One farmer acts to save environment from factory farms

Lynn Henning of rural Michigan won a prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize this year for her work monitoring concentrated animal-feeding operations. It's part of her effort to protect the environment from the effects of factory farms. Photo by Tom Dusenbery/Goldman Environmental Prize

By Yvonne Zipp
Christian Science Monitor

When farmer and environmentalist Lynn Henning saw what factory farms were doing to the land and water, she had to act.

Clayton, Mich. Lynn Henning doesn’t look much like the stereotypical environmental activist. She has no visible piercings, and neither hemp nor Birkenstocks feature heavily in her wardrobe. In fact, the white-haired Michigan woman looks very much what she is: a grandmother and farmer’s wife.

But on April 19, Henning became one of the 2010 winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, sometimes called the Green Nobel, the largest prize in the world given to grass-roots environmentalists.

How she became a self-taught bane to local CAFOs (concentrated animal-feeding operations) is a story 10 years in the making.

“What struck the jury was that her leadership addressed one of the most serious and least-talked-about issues in our country today,” says Lorrae Rominger, deputy director of the Goldman Prize in San Francisco.

This is the first time the $150,000 prize has been awarded to someone battling CAFOs, Ms. Rominger says. The jury was very concerned about “the water and air pollution that comes from these factory farms and how they are making people sick,” she says.

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3 responses to “One farmer acts to save environment from factory farms

  1. God bless Lynn Henning. I live in a rural area and we have many small family farms, I love it because I was raised on a farm. There is also one BIG operation. The cows never go outisde. It stinks like hell! They have their “toxic ponds” where the manure is held until it “ripens”. That smell is bad enough but when the spring planting season comes watch out! When they dump their toxic sludge on the fields the smell is unbelievable! It permeates your house. If you drive by with the car windows open it’s dizzying. You know this leeches into the groundwater. Yet the EPA continues to allow them to continue with this practice. I have written them and been shuffled aside. Someone has got to stop them. Hopefully this wonderful woman’s reports will further my own little battle against Goliath.

  2. It is amazing what one person can accomplish. I also do not think there is enough exposure on the news, of the horrific conditions these animals are kept in, the over use and missuse of antibiotic’s and steriods and the damage it is doing to the air we breath and the water we drink and the meat we eat. Keep up the good fight Lynn!

  3. Suzana Megles

    God bless Lynn. I wonder how the big CAFO owners and proponents of this sickening treatment of farm animals would like living near one?

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