High priest and lunatic farmer

By Talia
Inn Brooklyn

On Sunday evening  I went to listen to two talks by Joel Salatin.  For me Joel is something of a super star – he was described by the NYTimes as the “high priest of the pasture” (though he describes himself as a Christian-conservative-libertarian-environmentalist-lunatic).  The holistic methods and ideologies used at his Polyface farm are described in detail in the Omnivore’s Dilemma and featured in Food Inc. and  are at once simple and logical and yet totally revolutionary (given the general status quo in the food industry) – Polyface is a place ‘beyond organic’, a chemical free paradise that celebrates the pigness of pigs, builds a strong soil teaming with organic life and opens its doors to consumers to see where their food comes from.

When Joel got up to speak he was neatly attired in a suit and tie, in muted colors, not really what I was expecting (he later explained this was deliberate, based on a desire to show that farming is an intellectually stimulating and serious profession).  Once he got started talking it didn’t matter what he was wearing, the words flowed out of him full of passion and enthusiasm; they came at an astounding rate without once missing a beat and were punctuated quite often with a mischievous smile.

The first talk was intended to answer the oft asked questions: Can this type of farming feed the world? Isn’t organic food just the purview of the elite?  I took copious notes from which here are a few main points; if you want to read more, Joel has published several books and has a new one due to come out shortly.

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5 responses to “High priest and lunatic farmer

  1. Engaging… thanks to innBrooklyn for sharing.

    If interested, see my review of Fresh https://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/fresh-how-we%e2%80%99re-supposed-to-eat/, and buy the DVD, too!

    You can watch Food, Inc. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/food-inc/ online,

    but I also encourage you to support the filmmakers by buying the DVD.]

  2. To emphasize:

    “Joel mentions just a few of the many farmers he knows who have been shut out of business because of the exorbitant costs of food regulations on a small outfit. A woman at the farmers market was heavily fined for selling washed mesclun lettuce because the act of rinsing off the dirt led this to be classified as a processed food and therefore one which required the aforementioned $50,000 processing license.”

  3. Joel Salatin Rocks!
    hes a brilliant speaker a great writer and PROOF to everyone it can be done and done Naturally!

    • agreed; in the film, Fresh, there’s a crotch shot – lol – as if the media is trying to make him into a sex symbol for the food freedom movement.

  4. islandmeadowfarm

    Thanks for your notes! We went in Seattle expecting to hear the lecture about “can this feed the world” & they had mixed them up, so we missed it altogether.

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