Food, Inc. Broadcast Premier on POV PBS Tonite, April 21st

Food Inc. Airs on PBS April 21 thru May 3

By True Food Network

The Academy Award nominated documentary film, Food, Inc. premiers on PBS’s POV April 21st! Watch the trailer and tell your friends. Check your local listings for the broadcast schedule, and visit the POV website to download materials and posters to host a viewing party or potluck.

You can also check out a special message from Michael Pollan, our Shoppers’ Guide to Avoiding GE Foods, and our book Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food.

If you don’t have television access, you can watch Food, Inc. online (Food, Inc. will be streaming in its entirety from April 22 to April 29, 2010). [You can also watch it online, here.  Also tonite, at 10 pm Eastern, Law & Order SVU is airing a show on the slaughterhouse industry. ~ Ed.]

About Food, Inc.

American agriculture has in many respects been the envy of the world. U.S. agri-business consistently produces more food on less land and at cheaper cost than the farmers of any other nation. What could possibly be wrong with that? According to the growing ranks of organic farmers, “slow food” activists and concerned consumers cited in the new documentary Food, Inc., the answer is “plenty.” As recounted in this sweeping, shockingly informative documentary, sick animals, environmental degradation, tainted and unhealthy food and obesity, diabetes and other health issues are only the more obvious problems with a highly mechanized and centralized system that touts efficiency — and the low costs and high profits that result from it — as the supreme value in food production.

Less obvious, according to Food, Inc., is the entrenchment of a powerful group of food producers, that sets the conditions under which today’s farmers and food workers operate, in order to maximize profits. The industry also maintains a revolving door of employment for government regulators and legislators to protect its power to set those conditions. Then there is “the veil,” a strange disconnect — propagated in good part by millions of dollars poured into marketing and lobbying by the industry — between the average American and the food he or she eats. As one chicken industry representative puts it, “In a way we’re not producing chickens; we’re producing food.”

Robert Kenner’s Food, Inc. has its American broadcast premiere as a special broadcast on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 9 p.m. on PBS as part of the 23rd season of POV (Point of View), American television’s longest-running independent documentary series. POV is the recipient of a Special Emmy for Excellence in Television Documentary Filmmaking.

Read More About the Film >>>

2 responses to “Food, Inc. Broadcast Premier on POV PBS Tonite, April 21st

  1. Thank you for documentary, it is a must see for every one in the world to see. e-mailing it to everyone I know. Bless you for your great courage to produce such a film as I’m sure negative fall out from those corporations who wish the truth to remain secret will be forthcoming. Good Luck.

  2. Thank you so much for airing Food Inc. The people of the USA need to know this information. Please continue to air films like this one. The film that followed about milk was wonderfull, too.

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