Food Safety: The Worst of Both Bills (HR 2749 and S 510)

By Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Both bills take a one-size-fits-all approach towards food regulation, threatening to leave small farmers and local producers unable to afford the cost of complying with the legislation’s requirements. Neither bill would improve food safety and both would diminish the freedom and liberty Americans currently have to obtain the food of their choice from the source of their choice.


If S 510 (the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act) passes the Senate, there would be a conference committee between members of the House and Senate to draft a food safety bill that would combine provisions of S 510 and HR 2749 (the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009) into a final version of the bill.  The full House and Senate each would vote on this version of the bill to determine whether the food safety bill becomes law.

S.510 and HR 2749 represent landmark legislation that will significantly increase the federal government’s power to regulate intrastate commerce while hurting this country’s ability to produce safe food and to become self-sufficient in food production.

Both bills take a one-size-fits-all approach towards food regulation, threatening to leave small farmers and local producers unable to afford the cost of complying with the legislation’s requirements.  They would also significantly increase the power of the federal government to regulate intrastate commerce and give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) substantially greater power overall while making the agency less accountable for its actions.

In reality, neither bill would improve food safety; in fact, the new requirements would cause an increase in imported food, a major source of the food safety problems in this country.   Either bill would diminish the freedom and liberty Americans currently have to obtain the food of their choice from the source of their choice.

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34 responses to “Food Safety: The Worst of Both Bills (HR 2749 and S 510)

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  4. This is a joke right? After the FDA FAILED with the tomato and spinach outbreaks they now are telling us we can’t grow our own produce insuring our own safety this way? I know my standards of food safety trump theirs by a long shot.When will people wake up and see what our Govt is doing? We need to make a stand against this soft tyranny that everyone seems to be complacent to. One finger can point, but five fingers can make a fist in protest.

    • There is nothing in the Act that regulates home gardening.

      The Tester Amendment specifically exempts business under $500,000 revenue from he legislation, so small farms, farm stands etc are not covered.

  5. SOFT Tyranny? Tyranny is tyranny. The government is out of control and clearly and obviously outside their limited powers as defined in our constitution – AND they know it. I agree we must take a stand, and one stand is to never submit to such violations of law and liberty by our out-of-control corrupt government. Will you ignore and refuse to submit to these violations and controls, and possibly face the consequences? You are not alone. You are among millions that stand to TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK!

  6. Most of this article is hogwash. I agree with the author’s general criticisms of food production, and I agree that S510 is a step in the wrong direction, but it does not enable the scarier things mentioned here. Most of it applies to food facilities as defined by Title 21, Section 350d of the U.S. Code, which already must be registered with the government. Neither farms nor restaurants are included, so I don’t know how roadside setups could be targeted. In conclusion: awful bill, but get your facts straight.

    • It may be hogwash or meant for this or that. But just like the Patriot Act, it can be used as an excuse to over step their bounds to put their grubby little hands in places they don’t need to be.

  7. I’m impressed by the amount of research you say you’ve done. Looking past the fact that this post is outdated, you’ve managed to reach conclusions not based upon a firm understanding of the legislation, the current regulatory environment, or the text of the bill in its entirety.

    You repeated references to the DHS seem to illustrate your ignorance of the current breadth of DHS authority. The FDA, USDA, DOT, etc., are already under the DHS. The DHS has not the time, budget, nor in my opinion any inclination, that would lead it to intervene in the implementation of this legislation.

    Your “one-size-fits-all” claim also rings hollow to anyone who has actually read the latest version S. 510. – 8/20/10

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  9. DHS would be supplementing the FDA and USDA.. It’s pretty clear that USDA and FDA would be in the lead. They are just supposed to coordinate and communicate with DHS.

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  27. Utter uniformed ignorance.

    Take some things out of context and spin them around …


  29. This is a No-Brainer. Non-GMO genetics are designed for yield, with no compromise for standability or drydown. Products are always carefully chosen to match trait rotation systems, IRM refuge areas, and premium markets. Thanks for your blog! Let the world know!

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