S 510 is hissing in the grass

Jan. 5, 2011 UPDATE: Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act.

By Steve Green

S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act*, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US.  It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money.

“If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes.  It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.”  ~Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower

It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S 510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food.

Monsanto says it has no interest in the bill and would not benefit from it, but Monsanto’s Michael Taylor who gave us rBGH and unregulated genetically modified (GM) organisms, appears to have designed it and is waiting as an appointed Food Czar to the FDA (a position unapproved by Congress) to administer the agency it would create — without judicial review — if it passes.  S 510 would give Monsanto unlimited power over all US seed, food supplements, food and farming.


In the 1990s, Bill Clinton introduced HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points) purportedly to deal with contamination in the meat industry.  Clinton’s HACCP delighted the offending corporate (World Trade Organization “WTO”) meat packers since it allowed them to inspect themselves, eliminated thousands of local food processors (with no history of contamination), and centralized meat into their control.  Monsanto promoted HACCP.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton urged a powerful centralized food safety agency as part of her campaign for president.  Her advisor was Mark Penn, CEO of Burson Marsteller, a giant PR firm representing Monsanto.  Clinton lost, but Clinton friends such as Rosa DeLauro, whose husband’s firm lists Monsanto as a progressive client and globalization as an area of expertise, introduced early versions of S 510.

S 510 fails on moral, social, economic, political, constitutional, and human survival grounds.

1.  It puts all US food and all US farms under Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, in the event of contamination or an ill-defined emergency.  It resembles the Kissinger Plan.

2.  It would end US sovereignty over its own food supply by insisting on compliance with the WTO, thus threatening national security.  It would end the Uruguay Round Agreement Act of 1994, which put US sovereignty and US law under perfect protection.  Instead, S 510 says:


Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party.

3.  It would allow the government, under Maritime Law, to define the introduction of any food into commerce (even direct sales between individuals) as smuggling into “the United States.” Since under that law, the US is a corporate entity and not a location, “entry of food into the US” covers food produced anywhere within the land mass of this country and “entering into” it by virtue of being produced.

4.  It imposes Codex Alimentarius on the US, a global system of control over food. It allows the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the WTO to take control of every food on earth and remove access to natural food supplements.  Its bizarre history and its expected impact in limiting access to adequate nutrition (while mandating GM food, GM animals, pesticides, hormones, irradiation of food, etc.) threatens all safe and organic food and health itself, since the world knows now it needs vitamins to survive, not just to treat illnesses.

5.  It would remove the right to clean, store and thus own seed in the US, putting control of seeds in the hands of Monsanto and other multinationals, threatening US security. See Seeds – How to criminalize them, for more details.

6.  It includes NAIS, an animal traceability program that threatens all small farmers and ranchers raising animals. The UN is participating through the WHO, FAO, WTO, and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in allowing mass slaughter of even heritage breeds of animals and without proof of disease.  Biodiversity in farm animals is being wiped out to substitute genetically engineered animals on which corporations hold patents.  Animal diseases can be falsely declared.  S 510 includes the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), despite its corrupt involvement in the H1N1 scandal, which is now said to have been concocted by the corporations.

7.  It extends a failed and destructive HACCP to all food, thus threatening to do to all local food production and farming what HACCP did to meat production – put it in corporate hands and worsen food safety.

8.  It deconstructs what is left of the American economy. It takes agriculture and food, which are the cornerstone of all economies, out of the hands of the citizenry, and puts them under the total control of multinational corporations influencing the UN, WHO, FAO and WTO, with HHS, and CDC, acting as agents, with Homeland Security as the enforcer.  The chance to rebuild the economy based on farming, ranching, gardens, food production, natural health, and all the jobs, tools and connected occupations would be eliminated.

9.  It would allow the government to mandate antibiotics, hormones, slaughterhouse waste, pesticides and GMOs. This would industrialize every farm in the US, eliminate local organic farming, greatly increase global warming from increased use of oil-based products and long-distance delivery of foods, and make food even more unsafe.  The five items listed — the Five Pillars of Food Safety — are precisely the items in the food supply which are the primary source of its danger.

10. It uses food crimes as the entry into police state power and control. The bill postpones defining all the regulations to be imposed; postpones defining crimes to be punished, postpones defining penalties to be applied.  It removes fundamental constitutional protections from all citizens in the country, making them subject to a corporate tribunal with unlimited power and penalties, and without judicial review. It is (similar to C-6 in Canada) the end of Rule of Law in the US.

For further information, watch these videos:

Food Laws – Forcing people to globalize

State Imposed Violence … to snatch resources of ordinary people

Corporate Rule

Reclaiming Economies

Oak snake image at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, Florida

Ed. Note: Also see this piece by lawyers: Food Safety: The Worst of Both Bills (HR 2749 and S 510).

* Managers Amendment, August 2010 version, prepared by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

488 responses to “S 510 is hissing in the grass

  1. burson-marstellerAs an aside, in addition to Monsanto, Burson Marstellar has represented the worst ecoterrorists in recent history, and at least two genocidal regimes, Nigeria and Argentina, as well as:

    * Blackwater USA (now Xe);
    * Union Carbide (Bhopal Disaster);
    * BP Chemicals;

    and the pharmaceutical giants

    * Pfizer;
    * Eli Lilly;
    * SmithKline Beecham,

    to name a few.

    If B-P is selling it, you know it’s bad for the earth and ordinary people.

    For sources, see my July 2008 article, NYC Elections Board Hires Spin Doctors for $6.5 million. I just had to focus on B-M for a moment; they’re as evil as Monsanto.

    Thanks, Steve, for a terrific article.

    • Monsanto is wanting to have a monopoly over all the food supply, and is endeavoring to have a law passed, which will prevent americans from growing their own nutritious food, as well as have access to vitamin supplements. We know organic food is much more nutritious and cheaper than frozen or canned food grown and packaged by monsanto. Monsanto uses crops grown from genetically engineered modified seeds, which will not reseed.

      I am an american, and I have the right to choose for myself, which foods I will consume and/or grow. As far as Im concerned, government had not show itself to be qualified to do ANYTHING over the past couple of years. I do not want a nanny govt trying to tell me what I will or wont eat. I am a sovereign person and a citizen of a sovereign country. I will continue to do as I see fit, regarding my intake of food or purchase of goods. I do not want a oligarchy dictating to me things which affect me personally, outside of drugs. By the way, vitamin supplements are not drugs, but govt wants to enrich the pharmeceutical companies further, by classifying them as such.

      Govt needs to get their house in order or they will all be replaced in 2010 and 2012. We do not like the arrogance , audacity, and irresponsibility they are showing toward the American People and we will NOT tolerate it!!!!

      • Actually, number 5 doesn’t exist in the bill. It would violate organic standards which is disallowed in this bill. Number 5 was made up by paranoia and is indicative of the inaccuracy of this report.


        • To Mike and other apologists,
          You need to understand who you’re dealing with here folks. These people use legalese to essentially lie to us. At the highest level, these people are social darwinists who view us a cattle, or useless eaters. That we buy their lies with just a little bit of artful deception and a little bit of bullying proves to them that their theories and philosophies are true.
          Read history and you’ll see that all the ills that we experience today were brought upon us by these people. These people orchestrated the killing of 3000 in a day with 911 and soft kill millions with their toxic foods, water and pharmaceuticals. All the while we are being preoccupied with bread and circuses.

  2. This is quite frightening.

    Could someone explain in more detail what number five would mean?

  3. Eff them. Plain and simple.
    They think they are going to tell you and I what to eat. Next they will tax the air we breathe.
    Who’s going to enforce this and how?
    They can tell it to my bullets.

  4. The Devil comes only to kill, to steal, and to destroy……John 10:10

  5. I think the time for this is behind, it is really a good idea. This is for the benefit of us all, my family and I are all for S 510. People read about these bills and such, and immediately are lead to believe it’s something bad, it’s exactly the opposite folks. My Boss at work used to tell me all the time, Change is good… he was 100% right. And the passage of S 510 is the right thing for the USA.

    • Hey Morton,
      I do read the bills. this is a horrible bill.

    • >>…This is for the benefit of us all…<<

      Is that you, Obama?

    • I love debate – but just to let you all know, I delete comments that contain ad hominem attacks.

      Ad hominem attacks are those that attack the person, instead of the ideas they’ve presented.

      Let’s treat each other with respect.


    • Charles Morton– this horrifying ignorance might just get this bill passed. I go to a local Farmers’ Market every week. This bill would severely impact every single one of these local farmers. It could make it illegal to grow a tomato plant in a pot on your deck. Charlie–wake up.

      • Actually, you are wrong.. no facilities not already registered would have to under S. 510.

        • Anybody who chooses to grow food will be impacted. The bill also gives corporations like Monsanto the legal power to prosecute you for using traditional seeds for planting.

    • hey charles, who pays you? what part of someone owning your right to food and seeds does not sound inhuman?

    • I’ll bet you’re a REAL healthy guy huh? Can you say IRRADIATED food? What an idiot.

    • Charles,
      What about the families who have so little they cannot afford to buy food? Isn’t it so much more efficient to benefit from what mother nature will give us from her own earth for free? Will the government then have to provide them more welfare just so they may eat? Also, it is ovbious that the government can’t always handle crisis and/or function properly, as shown by the recent oil spill in the gulf. Now, I’m not saying that the even was any one person’s fault, but it is not unimaginalbe that the government is imperfect. That being said, would you want to put your very substance on the line and in the hands of any establishment likely and proven to be failable? Humans will be humans, and mistakes happen, but why set yourself up? Do you really trust these people that much?

    • The changes to the laws made in the late 90’s and early 2000’s governing credit cards sure were good weren’t they? So were the changes to the banking system that allows them to financially rape us. And what about the laws allowing the theft / privatization of water resources? Those sure were good changes, right? And certainly the changes to the food safety laws that allowed poison meat and vegetables into our stomachs, those were some of the best changes we’ve ever witnessed, right? And who can forget the changes to the laws that now allow corporate media monopolies to control what we read, hear and see, thank God for those changes. And lest we not forget about the wonderful changes to the laws governing mortgages. Those changes sure helped the “American Dream” to flourish, albeit in foreclosure. Ah yes, change IS good in this country. Especially if you’re a BILLIONAIRE and/or the lowest life form on the planet, a politician who needs a campaign financed.

    • If it passes, then get ready to go to prison for choosing to grow food to feed your family. I’ve never had the eggs my chickens have laid recalled, corporate agri-business had a half billion eggs recalled less than six months ago. Nobody has the right to take away your ability to provide for your family. This is a bad bill, and your boss is dead wrong to think otherwise.
      The bill isn’t about food safety, it’s about giving control of our entire food supply over to corporations. Monopolies are supposed to be illegal in the US, and if S.510 passes, there will be no competition in agriculture, the small farmers won’t be able to afford the lawyers, permits, and inspectors so they can grow food.

    • So your Boss says change is good and, of course, he’s smarter than you! Have you ever thought for yourself? Breaking news! I’m telling you I’m smarter than your boss and I’m telling you this is not good for you, me, or any other American, even your Boss!

  6. Aye Caramba!! Once again they come after us. . If I weren’t to feisty I’d get tired and give up. . but I’m too stupid, and too stubborn to give up so easily. . .

  7. This bill will pass, and we will once again become as serfs. If we resist, we will be killed or put in concentration camps.
    In the 1930’s, communist bolsheviks starved to death and murdered millions of Ukranian farmers – men, women, and children – when they refused to collectivize.
    The descendants of these butchers now infest the highest levels of our government. They demand our unquestioned compliance while they destroy our country and our sovereignty.
    Welcome to the NWO

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  9. This will mean revolution against the state if this passes. Monsanto and others must never be obeyed at any price.

  10. “I can see a day coming when even your home garden is going to be against the law” – Bob Dylan (jew), 1983 from the song “Union Sundown” on the album “Infidels”

  11. Unfortunately there is a really strong chance that this bill will pass. The Obama administration just like the two which preceded it is filled with ex employees from monsanto and big pharma. These guys are evil incarnate and won’t stop until we the people demand a complete overhaul of our governmental system, from the president (macro) down to local city council (micro). The whole system has been compromised by greedy individuals.

    • agree city Govs have really already taken much rights away from their communities using zoneing laws. It’s very easy for them using zoning to take a persons house away or give fines in the thousands for ‘crimes’ such as not mowing their lawn properly or placing out trash on the wrong day. Many zoning prevents people having a home based business in the city, of any kind.

      These city govs. pay themselves with great health insurance and perks such as tax free ‘non profit’ set-ups.
      The greed keeps them in power and it will take a mandate from ‘someone’ to make them stop opressing the common people. I wish we could toss away this crap and go back to the simple ‘golden rule’. 🙂

      • I think you are referring to CCR’s which are NOT government. People decide to buy houses from big businesses such as Barett homes of the UK. When they do buy the house in these neighborhoods, they are joining a not economic communist organization but a socially communist organization. By socially I mean, you can’t let your clothes hang and dry outside, you must mow your lawn, cant have trash cans out after certain times. Must have garage doors closed at all times, or certain times of the day or week. The list goes on, but this is not the american govt. It is unregulated large corporations in america that are instilling this into the people. Anal neat freak accountants love this stuff, so they buy these houses in these neighborhoods. This makes these corporations richer, as a result they buy more land and build more cookie cutter houses with CCR’s. After a while you could have a metropolitan area the size of downtown LA that is nothing but CCR controlled housing. That is why it is so crucial for their to be government regulation on large corporations. Otherwise they will bring a fascist dictatorship to our country. But hey they call Obama a communist. HAHA hes just trying to stop fascism… whatever that means. 😛
        I have lost faith in our country, not because of the politicians, I never trusted those fuckers in the first place. I blame the american people for letting it happen, I was against the War in Iraq because I knew it would be another Vietnam, but did anyone listen to me? Just me and my so called hippie friends. The american people deserve what they get, if they were actually looking into new laws and propositions instead of watching Jersey Shore or NASCAR, then maybe we would live in a near perfect country.
        We need to make examples of these white collar workers hang politicians that commit treason, hang gamblers on wall street for their White Collar crimes and treason. Instead they put guys who rob a McDonalds in jail for 25-30 years, wall street guys get a golden parachute. The rich will always be in control if the people let them be.

  12. If home gardening truly is outlawed, then let’s all be outlaws. How can they possibly enforce everything they legislate? How is it that Cuba has a notorious regime, yet there are reportedly many farmers markets offering fresh produce? Can we learn from the example set there?

  13. This is horrifying and tyrannical to a riotous level of oppression! I like gardening and eating fresh fruits and veggies from heirloom seeds that are NOT processed by big corporations. I prefer to avoid all the dangerously unhealthy amounts of sugar, aspartame, flouride, MSG, salt, and a host of other additives accumulating in our bodies.
    This legislation is maddening and must be stopped. Freedom to garden is universal. God put Adam and Eve in a garden, not a shopping center!
    Live free or die!

  14. I am not a fan of the FDA and I am certainly concerned about the influence of companies like Monsanto on our food/agricultural policy. However, when I briefly reviewed the bill, I noticed that it specifically excluded not only food produced at one’s home, but also at all farms in general. I would appreciate if someone could please point to the place in the bill that implies home gardening will be outlawed, and, in general, how organic farms will be effected and forced to use certain kinds of seeds and pesticides, etc. I am obviously skeptical, yet open to the concerns expressed here, as I am very much involved in the organic/localvore movement, in terms of my own shopping and eating.

    • I’m with Alice. How come no one replied to her? I read the summaries at least, and it kept looking like home grown foods and family farms were excluded, as they are not considered “facilities.” This could just be a magic circle they’ve created, where you have to be a facility to grow food, yet homes are excluded from applying to be facilities – but I didn’t see that explicitly spelled out. There are a lot of other scary things going on here for sure (bans on seed saving, allowing certain unnamed corporations to not be inspected, etc.) but I can’t find where it says I’m going to jail for growing a tomato.

      I am certainly against the bill, I just would like to see more specifics on this angle of objection to it. If you could point us to a section that’d be awesome.

  15. Rady, congrats on the 100,000 mark. Food Freedom is always something I look forward to.

    As far as the Food Safety bill, these measures will be placed on those in the system — and I like to tell folks to distance themselves from the system and become as independent as possible and interdependent upon those who are like-minded about self-sufficiency and local foods.–or else they will be subjected to a system whereby the natural law of caring and sharing itself is illegal.

    • thx, Augie… and big thx to Rense.com for featuring this article on his website.

      chuckwagon’s and felio’s comments below get to the heart of this dastardly bill – what we are seeing is a collection of actions by the monsanto-owned federal government which will enable all that the author describes. S 510 is just a part of a multifaceted strategy.

      I agree we need to step back from the system as much as possible; it’s too far gone; too corrupt. The only value they have is profit; all else is meaningless to captains of industry.

      They’re pulling this in Canada and India and elsewhere, too – this battle is global.

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  17. The bill is a collection of outrages, many of them hidden, as with the seeds. Seeds are not even mentioned in the bill but are covered as food, having been redefined as such by the FDA. So, if organic seeds themselves can be removed, even if farmers are excluded, what will they farm with? And if the Administrator has powers that can be inappropriate and invalid and yet not be subject to law, then what does it matter what the rest of the bill says about excluding home. That would just be an invalid order and yet how would anyone be rescued from it? So, while it may say such and such a group is excluded, the purpose is to destroy non-corporate food and other language will allow them power to harm.

    • Organic seeds are protected under this bill.

      • Who provides the definitions to the legal glaze put in a bill? Today’s definition of organic is;
        Tomorrow’s definition is;
        All set by the FDA, USDA or someother DA, CC, NSA BS! You and the other people on the earth who are reliant on government and corporations to make your life comfortable are the thorns and weeds on this garden we call earth! Human fertilizer is a good idea!

      • I need organic seeds to sprout and I need to buy whole food supplements to help my wife get over a disease. Will my wife be affected? I am reading the comments, and I am getting mixed signals.

  18. Hi Alice
    understand your concern and skepticism.
    Homegardening will most likely not be outlawed, as I see it. it would be too radical, but if “they” decide, that the uncontrolled organic seeds you are using are a hazard to public health, they can enforce the law to propagate a legislation to ensure the slow but eventually effective outsourcing of seeds from without their control, starting with farmers. outsourcing the market of seeds and narrowing down the options, making “random” homegrown seeds illegal, to ensure national food security, will be a logical way of utilizing S510.
    Recently Monsanto sued an organic farmer for “stealing” their patented GMO seeds. They landed in his field of crops and grew amidst his!
    anywhere, he put all he got into the trials, nearly 100.000$ and they lost. so there is justice, if you have the will and courage to fight for it.
    I strongly recommend everybody to gather such strenght to prepare for the future, ‘for we have not seen the least..

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  20. US leadership wants to kill us the way Hitler wanted to kill the Jews. Dead.

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  23. Johnny MoonOwl

    After reading the bill, using text from the article above that the author claims is in the bill, I can not verify any of the “facts” claimed by the author as actually being in this bill. I think this article is bogus. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-2749

  24. citizenoftheworld

    I know that some people are saying that we should contact members of the senate that allegedly represent us, but we have tried that before on other issues. And there is too much money and power at stake here for them to listen to us. Having said that, why shouldn’t I think about moving to, say Costa Rica?

    • lol. Costa Rica is under the thumb of neoliberal capitalism.

      I had a wonderful medical vacation there back in January. The only way most ordinary people earn a living wage is in the criminal trades.

      Much like here in the States. The minimum wage is legalized slavery – no one can live on it, yet tens of millions of us earn less than a living wage.

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  27. Irving Spector

    I hope that everyone ignores this and revolts. If it takes a revolutiojn to get these guys out, so be it. Theyvcannot imprison a whole nation

  28. sounds pretty wrong to me

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  30. One step closer to Soylent Green.

  31. that is why i only buy non-hybrid seeds

    • kay, I think you might mean ‘heirloom’ seeds. hybrid seeds are not necessarily genetically modified; altho the biotech industry is trying to use that word as its way of labeling the seeds as GM.

      natural methods include hybridizing seeds, and those can be safe and beneficial.

      artificial methods, like genetic engineering, are not safe.

      I think that’s what you meant, anyway.

  32. Hello friends
    Here are a few ideas, things we can do:

    A) Write to legal organizations, ask for their outspoken and written word against this

    B) WRite to grassroots activists and journalists, ask for proactivity and written statements, articles, etc

    C) Write letters to the editors and to college newsletter editors

    D) Send out chain emails, ask that they be forwarded, with all the above ideas plus any of your own. People like to feel empowered, and are likely to lie down in despair if they feel depressed. But if empowered with ideas of what can effectively be done, then they will act.

    E) Class action lawsuits, anybody?

    F) If it is true that GMO foods have been shown to twist the intestines of cows that are routinely fed such foods, then to dig up articles proving this and to quote the statistics would be key to waking people up.

    Thank you all for all that you do. With best wishes, Kaye

  33. What am I missing….I’ve gone through the entirety of the bill and don’t see where home gardens are outlawed. Please educate me. Thanks!

  34. Monsanto should be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. Period. Why the hell is they freakin’ government giving them so much power? Now I know why they call Obama ‘the end game’.

  35. Does anyone know approximately when the Senate is set to vote on the bill?

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  37. There words:3. It would allow the government, under Maritime Law, to define the introduction of any food into commerce (even direct sales between individuals) as smuggling into “the United States.” Since under that law, the US is a corporate entity and not a location, “entry of food into the US” covers food produced anywhere within the land mass of this country and “entering into” it by virtue of being produced.

    What country is my Aloe growing in? If I use it for a burn, will I be fined, arrested? Let them try, see if this continues much longer when they close the first farmer’s market. It’s REALLY ABOUT MARKET SHARE. Think about it. Fight evil before it knocks at your door.

  38. Recently found buried deep into my archives on the Illuminati, “The Secret Covenant II – A new unearthing for the assimilated Perfectibilist” was discovered among numerous “html” files that I had collected from the iotallahassee.org website in 2002. If you will notice there is quite a shocker that’s in this “Manifesto.” The Codex Alimentarius is mentioned! I added a link to this page for all to see. This is pure evil!

  39. This “report” smacks of irresponsible misinformation and disinformation. Since you have the bill before you, assuming you have read it (which is far from obvious given what is written about it), why not include cites to the preposterous statements made (or provide them now to disprove my points herein)?

    You claim: “[S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes.” The bill amends the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Notably, regulation applies to “facilities”. And Section 101(b) of the Bill makes it clear that “facilities” do not include, inter alia, “farms; private residences of individuals; restaurants; [and] other retail food establishments[.]”

    There are enough real dangers in legislation these days, not to be distracted by irresponsible cries of “Wolf”.

    • Hi CalDre,
      i’ve been following your comments on Ron’s website and would really like to get together and chat. Is there anyway we can get in contact? I can get you a respectable reference.

  40. citizenoftheworld

    Rady–Thanks for the comment about Costa Rica. I do not think I will give up, as I have family and freinds who would be deeply affected by this.

    Kaye–good post. A legal challenge may be the best and maybe only way to stop this. Not sure about how class action lawsuits work. Please advise. Thanks.

  41. Wrapped in the guise of safety and caring…………

    besides everything that can be argued about how good or evil the company of the day is there really is only one pertinent fact.

    this will destroy the biodiversity that helped save countries from blights and famines

    import a potatoe from South America.. show everyone how to grow it.. count on it as your staple food.. have it fall prey to a fungus that blights the crops.. starve, on a world wide level..

    history, supposedly we are supposed to learn something from it……….

  42. pssst….its ALWAYS the same people pushing all this stuff on you, but most just can’t connect the dots and see who it is.


  43. Wow. Don’t understand why there hasn’t been a revolution in the US yet.

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  45. Is this true? Where are your facts?

  46. Everyone must store both seeds and ammunition, and be prepared to defend the former with the latter. Otherwise, how many bills are we away from Oxygen control (to keep us safer from a potential terrorist attack on the air supply)? S. 510 is yet another example of Codex Alimenuptheass.

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  49. This is what you get when you vote for the two corporate-funded parties.

    The Green Party doesn’t accept ANY corporate money, and represents CITIZENS’ interests.

    Your Green-Party vote is a great way to protest this corporate fascism, and helps to build the movement to take our country back from the corporations.


  50. BeTrueSeekTruth

    This is what 9.11 and the Patriot act were ultimately for folks. 9.11 was a pretext for the corporatists to nazifi the D.O.C. and get their foot (jackboot) in the door. In a true fascists society, the political and corporate sectors work hand in glove to control the population. Remember that mantra about people not having anything against restricted liberties because “they had nothing to hide”. With bills like this they do. They won’t stop until everyone is classified a terrorist and threat to national security.

  51. BeTrueSeekTruth

    Also you need to realize that your vote is meaningless because in the majority of cases, both candidates will be in the corporatists back pocket. Both will be comprimised in case the get uppity and if anyone does, an example will be made of them.
    Democrate\Republican is a phony apparatus they’ve been using forever. Its a false paradigm.
    Voting will not get you squat. The only thing they FEAR is an enlightened public because that would expose them as low life criminal scum in 3000.00 dollar suits.

  52. is this how the revolution will start? if this bill truly does make any progress it will be met with great opposition. great violent opposition.

  53. Kieran O'Donnell

    The reason for the huge underground, deep freeze seed vault in Norway becomes crystal clear.

    We neede to store unmodified seeds safely out of the reach of contamination by Monsanto.


    • Organic seeds? Monsanto and chemtrails are making sure the only crops that will grow in the chemically treated soil (chemical fallout) are those seeds capable of growing in monsanto rolled over soil. Even if you could grow healthy organic seeds the government will make sure weather modification control are in place. Food plants need water. The person mentioning oxygen sypply we now onlyl receive &%-10% in air compared to the 20%-30% people used to breathe in. Betcha we’ll all have oxygen machine force upon us needing monthly filling. Costs plus! Somewhere written in the bill will be NO MEDICAL TREATMENT PROVIDED if you haven’t been on oxygen supply paying your fair share.

      • Holly, we would be dead with an atmospheric concentration of oxygen at 8-10%.

        Potential Effects of Oxygen-Deficient Atmospheres

        Oxygen Resulting Condition/Effect on Humans by Volume

        23.% and above Oxygen enriched, extreme fire hazard

        21.% Oxygen concentration of “Air”

        19.5% Minimum “Safe Level”: OSHA, NIOSH

        15-19% Decreased ability to work strenuously. May impair coordination and may induce early symptoms in persons with coronary, pulmonary, or circulatory problems.

        12-14% Respiration increases in exertion, pulse up, impaired coordination, perception, judgment.

        10-12% Respiration further increases in rate and depth, poor judgment, lips blue.

        8-10% Mental failure, fainting, unconsciousness, ashen face, blueness of lips, nausea, and vomiting.

        6-8% 8 minutes, 100% fatal; 6 minutes, 50% fatal; 4-5 minutes, recovery with treatment.

        4-6% Coma in 40 seconds, convulsions, respiration ceases, death.

        These values are approximate and vary as to the individual’s state of health and his physical activities.

        — Source: NIOSH

        Chemtrails deposit metallic nanoparticles (among other things); and are not related to this discussion.

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  56. Also Alice,

    The bill will fall under the jurisdiction of the WHO. And the WHO will require all farmers and home gardeners use pesticides that is only approved by them. The reason being is to control the supposed spread of pests such as the fruit fly or apple moth. These guys thought of everything and they are in close relation with big pharma and they want to promote the spread of disease by finding legal ways of adulterating organic crops.

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  58. Would somebody PLEASE cite specific sections and/or page numbers in S. 510 that we can all verify the claims being made here? I don’t want to go complaining to my Senators about totally made-up crap actually being in a bill!

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  60. http://sustainableagriculture.net/category/food-safety/
    For anyone wondering where in the bill, it is infringing on the rights of farmers and home gardeners, you only have to look at all the amendments, this is the proof people and organizations have voiced their concern (check the link above for details). Lets hope we have some representation in congress and the bill is amended to protect our local agriculture!

  61. BeTrueSeekTruth

    Please people. Do not bring in left or right, liberal or conservative because that just dilutes the issue. It acts as a red herring. These are the tools they’ve used to get things as far as they have. There is only 1 political party in the U.S. and that is the international banking cabal controlled Fascio-Corporatist Party. They express their agenda in BOTH quasi liberal and quasi Conservative terms.
    Unfortunately, most people have no idea of what they’re actually dealing with here. Here’s a clue. We know Hitler and what he did was real. Let me pose this question. What was his reason? If I told you his reason before he came to power and exterminated all those people would you have believed me or would you have laughed me off as a paranoid conspiracy theorist? Hitler’s reasons were “spiritual” and so it goes today. Until you know their reasons you will always fail to understand the big picture and will very easily be diverted by disinformation.

    • Excellent point. And let us not forget Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler, Nero, Joshua…and so on all the way the back through history, all people who slaughtered their own kind, with the help of their minions and enablers. Were all their motives “spiritual?” Who knows? But what of their enablers and minions, just taking orders?

      How about brilliant scientists building nuclear and biological weapons? Geneticists destroying our food supply…forever, irreversibly? Too dumb to imagine the consequences of their actions?

      And so we come down to big media, big oil, big pharma, big agri, big insurance, big finance, big government, big military, big legal… How could they knowingly do what they are doing to the rest of us? Who cares? The clear fact is that they are doing it, and they’re doing it with the help supposedly ordinary citizens by promoting factionalism and ignorance and greeed. And when all this shit really all comes down, the “innocent” survivors will be looking at one another in guilt and horror, and saying: “We didn’t know!”

      But they’ve no excuse for not knowing anymore, do they? They’ve gotten all the clues they need to take it to next level.

  62. If all the people who are profoundly alienated by the society we have (of, by, and for the huge corporations) would STOP voting for Dems and Reps, and join the Green Party, as Alan suggests, and if all the environmental organizations would let Green Party be their electoral arm, this would begin to allow some effective legislative resistance to this series of assaults on our freedoms, humanity, sanity, and survival. Bottom line: we need to END THIS EMPIRE. Joining and becoming active with Greens is a good first step, while safeguarding our own food supplies. I’m a Green and I grow a fair amount of my own food. Fascism was not defeated in WW II, just the regimes in power in Germany, Italy, and Japan. After WW II fascism migrated and mutated. One might say it is “genetically modified fascism!”

    • Expecting people to change a habit or believe something that is not mainstream group think overnight ain’t gonna happen. The Green Party electoral arm doesn’t reach long enough – its not radical enough. I voted Green once – and my “protest vote” was a waste in that election – going Green party isn’t a cure-all and neither should humans go the “END THIS EMPIRE” mode – We are better than that. Unfortunately, we have to work within the system in order to change it from the inside out – not the outside in. I am not an Einstein but persistent clandestine infiltration of corporate psychologoly is just as important as planting seeds in the mind of the masses. So, as those of us bitch and complain, instead of going nanny-nanny-boo-boo or “you’re gonna get it someday” – maybe a paradigm shift is in order on our side in the way we think and the way we act. We all know what has happened in the world historically will repeat itself – we shouldn’t have to lower ourselves to violence or fear tactics to propel a movement of pro-human and pro-planet forward thinking mindset – we won’t win. Think smarter and act smarter – use some of the tactics that the enemy has used – saturate the media with information but offer the solutions – along with pointing out the problem. Telling everybody out there that this candidate must go because they’ve been bad isn’t enough. Another hint – as we are a declining nation of intellectual thinkers (fact based) we all need to dumb down when we are trying to communicate. Explain in the simpliest terms that s 510 is a danger as it is written. And it is poorly written… Disemination of information to an uneducated population is real easy after a couple of generations. It’s one of the oldest tactics in the world. Have a stupid populace that is hungry and sick with a strong sense of entitlement, you can get them to do whatever you want them to do. Human beings need to understand that in order to progress as a species – we have to think out of the box. Change starts at home, transitions to the workplace, and eventually up on a podium where others will hear us – But do me a favor, let’s not talk about our demise being an acceptable end result to get our point across because our food/water/air sources are at stake here and personally, I want our species to thrive.

    • Oh please! Who do you think thought up the “green” concept? Yep David Rockefeller et al.

      What we need is an American party, a party made up of honest Democrats and Republicans and everyone else who believes in our Constitution and limited government. Our founders KNEW evil was drawn to government like flies to decomposing organic excreted human food matter. The larger ANY government grows the more liberty the people lose.

      We have now reached the critical state and things will move very fast. Another 9/11 will be arranged and executed and we will be put under PERMANENT martial law. It is time to wake up folks. Just because the same people, in the USA, who committed 9/11 decide to nuke an American city or two is no reason for martial law. Instead it is time for an open, honest, complete investigation of 9/11. by US Citizens picked at random all across the USA

  63. organictastemaker

    I pasted this article into a listserv for advocates for urban agriculture and met with this response:

    Is there an article that analyzes the bill section by section, or at least references those sections of the bill as it disputes them?


    Can you please show what parts of the bill say exactly what you are saying here so I can respond to this question?

  64. Delores Gresham

    Some have asked the question how would the Government oversee and control all the requirements that come out of these Bills. This specific Bill is very dangerous, it will control what food we can eat and where we can buy this food. As to how they will control compliance with this Bill read UN Agenda 21. The Implementation of this Agenda spells out how all of the Agenda 21 requirements will be policed. They have it all worked out when the One World Government comes about. This is where the U.S. is headed. That is what the NAFTA Highway, NAFTA Trade Agreement, and other Trade Agreements are all about. The President we now have has been put into power to make sure our Nations Economy is ruined, our Childrens Education continues to be dumb downed, the just passed Health Care Bill, the Cap and Trade Bill, the currently worked on Financial Overhaul Bill, etc. There are only a couple more things that have to happen for this Nation to be turned over to the UN. Our 2nd Amendment Rights must be eliminated, Christianity must be undermined where a majority of the people will consider the Christians the enemy. This Administration is working very hard to eliminate Christianity from all influence on our Society, and to take away our firearms. It may be too late to stop this madness. If we do not remove the Progressives this next Election and the President in 2012 there will be nothing left to salvage. America is in trouble. People wake up things will not get better, our Nation is going Bankrupt, the Nations Moral Level has taken a nose dive and this Bill will set in process the means to starve those who will dare to resist the new Government. Pray for the Nation and ourselves, this is the only answer.

  65. BeTrueSeekTruth

    Be aware that these people don’t fight the opposition, they LEAD it so as to coopt, and dilute the original intent as well as to cause internal divisions. These things are part of the “wisdom of the ages” that they guard and use to manipulate us with. So the Green Party may be good, or it may just be a way to divide the opposition or dilute or discredit its message. Here’s an easy way to tell. When mainstream media and politicians castigate a movement then you can be assured the movement, is viewed as a threat to their globalist agenda. Beyond any political solution is the issue of mass awareness and enlightement. Then people will begin making choices that get these people where they live. Then people will not fall prey to their staged events and scare tactics. Don’t rely on a politician because they have hijacked the process. Rely on the enlightenment of the population because that is their worst fear and an enemy they cannot overcome because it exposes them and in turn mandates that they expose themselves for the slimy lucifer worshipping human hating parasites that they actually are.

  66. How can we stop this legistlation?

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  68. BeTrueSeekTruth

    While I believe stopping harmful and criminal legislation is very important, the most important issue is to raise awareness. This way, the fact that the legislation is even on the table will be enough rope for the perpetrators of this criminal behavior to hang themselves so to speak. They would be incriminated before the case even gets to a court and any court that would support these people would itself come under suspicion of aiding and abetting criminal behavior and intent. Even if the bill were passed, the public outcry and momentum gathered from this would get the bill overturned as well as uncover the criminal elements behind it. Believe me, once that thread gets pulled the criminal elite will pull all stops to divert, bully, and kill. The problem is, these actions will incriminate them ( the puppet masters ) as well.

  69. Join the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund: http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/

    S510 is abominable.

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  71. What about actual seed companies you find selling seed packets in hardware stores? Renee’s Garden, heirloom seeds for homegrown tomatoes? Will these be affected? This bill reads in such a confusing way, I just didn’t see where Monsanto got the goods given to them. It’s only implied by this writer…

  72. This is not right!!!!!!!!! Vote no. This is our basic right to feed ourselves being taken away!!!

  73. Using similar “laws” Stalin starved millions in Ukraine:
    Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, set in motion events designed to cause a famine in the Ukraine to destroy the people there seeking independence from his rule. As a result, an estimated 7,000,000 persons perished in this farming area, known as the breadbasket of Europe, with the people deprived of the food they had grown with their own hands.
    When Lenin died in 1924, he was succeeded by Joseph Stalin, one of the most ruthless humans ever to hold power. To Stalin, the burgeoning national revival movement and continuing loss of Soviet influence in the Ukraine was completely unacceptable. To crush the people’s free spirit, he began to employ the same methods he had successfully used within the Soviet Union. Thus, beginning in 1929, over 5,000 Ukrainian scholars, scientists, cultural and religious leaders were arrested after being falsely accused of plotting an armed revolt. Those arrested were either shot without a trial or deported to prison camps in remote areas of Russia.
    Stalin also imposed the Soviet system of land management known as collectivization. This resulted in the seizure of all privately owned farmlands and livestock, in a country where 80 percent of the people were traditional village farmers. Among those farmers, were a class of people called Kulaks by the Communists. They were formerly wealthy farmers that had owned 24 or more acres, or had employed farm workers. Stalin believed any future insurrection would be led by the Kulaks, thus he proclaimed a policy aimed at “liquidating the Kulaks as a class.”
    Declared “enemies of the people,” the Kulaks were left homeless and without a single possession as everything was taken from them, even their pots and pans. It was also forbidden by law for anyone to aid dispossessed Kulak families. Some researchers estimate that ten million persons were thrown out of their homes, put on railroad box cars and deported to “special settlements” in the wilderness of Siberia during this era, with up to a third of them perishing amid the frigid living conditions. Men and older boys, along with childless women and unmarried girls, also became slave-workers in Soviet-run mines and big industrial projects.
    Back in the Ukraine, once-proud village farmers were by now reduced to the level of rural factory workers on large collective farms. Anyone refusing to participate in the compulsory collectivization system was simply denounced as a Kulak and deported.
    A propaganda campaign was started utilizing eager young Communist activists who spread out among the country folk attempting to shore up the people’s support for the Soviet regime. However, their attempts failed. Despite the propaganda, ongoing coercion and threats, the people continued to resist through acts of rebellion and outright sabotage. They burned their own homes rather than surrender them. They took back their property, tools and farm animals from the collectives, harassed and even assassinated local Soviet authorities. This ultimately put them in direct conflict with the power and authority of Joseph Stalin.
    Soviet troops and secret police were rushed in to put down the rebellion. They confronted rowdy farmers by firing warning shots above their heads. In some cases, however, they fired directly at the people. Stalin’s secret police (GPU, predecessor of the KGB) also went to work waging a campaign of terror designed to break the people’s will. GPU squads systematically attacked and killed uncooperative farmers.
    But the resistance continued. The people simply refused to become cogs in the Soviet farm machine and remained stubbornly determined to return to their pre-Soviet farming lifestyle. Some refused to work at all, leaving the wheat and oats to rot in unharvested fields. Once again, they were placing themselves in conflict with Stalin.
    In Moscow, Stalin responded to their unyielding defiance by dictating a policy that would deliberately cause mass starvation and result in the deaths of millions.
    By mid 1932, nearly 75 percent of the farms in the Ukraine had been forcibly collectivized. On Stalin’s orders, mandatory quotas of foodstuffs to be shipped out to the Soviet Union were drastically increased in August, October and again in January 1933, until there was simply no food remaining to feed the people of the Ukraine.
    Much of the hugely abundant wheat crop harvested by the Ukrainians that year was dumped on the foreign market to generate cash to aid Stalin’s Five Year Plan for the modernization of the Soviet Union and also to help finance his massive military buildup. If the wheat had remained in the Ukraine, it was estimated to have been enough to feed all of the people there for up to two years.
    Ukrainian Communists urgently appealed to Moscow for a reduction in the grain quotas and also asked for emergency food aid. Stalin responded by denouncing them and rushed in with over 100,000 fiercely loyal Russian soldiers to purge the Ukrainian Communist Party. The Soviets then sealed off the borders of the Ukraine, preventing any food from entering, in effect turning the country into a gigantic concentration camp. Soviet police troops inside the Ukraine also went house to house seizing any stored up food, leaving farm families without a morsel. All food was considered to be the “sacred” property of the State. Anyone caught stealing State property, even an ear of corn or stubble of wheat, could be shot or imprisoned for not less than ten years.
    Starvation quickly ensued throughout the Ukraine, with the most vulnerable, children and the elderly, first feeling the effects of malnutrition. The once-smiling young faces of children vanished forever amid the constant pain of hunger. It gnawed away at their bellies, which became grossly swollen, while their arms and legs became like sticks as they slowly starved to death.
    Mothers in the countryside sometimes tossed their emaciated children onto passing railroad cars traveling toward cities such as Kiev in the hope someone there would take pity. But in the cities, children and adults who had already flocked there from the countryside were dropping dead in the streets, with their bodies carted away in horse-drawn wagons to be dumped in mass graves. Occasionally, people lying on the sidewalk who were thought to be dead, but were actually still alive, were also carted away and buried.
    While police and Communist Party officials remained quite well fed, desperate Ukrainians ate leaves off bushes and trees, killed dogs, cats, frogs, mice and birds then cooked them. Others, gone mad with hunger, resorted to cannibalism, with parents sometimes even eating their own children.
    Meanwhile, nearby Soviet-controlled granaries were said to be bursting at the seams from huge stocks of ‘reserve’ grain, which had not yet been shipped out of the Ukraine. In some locations, grain and potatoes were piled in the open, protected by barbed wire and armed GPU guards who shot down anyone attempting to take the food. Farm animals, considered necessary for production, were allowed to be fed, while the people living among them had absolutely nothing to eat.
    By the spring of 1933, the height of the famine, an estimated 25,000 persons died every day in the Ukraine. Entire villages were perishing. In Europe, America and Canada, persons of Ukrainian descent and others responded to news reports of the famine by sending in food supplies. But Soviet authorities halted all food shipments at the border. It was the official policy of the Soviet Union to deny the existence of a famine and thus to refuse any outside assistance. Anyone claiming that there was in fact a famine was accused of spreading anti-Soviet propaganda. Inside the Soviet Union, a person could be arrested for even using the word ‘famine’ or ‘hunger’ or ‘starvation’ in a sentence.
    By the end of 1933, nearly 25 percent of the population of the Ukraine, estimated between six million and seven million, including three million children, had perished. The Kulaks as a class were destroyed and an entire nation of village farmers had been laid low. With his immediate objectives now achieved, Stalin allowed food distribution to resume inside the Ukraine and the famine subsided. However, political persecutions and further round-ups of ‘enemies’ continued unchecked in the years following the famine, interrupted only in June 1941 when Nazi troops stormed into the country. Hitler’s troops, like all previous invaders, arrived in the Ukraine to rob the breadbasket of Europe and simply replaced one reign of terror with another.

    If this is what you want, then vote for S 510.
    The American detention camps have already been built…

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  75. (Most) people that write articles like this and get angry in the comments don’t read the text of the bill. I just went and looked it over, but haven’t read it all yet. Here are a few facts:

    – the word “seed” does not appear in S510

    – the word “garden” does not appear in S510

    – the words “home” and “residence” do not appear in the bill (other than as part of Homeland Security).

    – the word “maritime” does not appear in the bill

    – the words “dietary supplement” appear in Section 418f where it says,
    “(f) Dietary Supplements- Nothing in the amendments made by this section shall apply to any dietary supplement that is in compliance with the requirements of sections 402(g)(2) and 761 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 342(g)(2), 379aa-1).”

    and in section 306d where it says,

    “(d) Rule of Construction- Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect the regulation of dietary supplements under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (Public Law 103-417).”

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  78. An abundance of angry comments! This is good!
    Now, get to work and become the Activist that you are! Stop that Bill! Stop Monsanto! There are more of us then them, and they are on the run!

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  83. Where do the Clintons and the Rosa DeLauros buy their food.?

  84. S.510 is a disaster. I hope every one calls their Senators and asks them to vote this bill down.

    I did a great interview with food activist Doreen Hannes on food safety issues, HACCP, the FDA and USDA, and state responsibilities:


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  90. stanleybrookoff

    Power-mongers around the world are aiming for One World Government. They are traveling many roads to this end: the main highway is the economy. Control of food is a large thoroughfare. Destroying the U.S. Constitution is another main highway. To destroy the economy is to destroy the middle class forcing the major portion of the world’s population to economic peonism. To control and poison the food and deny dietary supplements to the population at large is to control the masses by denying them optimum health. To destroy the U.S. Constitution–which has represented the most stable form of government for two centuries and which has represented to the world free people ruling themselves certainly since World War Two–is to go a long way to destroy the concept of the nation-state, a concept the globalists abhor and detest! The individual nation-state stands in the way of a world-wide power-grab by an international Elite! You who trust Obama: he is different from the Clintons and the Bushes in one thing only: in his ability to fool the public! But that is quickly coming to an end. It is becoming more and more apparent that the Obama who attacks Goldman Sachs and other big firms, is the same Obama who is paid off by these firms to maintain a hands-off policy. Nothing will change in the U.S. or in the world until individuals are elected to positions of power who are clear thinking INDIVIDUALS who place the public’s interest first, and for whom arbitrary self-serving party politics is non-existent! Vote against party hacks! Vote for honest people who really care. Firms like Monsanto will always come out on top and control how we live as long as we elect and re-elect the same party hacks!

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  92. Anyone who does not solve for these, is bound to lose. Acquire, or acquire access to:

    1. Fresh water
    2. Arable land
    3. Non-GMO organic seeds
    4. Guns and ammo (to protect the above)

    Solve for the above, now. After they’ve killed off most of us, the ones left standing after the ongoing onslaught of murderous medicines, fake foods, poisonous potables, and “acceptable” air, will be (marauders excluded) people you might actually want to meet, or whose secure enclaves you might be allowed to approach.

    That’s assuming we win. If we lose, there will be a handful of subservient slaves left (the Plan).

    “They” are not killing us for money (“they” own and create the very notion of money, fractional reserve lending, Federal unReserved notes, etc.), rather they rule and kill for power over the remaining Us…and “they” simply don’t need so many of “us.” They’ve been killing us dozens of ways, diminishing the world population for decades, a century, at least. The Malthusian concept. You want for you and your progeny to live: get fresh water, organic GMO free seeds, a garden patch, and guns/ammo.

    Now. Right now.

    The people you want to meet up with, ten or fifteen years from now? Will be free-thinking, free food-growing, well-armed people like yourselves. Not people in camos running around in government oil-fueled military monster-vehicles (protecting our “freedoms”) sporting depleted uranium weapons which, yes, you and your children’s children will ultimately die from the results of anyway, even if used on the other side of the planet. These problems won’t ever go away, you’ll see this in your children’s children’s children. As they will in theirs. Malformed. Over some ancient religio/financial/political concocted war humans were too dumb to avoid amongst themselves. For Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Jehovah, and so forth. The uranium is in your lungs now, thanks to the air currents over the planet, and is spreading throughout your body and into your loins. There will be a lot more unless this insanity stops now.

    For now, get ready for personal survival. Not by voting for “the right party.” Defend yourself and your family from fluoride, chorine, DU, chemtrails, medicinal drugs, GMO, toxic food substances (anything “processed”), cell phone radiation, and the mind poison of mainstream media (unless you absorb it with two questions in mind: Who’s telling me this, and Why do they want me to believe it?).

    (Hmm, so why don’t we get much of this on the evening news?)

    Bulk up your immune system with organic foods, vitamins, mineral supplements, skip drugs legal or otherwise. Pure water. Exercise. Best you can now do. The human race will kill you anyway (and everthing else it can). It will certainly kill itself, if something else doesn’t, first.

    Perhaps a HAARP generated hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or a few more massive oil spills wiping out the oxygen-producing diatoms in the world’s oceans. The whales and polar bears won’t be able to breathe…oh, neither will we!

    As Barry McQuire asked in the mid-sixties: “…And you don’t believe, we’re on the eve of destruction?”

    • Sorry, but you won’t be able to acquire enough “guns and ammo” to defend yourself from Them. Someday, if They do show up on your land, there may only be a couple of Them at first. But resist, threaten, or shoot Them, and tomorrow They will return. In the middle of the night. Not with guns and ammo, but with tanks and choppers. Checkmate.

      • We won’t? Perhaps you’re right. Skip all that mad stuff, folks. (Never mind the fact that protecting what you have from marauders–who may not have tanks and choppers–may still be possible, even if the government actually succeeds in pulling a Ruby Ridge on every pissed off citizen and community in the US.)

        Simply turn over whatever you have, including your women and children, to whomever comes to your door, upon demand. That would probably be for the best.

        In fact, the best advice anyone can give you at this point is to practice touching your toes, and…oh…don’t forget to vote.

  93. This has been going on for a very long time. The corporations are patenting their seeds, and making the plants sterile so they dont make seeds next year, right? Nothing new, maybe just more obvious. When do we stop it?

  94. There are so many inaccuracies in the second parapgraph of the article it seemed senseless to read the balance. There is less than ZERO truth in the statement “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes.” That is flatly untrue.

    • okay, that quote is from a research scientist who spent his career in food safety… so I have to ask, what are your credentials?

    • Mike – I totally agree with you. Rady, just because “a research scientist who spent his career in food safety” (your definition) says something about a proposed Senate bill doesn’t mean that scientist is correct. Maybe you, Rady, can ask the scientist what portion of the Bill leads him to that conclusion? That would be helpful for people trying to get at actual facts. Thanks!

  95. I just received, by email, the following comment from Derek:

    “Here’s a link to the bill- http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-s510/text
    I couldn’t substantiate a single claim from this article after looking for the basis for them in the actual bill.”

    I am not seeing this comment on the website. Perhaps it is still awaiting approval.

    Although I have not had time to read through the entire bill word-for-word, it is my general impression that this comment is accurate, and that none of the claims made in this article are true.

    I repeat my request made a couple of weeks ago: please cite the specific section and/or page number of this bill which supports the article’s claims. If this cannot be done in a timely fashion (within say three days) I will consider this entire article to be fraudulent.

  96. whats all the gripe
    if everyone is going to stand back and let it happen then your whinning up the wrong tree just sad to see all of these people cry over something that can be done but hasnt because no one wants to act on it except whine. obama this obama that please give me a break . this is all I have heard since he has been in office

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  99. Who are sponsors of S510?And why aren’t we calling,writing,and screaming to our rep.about it.We need to get organized again!

  100. What’s the point of calling, writing, and screaming to our rep, if what we are screaming about is totally bogus? We would only be making ourselves out to be the fanatical conspiracy theorists that the Establishment paints us out to be. That would be extremely counter-productive.

    Come on, Steve Green and/or Nady, CITE THE SPECIFIC SECTIONS OF THIS BILL THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIMS. Your silence on this point is becoming deafening.

  101. For fricks sake people, get a grip! Did everyone forget that Michelle Obama planted an organic garden on the White House lawn?? Stop it with the Chicken Little routine! Stop acting like there’s nothing to be done, and ORGANIZE!!

  102. How can we stop this bill from becoming law?

  103. I apologize if this has already been done/asked. Here is a link to the actual bill: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=s111-510
    I haven’t finished reading/studying it, but I don’t see any of the 10 listed concerns in this bill. Will you please tell me where they are in the bill??

  104. BeTrueSeekTruth

    I don’t want to hear a peep about conspiracy theories. Look up what conspire means and you’ll see that history is based on conspiracies – good and bad. Don’t succumb to the media’s devices of false choice about this or any other issue. That’s all they quiet the cowardly. You people need to develop the mental discipline to easily overcome these feeble tactics. There ARE conspiracies that happen everyday and some people, especially those in organized crime or politics ALWAYS get charged and sentence for conspiring with others. Don’t rely on politicians who, even with the best intentions are hamstrung. Make your purchases speak volumes. Talk to others and spread the word. Lead by example and know that only an enlightened populace will expose this evil so as to shame the majority to be forced to condemn it.

    • That you post anonymously speeks reams … Your fixation on whether or not conspiracies exist (of course they do) has NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. There is NO conspiracy to jail our food choices. People – GET A GRIP. There are so many REAL problems with the food industry and food distribution – why are you spending an ounce of energy on these ridiculous assertions about S510 that no one – NO ONE – can connect to the ACTUAL WORDING IN THE DRAFT BILL???????

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  106. jason edwards

    This is crap. Show me a link to the bill and not just a bunch of other people’s blogs.


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  108. I am a homebrewer of beer/wine. This coming bill to regulate you and i to controling our food intake include my own brewing product ??

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  110. healthfreedomusa.org, regarding S510. Click on link:


    Dietary Supplements, Clean Foods – Next Victims of Fake “Safety” Bills

    Dietary Supplements, Clean Foods
    Next Victims of Fake “Safety” Bills
    McCain’s “Dietary Supplement Safety” Bill S.3002 Dies…
    Will Its Worst Ideas Be Added to the Fake “Food Safety” Bill S.510?
    Farmers, Food and Your Freedom Under Attack..

    You can protest S510 at this site and get on their e-mail list to protest other related issues.

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  115. WTF!! this cannot happen, what the hell is wrong with people, this is so wrong for so many reasons, they need to be stopped by any means possible, this is a violation of God’s law!!
    this makes me so sick, this is beyond debate. Stop it now.

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  118. We will need to arm ourselves. We will need to take back our country at the point of a gun. This means ALL levels of government from the White House down.

    • What, you’re not armed yet? There are enough weapons in this country to arm everyone over the age of 21.

      Come on over, girl, I’ll give you one!

  119. Rachelle Hamlin

    Has any of the people who are saying this bill excludes the common man’s rights for us to go forth and subdue the earth, planting it, dressing it, and bringing forth its substance in loving gratitude to its maker and giver… have any of them considered that this bill ought not to have the force of national law? If you want to regulate Monsanto, go to Monsanto or the others and adjust their regulations so that things there improve. You don’t have to 1. line up with the new world order, 2. make a law that will bind all people a given snitch would want it to bind. The one good thing about this is… go visit your local state and federal law library. Yes, they have independent libraries. In there is a lot of ink and paper rotting away. It is all rotting away and common sense is still thriving in the people. Bad laws only bind the people who are stupid enough to perpetuate the ideas that they express. Recently my friend had seven different colors of nail polish on her ten fingers. These times call for that kind of independent thinking.

  120. Since this thread at least (maybe the whole blog?) is a bin of loonies, so glad “unsubscribe” is so easy!! At first I thought the blog was intended as an intelligent and informed discussion of food laws, practices, etc. based on actual facts. Silly me! Buh bye!!

  121. How about their next move is taking our water???

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  123. Hi. I read the bill and see none of the insane text listed here. Could you please direct me?


  124. I just informed Senator Feinstein I consider Congress to be a criminal cabal that is operating from an intention to destroy the food security of the entire nation.

  125. You all are crazy. Read the damn bill for yourselves.


  126. yes, and what it mandates is government in EVERY STEP OF EVERYBODY’S food. Home gardens, roadside stands, farm cooperatives. It destroys food labeling so that organic from commercial can no longer be discriminated. They’re playing TRICKS, and this is an NWO genocide game. I do not trust the intentions of this Coverment for EVEN ONE MOMENT!

  127. …troll? No you didn’t read it. First off, it explicitly says that private households are not subject to any of the wording in the bill. Secondly, none of the loony assertions in the blog posting above are in the bill. Read it. That means: point your eyes at the words, interpret them, and understand ideas projected through sentences. And try not to engage in self-victimization too often, which your comments and website spew forth with the force of a volcano.

    I’m sorry I ever visited this blog and its blind readers.


  128. Government CONTROLS are not the way to establish any secure relationships whatsoever.

    Get the government out of controlling people; what government needs to CONTROL are corporations, especially INTERNATIONAL corporations, who do most of the ecological damage to this planet.

    I’m glad you unsubscribed, Tim. You’re not up to this.

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  130. This seems highly unlikely. The rhetoric of the article is par of the course with the teabagger hysterical conspiracies with the more familiar lack of rigor. I read a lot of bombastic claims here, but there doesn’t seem to be much proof of these claims. I’d be more convinced if the bill were referenced when the claims were made, but this reads like an online rant more than a legitimate article.

    I’m looking for a real article on this bill right now, because while the thought that such things could be in the works is not beyond belief, this article has far from made me into a believer.

  131. Bombastic, indeed.

    Is there some PART of Not Trusting the Feds ANYMORE! you don’t understand?

    I wouldn’t trust those buzzards to tell me the time if they were in a room full of clocks!

    I doubt even their INTENTIONS! I doubt they intend any good for society whatsoever.

    I doubt whether they tell the truth about anything under this Sun!

    I doubt whether they have the moral capacity to even know what is true and what is not true.

    Is there some part of this, you don’t understand?

  132. Emily,
    It’s not that I don’t understand it. It’s just that I doubt the claims of this article we’re all commenting on because it’s not particularly well written, and its claims aren’t well sourced.

    It’s not that I don’t understand the lack of trust in government. I don’t particularly trust my government or its intentions. That being said, I feel as though this article is just playing on my natural distrust in my government. Just because I don’t trust my government though, doesn’t mean that I will believe the claims of just anyone who doesn’t trust the government as well. I see a very dangerous mentality fomenting in society around political issues, and its presentation is the belief in righteous rhetoric, and a surprising and declining standard of proof and logic to support claims.

    I work for a food distributor that distributes products from small local producers through a home-delivery service, so understand that I take these issues seriously. Someone posted this link onto my Facebook wall, and that’s why I’m reading it. I usually shy away from the bloggosphere because I feel as though the articles I’ve read in a lot of blogs lack the quality and reporting standards of the print magazines I regularly read.

    Be wary when reading such things online, and ask yourself whether the author does you a service by providing you with quality reporting which allows you to think critically about important issues, or whether they serve their own ideology by playing on your emotions of fear and distrust.

  133. maybe there are good reasons to play on natural distrust of government. The current president, like the last one, has a resume that doesn’t fit the facts. The current congress is pandering to war among defense contractors and fraud on Wall Street. The current Judiciary is making up laws as they go, and Congress doesn’t even read them before they pass them.

    Maybe the time has come for us the citizenry to quell and halt everything this defunct, pretend government is trying to do, throw them out, and conduct LEGAL ELECTIONS [without the Media’s help] and elect a REAL GOVERNMENT.

    Haven’t you had enough lies, fraud and deceit yet?

  134. Emily,
    I have, in fact, had just about enough of the lies, fraud and deceit. That being said, I will also be skeptical of people making claims such as these with so much emotional manipulation taking the place of well-reasoned discourse.

    The article is entitled, “S 510 is hissing in the grass.” Amongst its (many) dubious claims, is this one: “It uses food crimes as the entry into police state power and control. It removes fundamental constitutional protections from all citizens in the country, making them subject to a corporate tribunal with unlimited power and penalties, and without judicial review.”

    I suggest playing the Imperial March from Star Wars while you read it. You know, for maximum effect.

    It takes a lot of hard work to take-down the powers-that-be, and it takes a lot more work to avoid replacing them with with people employing the same tactics in a different name (brings to mind The Who’s line, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”). I want campaign finance reform; in fact, it’s been the primary principle guiding my voting since I became a voter.

    And just for the record, it’s not just this President and the one before him, but Presidents stretching back before either one of us were born. The corruption is pervasive, and to the core. The newness of this revelation for you doesn’t indicate a virginity of the phenomenon. It has been working this way for quite a long time now.

    That being said, this article is still drek, and I don’t believe it just because I don’t like the government.

  135. That doesn’t matter. If people like you, who have critical faculties, don’t see that this government is fraud and deceit, top-to-bottom, this nation is flat out DOOMED.

  136. Emily,
    I feel as though we’re not operating on the principle of mutual respect. It appears to me as though you haven’t even read what I’m saying. I agree that the folks working in the government, for the most part, are corrupt, and deceitful. Let’s just assume we both agree with that principle.

    That being said, I don’t necessarily believe everything that speaks ill of the government or government officials just because I know that most of them are corrupt and deceitful. There’s still what ‘is’ and what ‘ain’t’, and just because someone says that this bill means the end of subsistence and small-scale farming, doesn’t mean it’s true just because they portent doom and gloom. Some things are still true, and some things are still false in spite of how corrupt and misguided most government officials are.

  137. I essentially agree with you. The details do not support the charges, but neither do they support the purported intentions.

    This is one of those bills that Congress will never even read, right? But they’ll pass it anyway and make everybody in the nation a slave to it. More regulation, fewer options.

    It’s not an honest effort. I would like to get you to see that. : )

  138. WE all know anything government does is inefficient, and doesnt work. Most of the guys in congress are self serving, have no integrity, no honor, are no Christian, are a lemming, have no backbone and do not care about the american people. They have been corrupted, imo, by evil and will never serve americans best interest. Men in Congress, in current times, are not like the men serving 150-200 years ago. Those were real, educated men who considered the Constitution to be sacred and would have never voted on a law without reading it!!

  139. So, what are we all going to do about it?

    Eh, sit around with our hands folded and whine?

    Or do we have LEGAL and LAW-FULL options to follow?

    : )

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  141. Someone commented, next they will tax the air that we breathe. Close, they will tax the air we exhale. That’s what all the talk about carbon footprint is about. It is just leading up to at tax on the carbon that we exhale.

  142. BeTrueSeekTruth

    Finally we’re getting some enlightened people here who understand the ‘game’.
    Don’t expect those who wish to harm you to tell you the truth. Don’t expect them to use clear language. Do expect them to lie, and obfuscate, while creating red herrings, straw men arguments and crises to further their agenda. Do expect them to use the delphi technique in appointing or allowing a well known ‘spokesperson’ to speak for the opposition (us). Of course this spokesperson is a shill and will misrepresent and diffuse the movement, taking many along with them, but not before they get maximum mainstream media exposure and embarass themselves soundly. Get out of grade school kids and realize that this is how those who run things play. They NEVER EVER PLAY FAIR.

  143. What LEADERSHIP fails to do, either because they are not competent or because they have a submerged agenda, is identify and specify the ideology of other parties. Some cultures are merely predatory, others are parasitic; a few are truly benign. However, politicos in this culture are totally unaware of and completely unable to differentiate between benign and malignant ideologies, because our Leadership en toto is malignant and false-centered.

  144. That’s too much bad karma. We have to find another way to disembowel them.

    : )

    • I dunno… when you think about what this government is allowing BP to do to the Gulf of Mexico – which is quickly becoming an Extinction Level Event (ELE) – and that so many lives depend on that sea….

      I think we need to sharpen the Guillotines.

  145. I can’t believe you people are buying into this stealth PR champagne for the Natural Products Association (NPA) The NPA is trade group for the food supplement industry. I suggest you read a summary of S510. You will find it only regulates food manufactures, not private gardeners. What S510 does do is place the food supplement industry under the same type of control that FDA has over the drug companies and for the same reasons.

    See: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/26/health/policy/26herbal.html

    To those of you who are making money off of this propaganda, shame on you, anyone who does 15 minutes of research in the internet can see what you are up to. Please consider doing some socially useful form of work.

    • We do not want the FDA to control supplement manufacturers. Do you understand? We don’t want government to control anything else. We want government to control less…..much less. Do you get it? Government is not your friend. They are controlled largely by corporatists who do not want you to have the choice of healthy supplements. Please be aware that this is how they operate. PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION. Trouble is, the solution NEVER BENEFITS THE GOOD OF THE LAW ABIDING PEOPLE!

  146. What S510 does do is place the food supplement industry under the same type of control that FDA has over the drug companies and for the same reasons.

    That’s EXACTLY WHAT we’re afraid of. FDA doesn’t know shift from shinola! They’re industry SHILLS!

  147. Patrick Williams

    I sent my two faxes!

    • cool beans, Patrick… best to garden, too; let’s not wait for gov to do the right thing by we the people.

      we all know they’re owned by the corporations

  148. My two senators are NWO shills. I call them, plead with them, point things out, and they send me return letters on different and irrelevant topics.

    I have never felt so helpless and outraged before in my life. Where these two women senators get the nerve to flip us all off, I cannot imagine.

  149. I am not owned by any shifty corporation. And that’s final.

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  154. Charles Morton you must work for Monsanto. You want to feed your kids poisoned food be my guest but don’t try and force it on anyone else.

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  161. Sandy Seafloor

    I’m vigilant on issues of liberty and health. When I read the trumpeted concerns of Dr. Chopra, I immediately dropped what I was doing and read through the entire bill, as reported to the Senate (it’s in its second version).

    I agree with the dozen previous commenters whoa re asking PLEASE, quote page and line numbers to tell us where the allegations are codified in the bill.

    FIRST, if you don’t already have to register with the FDA under USC section 415, you won’t be affected by this bill, as written. That’s not saying it won’t be amended again, just that, as written, if you aren’t already reporting your inspection schedule to the FDA, you aren’t affected by this bill.

    SECOND, the bill *specifically* exempts organic farmers (of any size) from anything in the bill which would add paperwork or contradict their current regulations under the organic foods laws.

    THIRD, the bill *specifically* excludes vitamin and dietary supplement makers and distributors.

    My reading of the bill is that it’s an attempt to keep poisoned Chinese food products out of the USA without specifically naming China as a frequent source of contaminated food. There are also new fees (taxes by another name) levied against producers of food who ARE covered by Section 415, and redistributed to schools and others who apply for grant monies as detailed in the bill (another income redistribution scheme).

    Altogether, having thoroughly read the bill, I cannot see any support for all the negative sky-is-falling hype. Please cite page and line numbers so I may be enlightened.

  162. BeTrueSeekTruth

    To Sandy & others. Thank you for the pointed information. However, you need to know the mindset you’re dealing with here. You also need to tie related events together like the refusal to label gmo containing foods and the war against raw milk.
    Research the events of Jekyl Island in 1911 that led to the Federal Reserve, which promised to prevent economic depressions. Well the Federal Reserve IS the non governmental institution that is responsible for the manufactured booms and busts and the devaluation of the dollar today.
    Bottom line is YOU CANNOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE! Any piece of legislation as you say, can be ammended once it is accepted. Please people, grow up and get over the fact that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.
    Tthere are real criminals that are pressuring the good people in the government and continually finding way via rules, legislation, compartmentalization, and threats of termiination to handcuff them in their duties.
    Remember the “patriot act”? Well if there is a financial collapse and your savings and 401k ain’t worth the paper they’re printed on and YOU protest…guess what? You’re now considered and anti government terrorist.

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  166. There is so much fear surrounding this bill that is based on misconceptions and downright falsehoods. By derailing this bill, you would be doing more to favor large producers. They’d love to not face up-to-date inspections. Small businesses and farms are not going to feel the same regulatory effect. Period.

    You provide links to all sorts, but not to the text of the bill? I’m not reading the other comments, but your readers would do well to actually educate themselves as to the language of the bill and its provisions for direct marketing, small businesses, farms, and restaurants.

    They can do so here: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:S.510:

    That’s from the Library of Congress, not an industry-funded scare-blog.

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  168. Mike, if your reading skills failed to catch the first line of the article which links to the bill, which you say is not linked, how can we trust any other analysis you offer?

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  170. I love gardening and eating fresh homegrown fruits and veggies.
    I have always believed that this is my Divine Right. I love serving relatives and friends good wholesome meals and salads!!

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  172. Instead of a Tea Party anyone up for a Monsanto Seed Party (but this time we burn them)? Our Federal Government is out of control, corrupt and corporate controlled. We have to all stop being a bunch of wimps and think seriously about our options.

  173. What do you all think?

  174. I think if this bill passes, we have to simply ignore it and RECALL CONGRESS.

    That’s what I think!

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  182. “… the US is a corporate entity”.
    “… if you type “Government of the United States” into
    the Manta.com search engine, you’ll be whisked to a list of “7,666
    matching US companies”.
    The first “company” on the list is:
    “Government of the United States (US Government) HQ
    “the u.s. Capitol Washington DC”
    Be forewarned that this corporate fiction is a separate entity other than the De jure American Government! No matter what it does under “the color of Law” it is foreign to everything that us truly American! As such, any claims it makes against Americans deserve to be questioned. “Show us the contract that any of the American people knowingly entered into.” That does not exist unless you voluntarily entered an agreement of some kind with this corporate entity that required some performance on your part. Maybe claiming to be U.S. citizen and signing legal papers as such is the nexus? If so you can revoke your signature!

  183. This is our way out of the Matrix. In some states, locals are establishing and enacting new COMMON LAW COURTS, with local “new” grand juries, to indict and prosecute HARM and COSTS which the corrupted and influence-peddled courts will not equitably assess and judge. Common Law is superior to corporate Statutes as well as State Codes; so we have the tools we need to make our current CRIMINAL LEADERSHIP accountable, if we’re willing to do the work to establish new common law courts. See:

  184. I ran a google news search, for the past month, on the phrase

    “S 510, the food Safety Modernization Act of 2010”

    Two pages into the results all I found were articles related to the meat industry that did not seem to keen on the bill as it means much tougher food safety inspections.

    I found an article stating that Eric Schlosser, author of “Fast Food Nation” is advocating the bill because he wants those tougher meat inspections.

    I did not see anything stating that the bill would make growing your own food or selling it illegal.

    The only places I have seen that have been on this and one other blog. I have not seen that claim in any primary news sources.

    Where did you get your information if you don’t mind my asking?

  185. Which issue are you referring to, Government Corporatism or the Bill?

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  195. i have a fb group i’ve made, please join and discuss; we’ve got to figure out how to fight this from passing.


  196. What I did was call Senator Feinstein’s office and explained to her legislative assistant how I believe the Senate is supporting GENOCIDE. I could hear his jaw drop on the floor. 🙂

  197. Emily: so is my understanding corect that this is a senate bill? and if so, is it being introduced in every state/ nation wide? should i be calling the senator applicable to me?

    • Robert, there’s a link near the top of the website under Legislation & Rules where you can contact your Senators about this bill. It’s a federal bill, so it will apply to all states. ~ Editor

  198. Yes, US Senate Bill 510, the Genocide Bill, encapsulated in convoluted language.

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  200. What the bill does is create a paper trail for all growing of veggies, even home gardeners and especially organic gardeners. It does nothing for food safety except discourage people from growing their own food.

  201. I’m scared 😦

    I hate the FDA. I wish I was old enough to do something… well, except boycott

    • Megan, you can buy local, grow your own garden, shop at farmers’ markets, get involved in a community garden… the power is in your hands. Literally.

  202. Pingback: The Truth Or The Fight » Blog Archive » Regulators using egg recall to push support for tyrannical ‘food safety’ bill S.510

  203. this will be the first revolution in history fought by people sitting in their shorts, typing.

  204. ‘… It was the worst of times, … it was the age of foolishness, … it was the epoch of incredulity, … it was the season of Darkness, … it was the winter of despair, … we had nothing before us, … we were all going direct the other way… ‘
    Charles Dickens’ famous quote from A Tale of Two Cities came to mind as I perused the precepts of S510 but it was necessary for me to remove the positive counterpoints in the quotation in order to paint an accurate picture of this atrocity-in-the-making as well as this time in our history.

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  208. Yet another attempt to lure you into a false sense of security, we don’t need a bill to tell us we can grow our own food. Or a bill to tell us that we can’t save our own seed. Its going from the ridiculous to the pure insane.
    Keep growing your food, keep saving your seeds and to be frank F*** them before they F*** you!! Stand up for yourselves and don’t let these giants come topple us. REVOLUTION is right, but with the voices of reason and common sense not violence against the human race.

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  210. even if they pass this bill, i will still grow food if i have to, to fee the family. I’ll carry my shot gun and my rifles and anyone who dares to stop me must stop me for good or i will stop them for good. its a God given right for us to live in peace and with our freedoms and privacy. who are they to tell us to not grow our own food?

  211. I was interested until you said this would “greatly increase global warming.”
    F U. Some “expert” on the Jay Leno show or Late Show with David Letterman was telling us all how Global Warming had warmed the earth 1 degree *F. 1 F#ng degree! I don’t believe you. Eat horse manure.

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  213. Saw this through a facebook link. I am in Australia and Monsanto and others have the power to stop you collecting your seeds and growing them through their ‘PATENTS’on their GM seeds. Here if a little farmer – organic or not – gets 1 GM plant come up in their crop (whether you blame wind drift, birds, whatever) then their WHOLE CROP then belongs to the GM COMPANY!!! Because their plants have been cross polinated by bees with the GM plant which has patented genetic modification. It has already happened here One farm was miles away from the GM crop but still got 37 plants come up – and that was just a small ‘TRIAL’ plot of GM. The smaller farmer lost his crop to the big GM company. You cannot sue them for INFECTING YOUR CROP with GM, and they can sue you for STEALING THEIR PATENTED GENES. IT SUCKS!!! You in the US have far more of it than we do, over bigger areas, so that is how it can happen. GOV controll of what we eat… SOYLENT GREEN ANY ONE???

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  224. Most an informative post and reader comments that you have here. I would like to point out that others certainly propose a different case, particularly in terms of gardening. Have you run across additional information on the Internet, and would you let me know where?

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  226. It’s all true. These are end times. Truly! They’re raiding organic food stores. The FDA (who is pro-CODEX ALIMENTARIUS) is not allowing Vitamin C manufacturers to state on the bottle that it cures Scurvy, WHICH IT DOES!!!!! I read on an organic yogurt container that the President’s Council of Cancer Research knows that antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and the alike cause CANCER. YET these things are in almost everything we eat. Corruption, pure and simple. They’re all corrupt, Republicans and Demorats. Our country is so hopped up on Fluoride, Aspartame and the alike that many don’t care. After all, what is the main ingredient in Prozac and other ant-depressent drugs on the market today? FLUORIDE compounds.

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  228. No, Clinton signed a bill, requiring banks to give out loans to people who couldnt afford them…So these people, in their greed, chose homes to mortgage which were too large, and they could not afford to pay the mortgage. Barney Franks is largely to blame for this and Clinton.

  229. Have you ever experienced the personality transformation of a friend who’s become inebriated?
    If they’re really far gone they seem to become a truly different person. One of the posters here
    made a point about the fluoridated water and medications such as prozac, and zoloft and how they
    make otherwise caring and intelligent people docile and apathetic – or pathetic. Meaning that they
    don’t believe that they have the power to change things. This is a key point when speaking to people
    about these issues. Realize that they are essentially “drunk” on the chemicals and brainwashed from
    the social engineering. Simply watch a comedian or sitcom that deals with health issues or healthy
    eating and they will make fun of and deride the natural non poisonous cures that are available to us.
    Even when they are portraying themselves as “anti-establishment” such as SNL does.
    Remember – NOONE gets on the mainstream shows unless they are approved by the banking cabal of elite
    families. They portray themselves as hip or anti establishment to co-opt those groups – redefine them
    so as to be ineffectual.
    Be aware that those you are communicating with are not only under attack, they are pressured by society
    to deny this fact and even LOVE their attackers!! Once you start speaking out, no matter how gentle and
    artful, you will notice this. You will notice others shying away from you or suddenly engrossed in their
    IPOD, cellphone or whatever, just to get out of the conversation. This is because we’ve been conditioned
    that differing opinions lead to arguing. We see the talking heads on TV all the time calling eachother
    names and talking over eachother. We are not taught how to civilly communicate our differences. We’re also
    taught that those who do are buzzkillers and conspiracy nuts. Therefore, the dissemination and working out
    of this information ( separating the information from the disinformation ) is never allowed to happen.
    Just realize this when you’re dealing with others. Observe it happening to you and you’ll then really understand
    what we’re up against.

    • you’re so right, BTST ~ even scarier, someone can be coming along in their “awakening” process and then suddenly retreat back into the myth. It’s frustrating to watch.

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  232. I suppose these ‘laws’ attempt to regulate the factory food system, so that the ‘food’ they offer wont kill you too quick. I guess that with the barest of food standards one would loose standing to sue if the swill that factory farm production caused harm. This is corporate responsibility, no doubt.
    Never forget that that box in the frozen food section contains the cheapest of articles, well seasoned to make it taste good, and produced to make profits.
    Profits are for the suit and tie gang, because without this system they
    themselves would starve. I wonder if the suit and tie gang line up at
    the factory kitchen window?

  233. Licenses to grow food, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):
    America Deceived II (book)

  234. …or follow the advice of David Icke…’Human Race, Get Off Your Knees’……

  235. I’ll eat whatever the hell I want to eat and sell whatever I want to grow.
    If anyone else has a problem with that then they’ll be eating lead.

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  237. There’s only thousands of them and millions of us. We have the power to destroy all that without firing shot (unless we are forced to) and it is in our wallets.

    It is time to get off the keyboards and start organizing with neighbors…no more frivolous purchases. Turn your lawns into gardens. Start trading amongst each other. Support local farmers. Get rid of your TV’s, you are not strong enough to protect yourself from it’s influences, you’re not, trust me, you’re not.

    No more flying anywhere unless it is a family funeral. No excuses. They are our roadways, take them back. Car pool in buses from state to state. No more movies, no more new clothes beyond underwear, no more new nothing. Break their backs and save our necks.

    That’s the power of the people.

  238. Ha ha ha
    We’re reaching a point where we’ll have so many laws, but nobody to enforce them, thus laws will be worthless.
    Dollar will collapse, the US will turn into 3rd world country.
    Just like in old Soviet Union, there will be million laws and nobody will enforce them, and they will just disappear.
    Insanity that is. Or as old Chinese saying goes “Emperor has his laws, and people have their loopholes”. The US is heading down the sinkhole and these laws are heading in the same direction too.
    In the end, common sense must prevail, or else …
    Well you don’t want to know.

  239. I don’t owe money and I don’t want what they are selling. Waiting with bayonet to disembowel anyone brave enough to get in my face telling me what to do. ENOUGH

  240. I’m still in shock about this bill, even though I read about it several months ago.
    It simply cannot be true.
    If it does become law, I shall promptly plant a garden and if enough of us do the same, mass resistance will win the day.

  241. They can have garden and seeds when they take ammo, one bullet at a time.

  242. The US Senate can kiss my rosy ass!!! And Homeland Security can go f_ck itself. O lets not forget Mansanto we’ll have a little surprise for those bastards. The party is about to begin! Amen!!!

  243. Oh golly….you folks worry to much. This is just a facade. Another boogies man. Another “thing” for you to waste your energy on. If you believe it, then so be it. Plan a defense and stop whimpering. Everyone whimpers and bitches about these kind of things on the internet. But, most do absolutely nothing.

    I’ll make you a promise. I have plans to grow a garden next year just like I did this year. And if I’m persecuted for doing this, I’ll be taking the next step. . . my own one man revolution.

  244. The leaders we have no exhibit hatred for human life because they believe in population reduction. They will do anything they can to harm as many human beings as they can. You might even rightly say, our leaders are no longer human.

  245. Senator Coburn from my home state has blocked this bill. Surprisingly, Harry the dweep Reid is the one trying to force this bill’s passage. If introduced to the floor through other procedures Seantor Coburn has several amendments in mind to add to it not only to deal with the root problem of real food safety the FDA and USDA but as well as a amendment to protect small, local, community, organic farms and anthing referring to the DSHEA act of 1994….. for imformationa nd to take action and spread the action go to….

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  247. This article is just another paranoia spreader. Give me a break!

  248. Your Gov. is Illegal.

    Your Gov. is raping you, stealing from you, harassing you, harming you, plotting you demise’s.
    And it is happening now in broad daylight.

    How can you continue to accept their control or authority, in Anything?

    Your FREE human beings….and you better to begin acting as such cuz they’ll be coming for Everyone eventually.

  249. Ok, so some of you say that ‘NONE OF THIS IS IN THE BILL’
    Have you read the bill? ALL THE WAY THROUGH? Including the other documents it is tied to?
    How about this one –

    Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party.

    “with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party”
    So what does WTO agreement do to it? Do you know all about the ‘any other treaty or international agreements? What do they have to say? Doesn’t that mean that if we have an agreement or treaty with a country that bans all pork (on religious grounds) then you can be jailed/executed for eating a ham sandwich?
    If you don’t have the time (or desire) to read and research a massive far reaching bill like this then what makes you think your “representative” will even READ it?

  250. “They” obviously are testing how far they can go before people say ENOUGH! One ting we could do: now, they are taxing the air we breathe in, with “green” taxes-but the other side of the coin is that without our breathing OUT there would be no plants at all-including Monsantos. So we need to send “them” bills on our out-breath, without wich there could be no agriculture.Make it retrograde from the day of your birth.

  251. Nature is PERFECT; any attempt to “improve” on it , destroys it.

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  253. The very idea that you can patent something you have NOT made or invented – that you CANNOT make or invent – and which was here billions of years before humans existed – that is plain insanity. It is as stupid as the FED-SCAM.

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  256. OMFG you goooooooooootta be jokin’ mate. This government just stepped over the preverbial line in the sand nimnods. Time to practice after me: This is my r*fle, this is my g*n, this ones for squirrely gumint f**kers, and dis ones for fun.

    Rothschild Bankers funded WW II Germans and Allied Bankers via B.I.S. in Basel Switzerland transferring funds the entire war between Nazi Deutch Bank and UK Bank of England extending it.

    War could have ended 1-2 years but Germans Printed Debt Free Currency and Tossed Rothschild Bankers out of Germany so they firebombed all Germans and never bombed factories to extend war 5 years to kill all Germans so no more “Banking Problem Children” left living.

    Read Old book With The New Financial Way to rid parasite Interest Banking here:

    Click to access ndcic.pdf

    Oh and they invented Interest banking 800 years ago in Italy and Arab Sharia Law forbids Interest Banking so we been shooting Arabs last 800 years too.

    Oh and don’t count on the Police or Homeland Security to help with this Mafia, as they are paid to protect the government from you after you see this next video showing CIA and Police bring Coke into the USA Cities:


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  260. To Wit:
    The day anyone, whether male or female, singularly or in combination thereof, in whatever number, regardless and irrespective of whatever claimed jurisdiction or organizational structure or affiliation, for any purported reason as a result of SB510, arrives and attempts by force to threaten and/or to exercise violence and/or intimidation against, or otherwise to cite, arrest, or otherwise detain me and/or any of my beloved family, either singularly or in aggregate, for keeping our organic farm and growing our organic garden, or to purposefully exercise the intent to seize and/or destroy such farm or garden, OR for that matter, my neighbor for his, will be the day it begins….on THAT DAY….on the spot. For any one or more of these attempted actions will have crossed an inviolate line which must be reasonably and justifiably met with, ( if not DEMANDS) a vicious, pressing, relentlessly progressive, balanced and methodically reasoned, aggressive, lethal defensive response, ultimately yielding the permanent removal of ANY future threat.
    Let us reason together people, it is now become evident without question that clearly, objectively, none of you, not one, will even remotely slow, let alone stop this approaching monster despite your admirable, sincere and arduous labours, neither collectively nor individually, without the measures of individually applied lethal defensive force within each of your own respective spheres of influence. The Founding Fathers proscribed your individual right to keep and bear arms SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS VERY PURPOSE!!!!!! No rallies, no discussions, no debating, no speeches, no networking, no tweeting, no blogging, no press opinion editorials, no petitions, no protests, no grievances, no pleading, no begging, no signs, no civil disobedience, no rioting, no trial defense, judicial verdict or new case precedent, no appeals, no amount of wishing, no clinging to the illusions and delusions of patience and hope. All having now become futile and nothing more than useless diversion and foolishness, completely ineffective and truly a waste of your precious time, resources, energy and emotion.

    This is one of many a deeply disturbing and bitterly distasteful, developing realities we must face today. It is inarguable. A government who would deprive you (us) of your (our) liberty to grow your (our) own organic food, for your (our) own sustenance, has arrogantly, willfully and purposefully with malice of forethought, asserted himself an enemy and set himself in a posture of war against us all. SB510 is THE facilitative step to your destruction and ultimate extermination.

    Forget not the heartbreaking, horrifying lessons of the poor, sad people of the Ukraine.

    I love all of you as my countrymen and women, whether native born or newly immigrated, gay or straight, black or white, liberal or conservative, religious or not. We are all in this together and we cannot allow divisions amongst us any longer. It is your very lives at stake. Those responsible for this and many other great evils of today want nothing less than your extermination. If we fail to respond accordingly, we are all doomed.

  261. Big Town convention center in Mesquite Texas has gun shows once in a while heres a link to somewhere close to you. http://www.gunshows-usa.com/index.html

  262. Tatiana Covington

    Why does everyone assume that one must obey laws? What’s so great about congress? It’s just a bunch of people who won popularity contests sitting around talking in a big building.

    So what? Same as with *American Idol*.

    I do not recognize elections. I do not believe in democracy, any more than in Santa Claus. I reject so-called majority rule of any kind. Rule yourself!

    • oh, Tatiana ~ you’ll love this list of jokes then…

      Presidential Humor

      Why do modern US presidents oppose the Second Amendment?
      A: It stands between them and the First.

      Q: What do US presidents call lunch with a convicted felon?
      A: A fund raiser.

      Q: What’s the difference between a US president’s cabinet and a penitentiary?
      A: One’s full of tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society. The other is to jail pot smokers.

      Q: What’s the difference between a large pizza and the typical presidential backer?
      A: The pizza can feed a family of four. The backer can feed four states.

      Q: If the president and Congress were in a boat and it started to sink, who would be saved?
      A: America !!

      Q: What do you call the US after four years of Obama and a Liberal congress?
      A: An Obama-nation.

      Q: What do you call the US after eight years of Bush and a Conservative congress?
      A: Bushwacked.

      Q: Why don’t modern presidents pray?
      A: It’s impossible to read the teleprompter with your eyes closed.

      Q. What do US presidents call an election that can be hacked without detection?
      A: Democracy.

      Q. What do US presidents call taxing the poor to give to the rich?
      A. Bailouts.

      Q. What do ordinary people call bailouts?
      A. Class war.

  263. This is the modern face of eugenics.

  264. I know that this bill would be for our on good. I just wonder if I should report violators gathering poke salad and native pecans.

  265. And most of the world has given up their right to bear arms. The slaughter and quarter is next by the globalists.

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  267. Don’t be suprised that Monsanto is getting away with this. In a sense, Monsanto IS the government just as much as Goldman Sachs IS the government.. In other words, the government that is for and by the people has become a sort of Corporo-Fascist conglomerate. Their goal is to pass laws to continually fence people in so as to make them dependent and controllable. Their method is called the Hegelian Dialectic. (problem-reaction-solution)They build factory farms that have high incidences of contamination. They let this occur, and publicize it. They then impose draconian laws that penalize the growers of healthy organic foods so that, eventually, they will be forced out of business. Then people will be forced to eat their swill or starve. If you disobey, you’ll be arrested. Everything is ‘legal’ and by the book. Of course the laws are crooked but hey..that’s how these snakes roll.

  268. It’s way past time for the state legislatures to declare their independence from the criminal syndicate in DC, and pass legislation making all federal laws unenforceable within their borders. Enough already!

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  271. Just one more good example: We need a revolution. And after we win we need to hang the entire surviving government – and the rich.

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  273. I’m sad to say that reading many of these comments (couldn’t make it all the way), I feel like I’ve just finished watching Glenn Beck.

    I spent the past 5 hours going over S510 and various arguments pro and con. 90% of what’s on the web is completely ignorant of what’s actually in the amendment. Much of it is repeated “facts” like the one from “Dr. Shiv Chopra” that claims this legislation will prevent people from growing their own food.

    I hate Monsanto as much as the next person. I decry the establishment of corporations as individuals with rights as you and I have. I abhor the effects of “free-market” Capitalism as evidenced in the mid-late 19th century (and beyond). But seriously folks. Take off your tin foil hats and read the damn text.

    Points 2 and 4 completely mis-understand the context of the WHO and Codex Alimentarius in the bill, just as an example.

    The Codex Alimentarius part is specific to US control of imported food in Title III and has nothing to do with domestic production. In other words, it doesn’t want us to suddenly say, for example, that we will only accept organic imports. As cool as that would be, it’s not the scope of this amendment.

    As for WHO treaty compliance, the language implies that the amendment must conform, as it relates to international trade. Though not explicitly stated, the implication is there because of two reasons.

    First, if WHO treaties already exist that have jurisdiction over domestic US food production and domestic distribution (I’d be interested to know of any), then the tenets of this legislation seeks to protect them. I think none that cover the scope of this amendment exist… so that’s not valid.

    Second, S510 may seek to avoid future conflict with WHO treaties that cover the scope of this amendment. In that case, it’s the duty of the people that ratify the future WHO treaty to protect US sovereignty; obviously. S510 gives no special dispensation to subverting US interests. For example, if a future WHO treaty says, “the US must use Monsanto seeds,” then this amendment will not protect against that. But that’s not the fault of this amendment it’s the fault of the people agreeing to that future language.

    Therefore, both possibilities are meaningless within the scope of the language so it MUST only apply to international trade.

  274. Dr. Renate E. Bernstein

    What’s next – being taxed for the air that we breath? Things that may seem ridiculous and that we think can never happen sometimes actually come to pass. Please let it be a right to allow us to have choices in feeding ourselves – to garden, to reuse our seeds, etc. Food is a necessity for life and should not be governed for any individual. Ensuring food safety for food corporations is another matter but regulating what we may grow in our backyards seems ridiculous and very scary when one thinks that it could come to pass.

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  276. Opposition to S510 is like calling Obama a socialist or a a Muslim. There isn’t much correlation to reality or facts yet if it gets repeated often enough, people begin to repeat it more; and believe it.

    The messed up thing is that, say the government took on a social justice issue in a positive manner… half the people on this page would have been petitioning the government for it and the other half would be protesting the overreach of the government into their lives. So, as in the case of this legislation, where the large majority of it deals with the government’s preparedness and ability to protect it’s citizens and a very small portion of it could be construed to hurt small farms (if we ignore the manager’s amendment), it’s the PEOPLE that mess it all up not the corporations.

    Because the PEOPLE don’t take the time to read or understand the issues. It’s easy to say that the corporations own the government and in many senses it’s true. However it’s a self-defeating over simplification when it’s the government that also often protects citizens against corporations… unless we prevent it by fighting the power without rationalism, just for the sake of fighting it.

    • Seriously, David, you won’t find many Food Freedom readers who fall for such simple psyops. That argument might work well among the drugged in TVLand, but most folks here have their eyes wide open and their blood clean.

      Move along, Folks. Nothing to see here.

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  283. I intend to post a critique of this article on my blog tomorrow evening. If the author would like to see it in advance and have the opportunity to comment, I can be contacted at drewmm@gmail.com.

  284. September 8th, 2010
    Time for Senate to Strengthen Food Safety
    Statement by Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch

    After the recent recall of half a billion eggs, it’s fair to ask when the Senate plans to deal with the food safety bill. The Food Safety Modernization Act, S.510, has been waiting for action since the House of Representatives passed its own food safety bill last year. In order to move closer towards fixing our broken food system, there are two critical components that should be added to S. 510:

    1) An amendment to ease the burden on small farmers and processors who sell their products directly to consumers. This would be fulfilled by an amendment by Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont.)

    2) Increased the frequency of FDA inspections of food processing plants. The bill calls for a five-year inspection frequency for high-risk food plants and a seven-year inspection frequency for lower risk food plants. In contrast, the bill passed by the House has a six to 12-month inspection frequency for high risk food plants, low-risk plants would be inspected every 18 months to three years and food warehouses every five years.

    The Senate has been dragging on this process long enough. It’s time to pass this legislation so it can be conferenced with the House version to come up with the strongest bill possible to address the holes in FDA’s food safety net.

    Contact: Anna Ghosh, 415-293-9905, aghosh(at)fwwatch(dot)org
    Food & Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainable. So we can all enjoy and trust in what we eat and drink, we help people take charge of where their food comes from, keep clean, affordable, public tap water flowing freely to our homes, protect the environmental quality of oceans, force government to do its job protecting citizens, and educate about the importance of keeping shared resources under public control.

  285. Food and Water watch disagrees with the article above. Rumor has it that the Food industry or the lobbies for big AG and importers from China do not want to be regulated. you think?

  286. The Tester Amendment puts a bandaid on a head wound; it does not solve the larger problems. Don’t deal with the devil, because the devil wins. The devil is in the details.

    See Propaganda Alert: AP reports Small Farms are Exempt from Food Safety Bill, which points out:

    “The agreement brokered by Tester would allow farmers who make less than $500,000 a year in revenue and sell directly to consumers, restaurants or grocery stores within their states or within 275 miles of their farms to avoid expensive food safety plans required of larger operations,” said the AP.

    That all sounds well and good, but it only exempts them from having to submit food safety plans, not from inspections that they get billed for, licensing requirements with expensive quality controls, product confiscation without cause or recourse, and even armed raids. We’ve already seen all of these ugly faces of food fascism unfold in America.

  287. First of all stop comparing snakes to S. 510, this makes it ridiculous and is highly offensive to snakes as they do not pose such a threat to America as this bill does.

    Second…if this bill passes, I will do everything I can to not abide by its unconstitutional and invasive regulations. This bill will NOT protect anyone!

  288. I agree about the green vote as the answer. Here in Australia, the two major parties became so incompetent, and the green party so outspoken, that they have almost become a major party now and a major influence in politics.. So, it looks like there is a similar situation in the USA except we hear nothing about your green party.

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  290. And by the way, all of their conclusions are way off the wall and misinterpreted – not surprising.

    • Buddy, David Rockefeller, who founded the United Nations has called for depopulation. S. 510 will hand over our entire food supply to the UN. Put two and two together. Why do you think junk is in our food, chemtrails are in the air, fluoride in the water, mercury in vaccines (and in High Fructose Corn Syrup)? Look at Country Time Lemonade. It contains Sodium Benzoate, which, when combined with Vitamin C creates ACID. Our soaps and shampoos contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is used by car shops to DEGREASE their floors. What is it doing to your ski and organs? Genetically Modified Foods are extremely dangerous to our planet and health. It caused hair growth inside mouth’s, organ failure, shrinking of the kidneys, DNA damage, and birth defects in animals fed GMO corn and other crops. Yet Kathleen Sebelius just got GMO salmon approved for human consumption. No wonder, she’s a member of Bilderberg, another Rockefeller ‘event’ for the elite to plan their agenda of depopulation through ‘any and all means necessary.’ Now Bills H.R. 2749 and S. 510 will usher in the ‘mass culling’ of us through food, because even they know the organic food movement is booming and Americans are becoming fearful of eating most of the slop and garbage at the stores. Now S. 510 doesn’t specifically outlaw organic food, what the FDA will do is set ‘standards’ on how the food is grown and harvested. The bill will pass, mark my words, Congress are all traitors. At first organic food will still be organic, but eventually the Feds will manipulate farmers to poison those foods as well, or shut them down/fine them/jail them/or all of the above. And let’s not get on the martial law aspect of S. 510. This bill IS the most dangerous, unconstitutional, and plain hideous bill in our nation’s history. If there is a recall on food, Sebelius has the authority to lock down a whole State or a portion of it/them at her will, or Rockefeller’s will.
      We are in the last phase of the elite’s plan for depopulation (which are written on the Georgia Guidestones). It’s written in stone so NOONE can deny it! KEEP WORLDS POPULATION AT 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE; It’s #1. While in this last phase for world domination the U.S. is the only country that can stop this agenda, but our leaders are trying to pass some scary, destructive, and out right bad bills; “Universal National Service Act” a draft bill (H.R. 5741); ‘Cap and Trade’ (H.R. 2454/H.R. 2998/ S. 1733); “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention and Prosecution Act” (H.R. 4892/S. 3081) a terrorist bill that is similar to bills passed recently in Europe and used to incarcerate ‘political offenders’ (whistle blower Jane Burgermeister!!!); “Cybersecurity Enhancement Act” (H.R. 4061/ H.R. 3458/ S. 773) which gives the President the power to shut down, restrict or censor the internet whenever he wants; Bill H.R. 1553, which expresses our support for Israel but will lead us into a nuclear war with Iran and possibly North Korea and Russia; “Global Poverty Act” (H.R. 2639) which redistributes wealth of U.S. citizens to the United Nations (Rockefeller, Rockefeller!!!); “Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act” (H.R. 669) which would ban everyone from owning exotic pets!; “Livable Communities Act” (H.R. 4690/ S. 1619) which contains some of the regulations on fossil fuels as ‘Cap and Trade’ and will begin the forced migrations of rural residents to walled off cities under Agenda 21. The final step is to take our guns and leave us defenseless so they can finish their plans: Gun Control Bills (H.R. 257/ H.R. 2159/ H.R. 45/ H.R. 257/ H.R. 808/ H.R. 1022/ H.R. 2296/H.R. 2324/ H.R. 2401/ S. 556/ S. 843/S. 941/among others.

      • “Buddy, David Rockefeller, who founded the United Nations has called for depopulation. S. 510 will hand over our entire food supply to the UN. Put two and two together.”

        (1) Cite?
        (2) Tenuous connection at best, and proves nothing.

        “It contains Sodium Benzoate, which, when combined with Vitamin C creates ACID.”

        Out of curiosity, did you take any high school chemistry? Many things contain acid. In fact, most things are either acids or bases, there are very few substances that are perfectly neutral. And no, not all acid is harmful. Like stomach acid, for instance.

        “Our soaps and shampoos contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is used by car shops to DEGREASE their floors. What is it doing to your ski and organs?”

        Probably not doing much to my skis other than removing their wax, which wouldn’t be good. And probably not doing that much to my organs either, since it’s in a different form and in different dosages.

        “Genetically Modified Foods are extremely dangerous to our planet and health. It caused hair growth inside mouth’s, organ failure, shrinking of the kidneys, DNA damage, and birth defects in animals fed GMO corn and other crops.”

        Really? All genetic modification of food causes hair to grow in my mouth? (Plural mouths, by the way.) Somehow, I doubt it.

        “This bill IS the most dangerous, unconstitutional, and plain hideous bill in our nation’s history. ”

        Would you care to provide citations to sections of the actual bill on that?

        • For the Rockefeller UN-connection see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bngaUSZEMGU

          When Sodium Benzoate is combined with Vitamin C, it creates Benzene, a known carcinogen.

          What Science Says About Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
          In its final report on the safety of sodium lauryl sulfate, the Journal of the American College of Toxicology notes that this ingredient has a “degenerative effect on the cell membranes because of its protein denaturing properties.” What’s more, the journal adds, “high levels of skin penetration may occur at even low use concentration.”

          Interestingly, sodium lauryl sulfate “is used around the world in clinical studies as a skin irritant,” notes the journal. The publication expressed additional concerns:

          Carcinogenic nitrosamines can form in the manufacturing of sodium lauryl sulfate or by its inter-reaction with other nitrogen-bearing ingredients within a formulation utilizing this ingredient.
          Other studies have indicated that sodium lauryl sulfate enters and maintains residual levels in the heart, liver, lungs and brain from skin contact. This poses the question whether it could be a serious potential health threat from its use in shampoos, cleansers, and toothpastes.
          Still other research has indicated sodium lauryl sulfate may be damaging to the immune system, especially within the skin. Skin layers may separate and inflame due to its protein denaturing properties.
          Although sodium lauryl sulfate is not carcinogenic in experimental studies, it has been shown that it causes severe epidermal changes in the area it is applied, indicating a need for tumor-enhancing assays.
          Additional studies have found that sodium lauryl sulfate is heavily deposited on the skin surface and in the hair follicles. Damage to the hair follicle could result from such deposition.
          Threat to Eye Health

          Damaging effects of sodium lauryl sulfate on eye health are also of concern. In experimental, acute eye tests, a solution of 10 percent sodium lauryl sulfate “caused corneal damage to the . . . eyes if not irrigated or irrigation was delayed.”

          A solution of 5.1 percent “caused mild irritation.”

          There may be another more insidious problem with use of sodium lauryl sulfate. Bear with us if we use a little scientific lingo in this section of the report. Your reward will be a better appreciation for whether sodium lauryl sulfate poses undesirable health effects. Often, in order to make a shampoo gentle to the eyes, the manufacturer will utilize a combination of anionic surfactants (i.e., detergents) with nonionic detergents. An anionic detergent contains a negatively charged polar group. A nonionic detergent has no polar end. Anionic detergents “display remarkable detergent, emulsifying, and foaming properties.” Nonionics are “generally considered as the mildest of all surfactants” whose use “has been restricted because of poor foaming potential. They serve more often as auxiliary detergents.”

          However, while anionic detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate are the most irritating to the eye, nonionic detergents are less irritating. What’s more, according to Tom Conry, author of Consumer’s Guide to Cosmetics, “Some of the nonionic surfactants are believed to anesthetize the eyeball. Although we have not been able to track down all of these anesthetizing surfactants, the most common ones are cocamide MEA and DEA, and lauramide MEA and DEA.” This is why anionic detergents are frequently combined with nonionic detergents to make shampoos gentle to the eye. In essence, while more aggressive anionic detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate are irritating the eye, the eyeball has been anesthetized by nonionic detergents also in the formulation. Look at shampoo labels and such combinations will be apparent.

          Further, according to the Journal of the American College of Toxicology, “Tests show permanent eye damage in young animals from skin contact in non-eye areas. Studies indicated sodium lauryl sulfate kept young eyes from developing properly by possibly denaturing the proteins and not allowing for proper structural formation. This damage was permanent.”

          Both Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and its close relative Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are commonly used in many soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and other products that we expect to “foam up”. Both chemicals are very effective foaming agents, chemically known as surfactants.

          SLS and SLES are esters of Sulphuric acid – SLS is also known as “Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt”, however there are over 150 different names by which it is known – see them here. In fact, SLES is commonly contaminated with dioxane, a known carcinogen.

          Although SLES is somewhat less irritating than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, it cannot be metabolised by the liver and its effects are therefore much longer-lasting.

          A report published in the Journal of The American College of Toxicology in 1983 showed that concentrations as low as 0.5% could cause irritation and concentrations of 10-30% caused skin corrosion and severe irritation. National Institutes of Health “Household Products Directory” of chemical ingredients lists over 80 products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Some soaps have concentrations of up to 30%, which the ACT report called “highly irritating and dangerous”.

          Shampoos are among the most frequently reported products to the FDA. Reports include eye irritation, scalp irritation, tangled hair, swelling of the hands, face and arms and split and fuzzy hair. The main cause of these problems is sodium lauryl sulfate.

          So why is a dangerous chemical like sodium lauryl sulfate used in our soaps and shampoos?
          The answer is simple – it is cheap. The sodium lauryl sulfate found in our soaps is exactly the same as you would find in a car wash or even a garage, where it is used to degrease car engines.

          In the same way as it dissolves the grease on car engines, sodium lauryl sulfate also dissolves the oils on your skin, which can cause a drying effect. It is also well documented that it denatures skin proteins, which causes not only irritation, but also allows environmental contaminants easier access to the lower, sensitive layers of the skin.

          Perhaps most worryingly, SLS is also absorbed into the body from skin application. Once it has been absorbed, one of the main effects of sodium lauryl sulfate is to mimic the activity of the hormone Oestrogen. This has many health implications and may be responsible for a variety of health problems from PMS and Menopausal symptoms to dropping male fertility and increasing female cancers such as breast cancer, where oestrogen levels are known to be involved.

          Will we soon wake up to GMO orange juice? Plus more on apples, sugar beets, court decisions, and Hillary Clinton’s attempt to push GMO on Africa.

          An insect-borne bacterial disease is ravaging Florida’s orange crops. Commonly called “greening,” the blight (which is caused by the lethal Huanglongbing bacteria, first identified in China over 100 years ago) could wipe out most of Florida’s citrus within seven or eight years.

          In response, some government agencies are advocating the creation of genetically engineered pest-resistant orange trees. Officials at the USDA say there may be no other choice, and a report sponsored by the Florida Department of Citrus and US National Academy of Sciences concluded that genetic modification holds the only real long-term hope of fighting the disease.

          Currently, there are only two whole fruits on the US market that have been genetically engineered—Hawaiian papaya and one variety of plums. But a vast array of processed foods on the shelves of US supermarkets contain GM corn, soybeans, and sugar beets, including baby formula.

          There is, of course, no evidence whatsoever that GMO oranges are safe for the environment or safe for human consumption. On the contrary, numerous studies show that GMOs significantly alter gut bacteria, and it is possible that the recent increases in allergies, asthma, and other diseases that affect the immune system are related to the consumption of foods from GMO crops. Even more frightening, GMOs are causing terrible genetic changes in mammal offspring. Scientists are seeing birth defects, high infant mortality rates, and sterility in hamsters, rats, and livestock fed GMO soy and corn, and some hamster pups even begin growing hair inside their mouths!

          Yet government and agribusiness are plunging ahead with plans to create GMO oranges. It’s a quick-fix solution that completely ignores the root causes of the disease, which some experts say include the overuse of pesticides and nutrient-depleted soil.

          The fact is, GMO is incredibly lucrative for its developers. GMO oranges, like other GMO crops, require new seeds to be purchased every year for plantings. Their seeds are programmed to self-destruct every year, requiring farmers to purchase new ones. The GMO crop’s patents also require regular fees and royalties to be paid to the companies that produce them, resulting in even higher profits.

          It’s big business for the government, too. The US Africa Command, or AFRICOM, is responsible for US military operations in and military relations with all African nations except Egypt. According to several leaked documents (published by WikiLeaks, and analyzed by journalist Richard Brenneman), AFRICOM was created by the Pentagon in 2007 in part to push GMOs under the guise of structural adjustment and infrastructure improvements. One cable in particular, sent from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to American embassies in Africa, says plainly (under the heading “Food Security and Agriculture”) that one of the priorities of the State Department is to encourage African governments’ “acceptance of genetically modified food and propagation of genetically modified crops.”

          This is not about actual food security for Africa. It is about supporting US corporate interests in Africa. AFRICOM is the brainchild of a retired four-star Air Force general who is now a paid lobbyist for the agrofuels industry.

          In other news, Monsanto and the pro-GMO lobby received several decisive blows last month.

          Germany has laws that make GMO manufacturers liable for any harm their products cause, and they require farmers who grow GMO crops to publicly register the locations of those crops. Monsanto sued, claiming that this prevents farmers from planting genetically engineered crops and was therefore unconstitutional.

          Even though their claim seems absurd on its face, the suit dragged on for five years, ending with Germany’s highest court reaffirming that the long-term risks of GMOs are unknown given the current lack of scientific data, and so the German government has an obligation to act cautiously in regards to the preservation of nature for future generations. In its decision, the court repeatedly stated that genetic engineering alters the very structure of life and could have irreversible effects.

          The week after that decision, a federal judge in San Francisco ordered the immediate destruction of 256 acres of genetically engineered sugar beet seedlings planted in Oregon and Arizona in September. Judge Jeffrey White determined that the seedlings had been planted in violation of federal law and regardless of his previous ruling that made planting of GE sugar beets illegal until the USDA completes an Environmental Impact Statement.

          Unfortunately, an appeals court issued an emergency stay and postponed the judge’s ruling, giving the court more time to decide whether or not the plants should remain in the ground while the USDA seeks to overturn Judge White’s original ruling.

          The USDA, meanwhile, has just been asked to approve a GMO apple that won’t brown soon after it is sliced. The Canadian biotech company that developed it says this could boost sales of apples for snacks and salads. The non-browning technology appears to benefit apple growers and shippers more than consumers by allowing companies to sell apples that are older than they look.

          The US apple industry is trying to decide whether to support the request or not—so far they are unconvinced that consumers would want a GE apple. Or perhaps American consumers are smart enough to know that a little bit of lemon juice will prevent apple slices from browning—and it won’t make their children sterile, either!

          If the apple growers fall for this, they shouldn’t be surprised if they find their sales plummeting, since people won’t know which apples are genetically modified and which not.

          • More reasons to eat organic…..

            1. Fertilizer in Subway Sandwich Rolls
            While chemical fertilizers inevitably make it into our produce in trace amounts, you would not expect it to be a common food additive. However, ammonium sulfate can be found inside many brands of bread, including Subway’s. The chemical provides nitrogen for the yeast, creating a more consistent product.

            2. Beaver Anal Glands in Raspberry Candy
            The anal glands of a beaver, conveniently euphemized as castoreum, are a common ingredient in perfumes and colognes but are also sometimes used to — believe it or not — enhance the flavor of raspberry candies and sweets.

            3. Beef Fat in All Hostess Products
            While this may not bother the most ardent omnivore, others are shocked to discover that their favorite childhood treats contain straight-up beef fat. The ingredient comes included a list of other oils that may or may not be used, so it is always a gamble! It is enough to make some of us want to go vegan.

            4. Crushed Bugs as Red Food Coloring
            After killing thousands at a time, the dried insects are boiled to produce a liquid solution that can be turned to a dye using a variety of treatments. Some people worry that the coloring — often called carmine or carminic acid — could be listed as a “natural color,” disguising the fact that there are bugs in the product.

            5. Beetle Juice in Sprinkles and Candies
            You know that shiny coating on candies like Skittles? Or the sprinkles on cupcakes and ice cream sundaes? Well, they get that glaze from the secretions of the female lac beetle. The substance is also known as shellac and commonly used as a wood varnish.

            6. Sheep Secretions in Bubble Gum
            The oils inside sheep’s wool are collected to create the goopy substance called lanolin. From there, it ends up in chewing gum (sometimes under the guise of “gum base”), but also is used to create vitamin D3 supplements.

            7. Human Hair and/or Duck Feathers in Bread
            What’s in your morning bagel? If you get it from Noah’s Bagels, it contains either human hair or duck feathers, and it’s your guess as to which. The substance, called L-cysteine or cystine, is used as a dough conditioner to produce a specific consistency. While artificial cysteine is available, it is cost prohibitive and mostly used to create kosher and halal products.

            8. Coal Tar in Red-Colored Candy
            Coal tar is listed as number 199 on the United Nations list of “dangerous goods,” but that doesn’t stop people from using it in food. The coloring Allura Red AC is derived from coal tar and is commonly found in red-colored candies, sodas and other sweets.

            9. Calf Stomach in Many Cheeses
            In the UK, all cheeses are labeled as either suitable or not suitable for vegetarians because in Britain — and everywhere else — many cheeses are made using rennet, which is the fourth stomach of a young cow. In the United States and most other countries, people are left to guess about the stomach-content of their cheese.

            10. Sand in Wendy’s Chili
            Sand is hidden in Wendy’s chili as a name you might remember from high school chemistry class: silicon dioxide. Apparently they use sand as an “anti-caking agent,” perhaps to make sure the chili can last for days and days over a heater. Skip it, cook yourself a quick vegetarian meal instead this Thanksgiving.

  291. Thanks for the piece.

    I hope we call all scream enough to get this cruddy bill overturned.

  292. Well H.R. 2749, which is the House version of the bill specifically mentions January 1, 2009, and isnt it funny how Dr. Rima Laibow said Codex would be mandatory by the same date. Looks like they are behind in implementing it in the U.S. and they’re pushing S. 510 to follow Europe where vitmanins and herbs will become illegal on April 1, 2011. Does noone else see the coincidences?

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  306. eatcannabis2curecancer

    This all started when evil governments outlawed the only plant that gives 100% good health when the leaves, seeds, and buds are ground and eaten at a rate of 1 and 1/4 grams 4 times daily, breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2hrs before bed. Grind with a coffee grinder and let set for 15 min to 12hr. seed oil absorbs the THC and the seed oil helps keep the “high” down. This is like drinking from the fountain of youth! Genesis 1: 29 (eat cannabis) and Revelations 18:23 ( all nations deceived by the merchants) !

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  317. Death of America just happened December 19, 2010. S.510 passes. The only way out is breathairanism. Only question is this, how many have been preparing and are ready???

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  332. Can you private enterprise hating fools understand that Monsanto will not be the one who shows up with a gun at your home if you grow a garden,IT WILL BE A GODDAMNED GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE WITH A GUN THAT SHOWS UP AT YOUR HOME IF YOU GROW A GARDEN!!

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  335. Has anyone here heard of the New World Order Agenda… everything that is happening that is bad is because it was designed and planned… and their plan is going swimmingly…

    When are the people going to rise up and STOP THIS SHIT!!!

    TALKING ABOUT A REVOLUTION!!! and it’s not terrorism when the ENEMY is patently EVIL… FIGHT FOR HUMANITY AND THE PLANET… please.

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  337. The world capitalists goverment wants to do all people SLAVES! We must fight for our freedom!!!

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  346. Why would one of your writers report a piece of legislation as signed by President Obama when my research shows that to be false?

    S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act


    Kindly enlighten me as to my error or misinterpretation or post a correction.

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  366. It’s good to see working legislation for agriculture. If only there was more legislation for a href=”https://www.mafiasecurity.com/”>Information Security.

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