Why, oh why is there plastic in my aluminum water bottle?

By Lisa Frack
EWG EnviroBlog

Until, that is, we learned that Sigg and Gaiam bottles weren’t exactly the BPA-free solution we had spent all that money on.

Naturally we rushed to dump them, exchange them, find something safer (and preferably cheaper!). And we heard the understandable question that rang throughout consumerland:

Why, oh why is there plastic in my aluminum water bottle?

At EWG we know (and knew) that all reusable aluminum water bottles are lined – because no-one likes to drink straight from aluminum. It just doesn’t taste right. In fact, we even suggested that people go with stainless steel instead to avoid the plastic liner – which we suspected might contain BPA.


Because that plastic liner happens to be an epoxy resin liner, whose “key building block,” according to the American Chemistry Council, is (you guessed it) BPA. And stainless steel doesn’t need one; unscrew that Klean Kanteen and what do you see inside? More stainless steel.

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6 responses to “Why, oh why is there plastic in my aluminum water bottle?

  1. They lie.

    Every company, every commercial entity that has ‘grown’ beyond a certain point, fits the profile. They lie. No matter what they tell you to be true, they lie.

    Believe in your neighbor who farms next to you or just down the road, believe in yourself. Become local and stay local. Be small, be little, and support little. Do not trust the companies that lie. It doesn’t matter what their name is–their slogans–they LIE. Lying has become immensely profitable. So profitable in fact, that they have bought YOUR future…your future is now full of lies. Nothing but lies.


    • here, here, Ned.

      caveat emptor

      • Thanks Rady. Congratulations on your good site. I appreciate it and come here fairly frequently, as I do with a few other sites. Otherwise, I think I could do very well WITHOUT computers!!! 🙂

        Every day I wonder whether it is not too late.

        It’s a difficult time if you happen to love the earth and its marvelous diversity of life-forms and its tremendous beauty, up to and sometimes even including humans…..

        …but then, those OTHER humans.

        Well, I just don’t know.


  2. actually sigg admitted to the liner containing bpa prior to Oct 2008, I think it was. you can trade in bottles you got before then, if you want to.

  3. Hello- SIGG made a voluntary recall program last year- I think that is over now- if there is any issues with the bottle in other ways, they still may replace or exchange-

    The new eco liner is a pretty cool deal- love it and my Klean Kanteens! More than one is great!

    Thanks here and keep up the great work!

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