that are healthy!

      • I completely agree!! I go to stores and brands that have “healthy” in the title….then look at the ingredients and it has high fructose corn syrup. 😦 My brother (the owner) has really shown me the way of what the body needs and his foods are a total blessing. I can’t wait to see him and LI change the world of food 🙂

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