Maryland 5th state to ban BPA

By Environmental Working Group

Maryland has become the fifth state to ban the use of the plastics chemical, bisphenol A (BPA) in children’s products, including baby bottles and sippy cups.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed legislation on April 13 that was sponsored by Delegate James Hubbard and Senator Brian Frosh and passed unanimously in both chambers of the General Assembly earlier this year. Environmental Working Group, along with Maryland PIRG and the Maryland Nurses Association testified before both Senate and House of Delegate committees in support of the legislation.

“As a resident of Maryland I applaud the Governor’s action that will soon protect the state’s young children, including my two year old son from the dangers this chemical poses during this critical period of a child’s development,” said Environmental Working Group co-founder and President, Ken Cook. “The verdict over BPA’s risks to human health in the courts of public opinion, science and now our elected leaders in Annapolis is in. Guilty.”

“To steal from a phrase from a T Bone Burnett song — BPA’s history is pretty rocky and its future ain’t long, at least in Maryland,” added Cook. “I am particularly proud that my own Senator Brian Frosh led the charge to get this important public health measure enacted. It is yet another impressive accomplishment by one of the most effective state environmental leaders in the country.”

Maryland joins Connecticut, Minnesota, Washington State, Wisconsin, Chicago, as well as Albany County, Schenectady County and Suffolk County, New York, among the jurisdictions restricting BPA in plastic food containers for infants and young children.

Read full post at Environmental Working Group

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