Junk vitamins vs. good ones

Beyond junk vitamins: Secrets the public isn’t supposed to know about the vitamin industry – An exclusive interview with Greg Kunin from Ola Loa

By Mike Adams
Natural News

Ever take a vitamin and actually feel your energy drop? There could be a reason for that: Some vitamins literally steal energy from your body’s cells, while other vitamins delivered in a more natural chemical configuration actually donate energy to your cells! In terms of nutrition, there’s a huge difference between “junk” vitamins and higher end vitamins — called “premethylated” vitamins.  And while most low-end cosumer vitamin companies rely on the junk, energy-stealing forms of these vitamins, quality vitamin companies use the higher-end (and more expensive) premethylated forms.

Here’s one way you can tell the difference. Take any multivitamin product and look for the B vitamins section on the Nutrition Facts label.

Cheap vitamins (non-methylated) will use standardized “USP” vitamins such as “Thiamin USP (thiamin HCL) vitamin B1.” That’s the chemical form of vitamin B1, and it actually requires a donation of cellular energy from your body before you can use it. The form of B12 in cheap vitamins is cyanocobalamin.

Quality vitamins, on the other hand, will use the “coenzyme” forms of the B vitamins. Thse will often be listed with the word “coenzyme,” and the form of vitamin B12 will appear as either methylcobalamin or hydroxycobalamin. That’s a sure sign of a high-end, quality multivitamin.

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3 responses to “Junk vitamins vs. good ones

  1. I usually am skeptical about naysayers re the vitamin industry as I have been taking them for 30 years. I would rather take my chances with them then with drugs. However, I will try to read it carefully because knowledge is power and we can all certainly learn something new every day.

    • I have to read the whole pdf – it’s over 20 pages! but, I recently heard that regular vitamins (not premethylated) contain all kinds of dangerous ingredients…. like nanoparticles, which have been shown to disrupt a cell’s DNA.

      so, because I was looking for something on the topic, I found this piece by Mike Adams, whom I trust.

      thanks for the article, too, Suzana! (See *HR 4733 for the Farm Animals* * *

  2. Yes, now I remember seeing some of his articles on the internet before when doing some medical research. Bascially, I find him to be sound. Thanx Rady for “finding him.”

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