TAPPED: A Movie about Water You Need to See

By Dr. Mercola

This Common Beverage Can Spike Brain Damage, Obesity, and Cancer Risk

Tapped is a film that examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on health, climate change, pollution, and reliance on oil.

Anytime you drink bottled water, not only are you putting your health at risk, you’re also contributing to one of the most massive environmental waste nightmares of all time. There is a simple, safe, green solution.

The next time someone offers you a bottle of water, take a stand and say something clever like, “No thank you, I don’t believe in it.” This simple move will open up a conversation about the massive swindle that is bottled water … and possibly persuade one more person to give it up entirely.

Please also make a point to see this fantastic new movie, Tapped, which is playing in select theaters in the United States and is available on DVD.

Even beyond the issues of your health and the environment, bottled water represents a novel form of privatization, in which private corporations have succeeded, and quite successfully I might add, at making water a commodity.

I would say, and I suspect you would agree, that water is more a “right” than it is a commodity. And private corporations should have no more control over the selling of water than they do the selling of our air supplies. Well, this is already occurring to some extent as corporations make a profit selling water — which at times even makes water less available to the people living in the area.

Even public water supplies are being increasingly taken over by private corporations, and in some areas of the world are up for grabs by the highest bidder.

Read full post at Mercola.comss of Bottled Water

6 responses to “TAPPED: A Movie about Water You Need to See

  1. Danielle E. (Beth) Lyles M.S.

    There a two trash gyres in the north Pacific and possibly a third in the south; plus another has been found in the Atlantic between Portugal and Azores. What will it take people? an Entire Ocean Dead? A whole continent desertified an unlivable. What will it take to see you have shat your nest fatally?

  2. Sorry but tap water isn’t safe either. It can contain traces of medication. Most city water in North American and other parts of the water that comes from a tap contains fluoride. If you think BPA is bad you will be shoeck how bad fluoride really is. Fluoride is a by product from phosphate which is used for fertilizer. Best water to drink is not tap water. If you can get to a local spring water source it’s the best. Here is a site to see if there’s one near you. http://www.findaspring.com

  3. Even if tap water wasn’t as safe as bottled water, the overall damage to humans by drinking bottled water is far worse. This documentary was an astouding eye-opener. I am fairly environmentally conscious, and the fact that someone like me never even considered the horrendous impact bottled water is having on the world means most people don’t even realize the damage this is having.

  4. They had me til’ they asserted that tap water is safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. However the bottled water industry is of course a horrible monster. Quit thinking in such dichotomous simplistic terms!!

    Get a water distiller and distill your tap water. And use a stainless steel bottle. Problem solved. The end. Open your eyes to reality and an infinite realm of solutions.

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