Lessons from the Earth

By Harvard Gazette

Harvests ahead, edible and intellectual, from a Harvard garden

Harvard, Harvard, how does your garden grow?

With plenty of rain.

At the dedication of the Harvard Community Garden on Mt. Auburn Street on Sunday (April 18), well-wishers huddled gratefully under a blue tarp noisy with rain. Nearby, green lawn chairs sat empty.

But the garden at 27 Holyoke Place offers sunny messages: that food can grow in an urban backyard; that a garden is a living laboratory for diverse academic pursuits; and that an open garden encourages community.

The plot in front of Lowell House — 560 square feet of growing space — is a lesson in local food and sustainability that matches the University’s environmental ethic, said Zachary Arnold ’10. “Our tagline is: a beautiful and productive space.”

The Eliot House senior is one of a dozen or so undergraduates who helped to organize a new club, the Harvard College Garden Project, a year in the making.

The garden, consisting of 25 raised beds spaced along stone-dust patios, is supervised by the Center for Health and the Global Environment (CHGE) at Harvard Medical School. Collaborators include the Office for Sustainability (OFS), the University Planning Office, Landscape Services, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the Food Literacy Project, a division of Harvard University Hospitality and Dining Services.

Food harvested from the garden — lettuce, onions, peas, and other traditional New England kitchen crops — will be used in on-site tastings and demonstrations, consumed at undergraduate dining halls, sold at the Food Literacy Project’s two farmers’ markets, or donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

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