Meat exposé on Law and Order SVU this Wednesday, 4/21/10

By Karen Dawn

Many of you have been asking what has happened to DawnWatch. After ten years of regular coverage DawnWatch alerts were indeed sparse during the second half of last year, when I was losing Buster Dawn and focused on little else. Then the excitement around The Cove, culminating in the Oscar going to that extraordinary film about the horrors behind dolphin abusement parks (to coin Ric O’Barry’s perfect phrase) took all of my attention for a while early this year. Now I am writing a new book, and am also working on rearranging Dawnwatch to make the site more interactive, so that other people can post. But I have missed working on it, and have appreciated hearing from those of you who have missed getting it, so I am going to get back to it on a more regular basis.

And boy to have a great excuse to come back: This week a hit prime time dram, Law & Order SVU, will be airing an episode that focuses on the meat industry. There is no newspaper that has as many readers, or news show that has as many viewers, as this drama, so its power to educate the public is terrific.  I happened to catch a preview last week, and went to the show’s site to learn more. You can see the preview of the episode there at:

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4 responses to “Meat exposé on Law and Order SVU this Wednesday, 4/21/10

  1. Although I applaud the Hollywood effort on calling attention to Big Meatpacking, I cannot support Veganism, Vegetarianism…or Dawnwatch for that matter. As far as I’m concerned they’re just as much a part of the problem as the meatpacking industry. They don’t really get it, and with the lack of real nutrition, they likely never will.

    • I can appreciate and allow for different food choices – ergo this “Food Freedom” website. I can also appreciate the meat and dairy industry, too, Elisabeth.

      Let’s take a Hollywood look at meat packinghouses; I’m sure it will be different from what is presented in the films, Food, Inc., or Fresh, or Our Daily Bread. (my reviews)

  2. Elizabeth – real nutrition? Obviously, you didn’t watch Food, Inc. seeing among other revelatory sad facts re our food industry — the family struggling to buy “real” food like broccoli and fruit. And for me if “real” nutrition means that we cage and crate living beings like ourselves then I choose compassion hands down every time. When I became vegetarian in the late 70’s my family said I was jeopardizing my health. That didn’t deter me at all and today at 79 I take no drugs and I am grateful to God that no animal has suffered to feed me. And the medical community is finally recognizing that eating meat and dairy are not nearly what they are cracked up to be – spurred on relentlessly by a profit making meat and dairy industry. Thank God I have a brain which finally saw the “truth.” Truth is such a nebulous thing, but should it be?

  3. hello there my name i jessica i love svu.Its the best show in the hole world ever its so cool benson and stabler are cool and there the best couple in nz my family watchs it all the time

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