Demonized Since the 1950s – Yet Still One of Healthiest Foods Available

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Mark McAfee is the founder of Organic Pastures, one of the largest producers of raw milk in the United States and clearly, one of the leaders in this industry. In this interview, McAfee details the many health benefits of raw milk, and explains the process of raw milk production.

Did you know there are two types of ‘raw milk’ in America?

As Mark McAfee explains, there’s the raw milk intended to be consumed raw, and then there’s the raw milk intended to be used for pasteurization, and contrary to popular belief, they are NOT the same.

When buying raw milk, it’s very important to make sure you’re buying milk that has been produced with the intention of being consumed raw, and not just raw milk from conventionally-raised cows that hasn’t gone through the pasteurization process yet.

There’s a vast difference between the quality and safety of milk from organically-raised, grass-fed cows, and conventionally-raised, grain-fed livestock.

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2 responses to “Demonized Since the 1950s – Yet Still One of Healthiest Foods Available

  1. Hello from Ed Hartz in Connecticut and New York. We have started a new business, The Milkman Company. And we distribute, market, and sell fine quality milks, dairy, and vegetables in season, meats-poultry- pork, farm fresh eggs and more, to the consumer direct to their door. We are also including raw milk for the discerning consumer who wants this level of quality and knows how to handle it. Obviously, this is not the type of milk to purchase somewhere and then travel with it two hours or more in an no-refrigerated environment. Others would agree; that raw milk and other farm fresh products do well when sold directly to the consumer.

    Thank you for the fine article. Recently, I have met with MD’s, like Dr. Mercola, who believe in raw milk and other farm fresh foods. Local farm products availability and distribution are a large part of the solution to many health, social, and economic conditions that ail us today.

    Thank you for working hard for the land, the farmers, the animals, the consumers; our health for ourselves and the planet.

    Interesting note; last night we met with The Captain and Crew of The Sea Shepherd. They have that show on National Geographic or one of those networks, called, “Whale Wars.” Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shephedrs Conservation society, said that almost or most of the fish that are taken from the sea are used to feed cattle, pigs, and other livestock. Here lies a big part of our problem. Just comes to show you that the entire ecosystem suffers. The ocean, especially, is a vital part of the planet and all health for all other living things on earth; plant, animals, water, and more.

    When we drink the best milks, raw milk, and beef, poultry, or fish from sustainable models then we are efficient. we will be efficient and we can be healthy. The way the system works now is killing the earth, the animals, the plant life, the ocean, our water supply. They are all connected. You have heard this a million times, but what matters now is that we ACT. Change, good change does not happen unless good people get involved and stop allowing greedy others, businesses – big and small, politicians,and The Monsanto like corporations of the world to prevail. It has to stop now. Buy Local. Buy organic, but fresh, buy good raw foods and the like. And Vote the bastards out. NOW.

    Let them justify their paychecks from doing good, not bad. Then they can stay.

    Organic Pastures and Mark McAfee are fine examples for sustainable agriculture and human health foods.

    Who are the other large dairies like Organic Pastures in the USA? IN Europe? Any in Africa, Asia, South America or Central America?

    Thank you.

    Ed Hartz
    Milkmen USA

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