Regulated or Not, Nano-Foods Coming to a Store Near You

By Andrew Schneider
AOL News Special Report

Second in a Three-Part Series

For centuries, it was the cook and the heat of the fire that cajoled taste, texture, flavor and aroma from the pot. Today, that culinary voodoo is being crafted by white-coated scientists toiling in pristine labs, rearranging atoms into chemical particles never before seen.

At last year’s Institute of Food Technologists international conference, nanotechnology was the topic that generated the most buzz among the 14,000 food-scientists, chefs and manufacturers crammed into an Anaheim, Calif., hall. Though it’s a word that has probably never been printed on any menu, and probably never will, there was so much interest in the potential uses of nanotechnology for food that a separate daylong session focused just on that subject was packed to overflowing.

In one corner of the convention center, a chemist, a flavorist and two food-marketing specialists clustered around a large chart of the Periodic Table of Elements (think back to high school science class). The food chemist, from China, ran her hands over the chart, pausing at different chemicals just long enough to say how a nano-ized version of each would improve existing flavors or create new ones.

One of the marketing guys questioned what would happen if the consumer found out.

The flavorist asked whether the Food and Drug Administration would even allow nanoingredients.

Posed a variation of the latter question, Dr. Jesse Goodman, the agency’s chief scientist and deputy commissioner for science and public health, gave a revealing answer. He said he wasn’t involved enough with how the FDA was handling nanomaterials in food to discuss that issue. And the agency wouldn’t provide anyone else to talk about it.

This despite the fact that hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have shown that nanoparticles pose potential risks to human health — and, more specifically, that when ingested can cause DNA damage that can prefigure cancer and heart and brain disease.

Despite Denials, Nano-Food Is Here

Officially, the FDA says there aren’t any nano-containing food products currently sold in the U.S.

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6 responses to “Regulated or Not, Nano-Foods Coming to a Store Near You


    thjis is the latest UK report on their Nano food industry . I suspect I wouldn’t be the only person to see that they want to keep it hidden!
    Same as GM foods the testing is either not done, or limited in scope, just enough to manage to say some was done, not in depth enough to satify the real risk and effects.
    another report I just recieved is raving up how adding Nano to milk will show bacterial traces.
    Using consumer safety as a sell point, and entirely glossing over the possible risk from the Nano particulates!
    Bait and Switch!!
    While colloidal silver has been used and has a good safety record as the liquid, the Industry catch on has MIS Used it in bin liners clothing etc, and the volume of it being used for Fake and spurious reasons will also greatly increase the risk of bacteria viruses becoming resistant to it.
    Exactly the same as Over promotion and MIs Use of antibiotics did and has continued to do.
    I despair sometimes, red rice was good for lowering cholesterol, so they engineer and Patent the main ingredient, and abuse a natural product, Stevia is the latest big example, then we get silver, and they are working on the safe natural herbal oils as well, isolate patent and harass the natural items. Vit B6 synthesized by Merk is NOW called a drug! all for money and for sales and brand Placement etc.
    I am disgusted and very very angry!
    the FDA is a farcical bunch of clowns who have power and no glory.
    see some links I saved re their antics with Nano.

    and be aware they ARE adding/using Nano in some supplement from what I read, I am sorry I cannot find that article. but it was on one of the above food industry/Pharma pages some months back.

  2. The food is at risk for certain, but the safety concerns if any are mitigated in the cosmetic and PhRMA industries.

    They are much further along in using the technologies. As Laurel says, the clothing, lotions, cosmetics and drugs have been using the nano-sciences for a couple of decades.

    I stopped wearing cologne, I will never use sunblock again and take no vitamins. I cook in stainless or cast iron and do not store in plastics.

    On and on it goes, but I have to keep it very simple to avoid what I can. For the American Family it is nearly impossible.

    Chemtrails, we know for certain carry the little buckballs and bots. Curious that a large Carbon buckyball/nanotube is shaped like the PENTAGON. Hmmm?

  3. charmaine calvert

    Even if Food safety agencies in the European Union require all ingredients that incorporate engineered nanomaterial to be submitted to regulators before they can be put on the market, we have NOT been told about it nor is anything labeled as such! I’ve hardly started to really understand GMO/GE and this crops up to cloud the food integrity issues even further! So we deal with GMO contamination by buying only certified organic (and hope like hell it hasn’t been contaminated from far afield without the farmer knowing), now we have to worry what our ‘safe’ food is wrapped up in, coated with and flavour enhanced. What happened to plain old everyday food grown in the dirt, under the sun and the rain?! Who needs Ice cream that looks better and seems creamier…for goodness sake…normal ice cream without any additives from simple milk and cream has been a staple worldwide for how long?? What is going on? (Actually we don’t eat dairy so our Ice cream is made from cashew nuts…but we used to)

    Thanks very much for an informative article and great comments.

    • yeah, it’s really something, Charmaine…. and nanoparticles cross the blood brain barrier. can you imagine the deleterious effect this is having on us?

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