Hotel Rio in India declares itself ‘GM-free’

By Umendra Dutt
Kheti Virasat Mission

Anti-GM foods campaign launched with Hotel Rio, others to follow suit

Padma Bhushan Dr P.M. Bhargava, architect of molecular biology and biotechnology in India, on Saturday declared Hotel Rio in Chandigarh, India a GM-free hotel as part of a major initiative against genetically modified (GM) goods and products in the country.

Addressing a press conference here, Dr Bhargava, who is now spearheading a campaign against allowing GM foods into the country under the banner of MARCH (The Medically Aware and Responsible Citizens of Hyderabad), said “with this small step today we are hopefully that all other hotels and restaurants will follow suit and declare themselves GM-free.”

The recepient of France’s highest civilian honour, Legion d’Honneur, Dr Bhargava was accompanied by Mr. Atul Grover, Managing Director, Hotel Rio, and Mr. Umender Dutt, a leader of the Kheti Virasat Mission.

On the occasion the Hotel adopted a GM-free Chef’s charter which reads:

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3 responses to “Hotel Rio in India declares itself ‘GM-free’

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  2. Excellent post bro, this is one of those posts that make your blog stand out of the cloud!

    Keep it up bro!


  3. Such an informative post by you. This makes your blog stand out of all those other blogs. Good and keep up the great blogging.

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