7 Foods So Unsafe Farmers Won’t Eat Them

'Conventionally-grown' apples are saturated with toxic chemicals.

By Laurel House
Planet Green

Smoking was proven to be cancer-causing, tanning beds were shown to be on par with arsenic, but what about canned tomatoes, corn-fed beef, conventionally grown potatoes? What would it take to convince you to clean out your pantry and change your eating habits? Scientists, doctors, even farmers were asked what foods they refuse to eat.

The responses had nothing to do with things like donuts due to fat content, or white bread because of the concentration of empty carbs. We’re talking seemingly healthy things like tomatoes, beef, popcorn, potatoes, salmon, milk, and apples. For them, it’s all about how they are produced and packaged.

Seven experts in fields pertaining to both food and the environment answered one simple question: “What foods do you avoid?” Their answers, published in an article entitled “7 Foods the Experts Won’t Eat” on Yahoo! Shine, will make you re-think food. When it comes to food and its affect on your health and the health of this planet, this is what they answered:

1. Canned Tomatoes

The Expert: Fredrick vom Saal, PhD, an endocrinologist at the University of Missouri who studies bisphenol-A.
The Reason: Tin cans are lined with a resin that contains the synthetic estrogen bisphenol-A, which has been linked to a slew of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, reproductive problems, and obesity. But that’s not the biggest problem. The acid in tomatoes breaks down that bisphenol-A, leaching it into the food, and not just in insignificant amounts. According to the article, Saal comments that “you can get 50 mcg of BCA per liter out of a tomato can, and that’s a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young.” That’s why he’s not touching the stuff.
The Solution: If you l0ve the taste of “canned” tomatoes but prefer to skip the bisphenol-A, select glass bottles instead.

2. Corn-Fed Beef

The Expert: Joel Salatin, co-owner of Polyface Farms and author of half a dozen books on sustainable farming.
The Reason: Cattle are naturally grass eaters… not grain eaters. In order to fatten the animals (and profit margins), farmers feed them corn and soybeans. And while the farmers are beefing up their earnings, they are minimizing the nutritional benefits. The article mentions the findings from a recent USDA-conducted study comparing corn-fed beef and grass-fed beef showing that grass-fed beef is “higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium; lower in inflammatory omega-6s; and lower in saturated fats that have been linked to heart disease.”
The Solution: Pretty straight forward: Opt for grass-fed beef instead.

WATCH VIDEO: Why Grass-Fed Beef? Emeril Answers

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238 responses to “7 Foods So Unsafe Farmers Won’t Eat Them

  1. I read your contributions and comments and I become physically ILL.

    How stupefied have we become? God!

    Emily Cragg

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  3. ohhh no, the sky is falling!!!

  4. Ugh I am glad you people are arguing over something this page does not even pertain to. So off the topic of oil (since no one cared till it was on the tv.) Anyway these seven foods are seven out of hundreds that are bad for you. Grow a garden dont go to the store. And raise your meat and slaughter it if you can.

  5. We are ruled and LEGISLATIVELY fooled by madmen is the true topic of this thread.

  6. Why is this happening……..


    Just follow the Money.

  7. Dear Laurel House

    Do you know how to grow food? Do you know what vegetables are in season right now? Do you know how to combat pests organically? Farmers do. As a farmer I find the sentence “even simple farmers” highly offensive. Farmers deserve more respect.

    A simple farmer.

    • Farming should be simple. Not Easy and sure there is a lot of hard hard work to it. The more complex it becomes the more unnatural it has become. Simple farming the way God made it to be. It is not like the rest of the world that has become so digital and artificial. That is for sure complex. I want life to be more simple myself. Live off the land, grow and hunt my own food, build my own house (without government interferance) Make life more simple. Not easy. Not lazy. I have a lot of respect for farmers. Just don’t go off and get offended by a term that was not meant to offend. It was actually a complement in my opinion. Stay simple. Wise. Work hard. Don’t quit. God is simple too, if you know him.

      • If we did things the way God “made them”, we would all be hunter gatherer’s still. If you are implying that God created us and then moved us to the point of farming rather than roaming and so on, then it would be logical to assume that God also gave us the ability to add all the wonderful chemicals that are added to food now and so on…so apparently people are farming just the way God intended because that is the way the old guy “made it to be.” Seriously, knowing God is simple, but trying to say you understand his intentions is naive.

      • I agree Steve. We are Dairy Farmers and though it is a hard life, I say that we do live the simple life. To me, simple is being smart. We are fortunate enough to be able to drink our own milk and raise our own beef. What I don’t grow I go to the farmstands to purchase and then can. Btw, I grew up an urban girl. I love the farm! The thing is, everyone can change the way to purchase food.

  8. Great article! I’m always happy to find to the point information to share with clients and friends.

    One thing though: I was floored by the “simple farmers” statement. How can you write an article about how important it is to eat organic, and in the same breath call the people who make it possible simple?

    (you may want to edit that)

    • The term “simple” does not bother me. I say the simpler it is to get the food from the garden to the table, the healthier it will be. I wish there were a lot more “simple” people in this country, actually. 🙂 They tend to be pleasant, hard-working, and compassionate in my experience.

  9. okay, I removed the offending term. Wish the writer was more sensitive.

  10. Well, sometimes the word “simple” is used to mean “uncluttered” or “natural.”

    I wouldn’t get in a heat over it.

  11. Thank you. I’m sure the author didn’t mean to offend… She obviously understands the value of good food to be writing this article. The lack of that word gives this article more weight, as far as I’m concerned.

    And Emily, I’m aware of the many meanings of the word simple, but in this context, it really only could mean one thing.

  12. Where aré The buttons for social media sharing?

  13. I make my own microwave popcorn, by using a 1 or 2 qt pyrex glass dish with lid, a teaspoon of oil and abt 1/3 c of popcorn. Works very well!

    • Oooo, thank you! My mom has a plastic one, of dubious origins- but I’d never thought of using Pyrex! Gotta try that! :o)

      • Sitting in the Sunshine

        You can actually microwave popcorn using a plain brown paper bag (which you can reuse several times). Just throw kernels in the bag (enough to cover the bottom) and fold the top over, then heat for 3 mins on high. I’ve found that more kernels pop this way than in the chemical-filled batches you find at the grocery store!

    • I do not own a microwave and will never have one. Any food or liquid you put in there is radiated to death and is so bad for your body not to mention the radiation in the air when you are using it. Your body needs live foods full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals! I mostly eat raw.
      For popcorn lovers it is real easy to cook popcorn on the stove!

      • Brenda, do you have any links to research that shows that microwaved food is bad for you? My understanding is that microwaves introduce the same level of radiation as a stove top.

        • Good for you Brenda I quit using my nuker 4 yrs ago .. after I researched the adverse health effects too! ; ) Cory here is just some of the links on this subject.

          Microwave Cooking is Killing You!
          There have been very few scientific studies done on the effect of eating food microwaved food. This is rather surprising when you think about the fact that …

          The Hidden Hazards Of Microwave Cooking
          May 18, 2010 … Use your microwave. But zapping your casserole is a BAD idea if you are interested in preparing healthy food. Why the no nukes policy? …
          articles.mercola.com/ sites/ articles/ archive/ 2010/ 05/ 18/ microwave-hazards.aspx

          Why a Microwave Oven Is Bad for Your Health
          Sep 6, 2007 … Doesn’t really say much about how a microwave is bad… just how it works, living organisms die, and food loses nutritional value when you cook …

          Health 101 – Article – The Hazards of Microwaving Your Food
          This article will attempt to acquaint you with some facts about microwaving food. Research shows that food cooked in a microwave oven suffers molecular damage. … Their affect on your body can be only one of three things: good, bad, …

  14. About the canned tomatoes- I buy canned tomato paste because it is 100% tomatoes with no sugars or salt added. Is the tomato paste also acidic and likely to leach out the synthetic estrogen bisphenol-A? Don’t think I have ever seen tomato paste in glass. Thanks, Steve

    • Sarah Lancaster

      Yes. Tomatoes are naturally acidic. The addition of sugars and salt is not what causes it. I heard that the Muir Glenn brand is going to be switching to cans that are not lined with BPA, but I don’t know when that switch is going to take place.

      • Eden organic is the only brand on the market that doesn’t contain BPA. They use a special can lining. You can get their products online. Bionature sells tomato paste in glass jars. It’s more expensive than most other brands out there, but it’s also way tastier. Muir Glen is on its way to being “green,” but these other companies already are!

    • Whole Foods has tomato paste in glass. I think the brand is Bionature.

  15. Oh, I certainly do respect the farmers! That is a tough job and I personally have a lot of respect for what they do. It is only getting harder too with all the regulations, chemicals and the like. Add the genetically modified pressures on top of that, ick.

  16. If farmers have any integrity, any sense of what God deems Holy and Sacred, they need to RESIST this corrupted, defiled State, anywhich way they can.

  17. Please Everyone must watch “FOOD inc.” the documentary. This will open your eyes on the whole food system as we know it today.

    Also check out author ” RAJ PATEL”

  18. Hey Emily, the biggest political power right now for fighting for a food system we want is the Eaters…that’s all of us, numbering much higher than farmers and holding a lot more power with the policy & law makers. On one level it’s about profits in the food industry (chemicals in our cans and popcorn bags and taking years to make changes because it’s expensive), and on another level it’s about keeping up with the demand for cheap and/or unblemished food (corn-fed factory farmed meat, perfect-looking pesticide filled potatoes).

    We need to start by voting with our shopping dollars to support the kind of food we want and the kind of farmers we want to keep viable, and then we need to take that message to the folks making the state and federal laws.

  19. Whoever said money is the root of all evil” certainly knew what they were talking about. Were it not for relentless, incessant greed, the “bootm line” and profit margins, there would be little to no incentive to engage in this poisonous method of “farming.” You can either pay the price up front for organic vegetables and a healthier lifestyle or you can pay the price later in unrelenting health care problems and the costs of treating them. Your choice…

    • The correct quote is from the Bible, and it is “The LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil…” 1 Timothy 6:10

  20. The tomatoes are hard – even the standard home canning lids are coated with BPA so canning at home doesn’t keep you clear of it, nor does buying in a jar. You can buy tomato powder or dehydrate them and make your own, or you can buy a chest freezer and freeze them. They are the thing my family consumes the most of, that I process the most of to get us through to next tomato season.

    • True that standard home canning lids contain BPA. However, if you leave headspace in your jar, the lining will not come into contact with your tomatoes; therefore, BPA will not leach into your food. There are also canning brands that do not contain BPA. You typically have to order them online, I believe.

  21. My family has been making it’s own tomato sauce/paste since I can remember. It is one of the easiest things to do and one day each year my family and I get together and make enough sauce for each family member for a year. It’s also a great family day. You should try it.

    PS We bottle into old sterilised beer bottles

  22. Laurie what a beautiful family activity. When you put it in the beer bottles how do you store them so the sauce lasts for a year in beer bottles? Are you capping and processing in water bath?

  23. in reference to rBST….information from a friend of mine who is a vet…

    “Quick note though about the growth hormones. It’s first important to understand that all cows naturally have and produce bST in their pituitary gland. It has been shown that with increased bST a cow will make more milk = profit. Not all farmers give ADDITIONAL bST, known as recombinant bST which is an exact hormonal copy man-made to be injected into the cow to further enhance milk production.

    The key is that in scientific studies it has been shown that cows given supplemental bST and those that do not receive it produce the same trace amount of it in their milk. The reason for this is because the amount of bST within a cows milk does not change depending upon the amount of bST within her body. Usually cows that make more milk, or have more bST, use much more energy = calories and break down more bST that doesn’t get into the milk. Hence the reason it ends up being the same. It’s all an energy balance.

    The genetics have improved so greatly in the dairy industry that the cows are capable of carrying a baby at an earlier age, gain wait, produce milk and make cheaper milk for a profit.

    I know that may not provide you any consolation, but it may provide some perspective. My problem with organic is that it is portrayed as the ‘perfect’ way to farm. Where as you and Erin have probably discussed, there are good farms and bad ones, and the bad ones have a hard time managing and fixing their problems when they can’t use any drugs to give their cattle some help. It’s a catch 22. There are good and bad non-organic farms too. It’s unfortunately how the world turns. But whether a farm is organic or not, a cow will still be producing bST from her pituitary gland and trace amounts will still be in her milk. That’s why it’s not illegal to give bST. A cow wouldn’t make milk like she does if she didn’t have the hormone. “

    • yes, no doubt, being organic does not automatically make a perfect farmer.

      but what your vet friend doesn’t include in the above info is that because of the genetically modified “recombinant” bovine growth hormone given to cows, many develop mastitis.


      then, they are given antibiotics and we absorb that by drinking their milk.

      then, we have the problem of MRSA – over use of antibiotics is causing the rise of superbugs that we are not immune to.

      plus, seriously, who wants GMO milk?

      • I am a dairy cattle veterinarian and will be happy to comment on the mastitis issue.

        I have first hand experience with rBGH use in my clients’ dairy cattle. Saying “many develop mastitis” is simply not true. rBGH is a tool, like many others, than farmers can choose to use or not use. Using the tool properly and proper management of the cattle is essential to keeping mastitis (mammary gland infections) to a minimum. There are laws and/or regulations set by government and milk processors to limit the number of somatic cells (body cells and cells to fight off infection) in milk. Many processors will offer incentives to dairy farmers to produce milk far below these standards.

        Why is this important?

        Because farmers will not continue to use a product if they cannot properly take care of their cows. Treating cows for mastitis is an added expense on many levels. If the farm management cannot sustain using rBGH, they won’t do it. No farmer is going to intentionally give their cows a product that will make more of them have mastitis just to sell more milk, especially if they have to consider treating sick animals and the lower potential value of the milk.

        As for antibiotics in the milk, any product, antibiotic or otherwise, that is used in a food producing animal has an FDA established meat and milk withdrawal time. This the period of time that the animal’s meat and milk cannot be used for human consumption. These numbers are established by the FDA and intensely detailed studies. The withdrawal times are set with a large safety margin in order to assure the public’s safety when consuming the product. There is also the additional failsafe that milk and meat products are tested for antibiotic residue before processing.

        All this being said, I also have organic clients as well, that of course do not use rBGH. The important takeaway message that I would like to add here is that farming is a business, that like many others, requires owners and managers to use their strengths and resources to do the best that they can. Organic farming, compared to conventional farming, requires different talents and inputs.

    • They take the milk-producing gene from the cow and insert it into the DNA string of e-coli bacteria. Then they inject the modified bacteria into the cow. This is what rBGH is.

      The e-Coli basically infects the cow, but having the gene to produce milk, it puts the cow’s udder on overdrive, producing milk 24/7, causing mastitis (udder infection, of which the pus ends up in the milk), and eventually killing the cow.

    • I’m am appalled that anyone would support the use of a recombinant hormone that forces cows to produce more milk than their bodies can support! For one thing it is NOT and exact hormonal copy of natural bST or patenting wouldn’t be allowed. For another thing, cows injected with this synthetic engineered hormone produce more IGF-1 which is linked to several cancers , there is more puss in the milk due to higher incidence of infection, those diary cows develop reproductive problems, and there are a host of other toxic effects of rBGH.

    • sorry julie, but you are totally wrong. monsanto’s recombinant hormone is a genetically modified hormone- it is NOT the same as the bovine somatropin that a cow naturally produces. and it isnt illegal because our government is thoroughly corrupted and the FDA and Monsanto are a revolving door operation. but dont forget, it is certainly illegal in the EU and even in Canada! take it from dr. samuel epstein, a real authority on the subject, not just some friend who is a conventional vet functioning within the establishment. i doubt your friend has ever chemically analysed the milk personally. according to dr. epstein, the milk is not only filled with raised levels of hormones, but there are antibiotics and pus in the milk. the cows are incredibly unhealthy and yes, the hormone does pass into the milk and it does cause cancer primarily in organs that are hormonally affected such as the sex organs. to say that “theres good and bad conventional and organic farms” is truly misled. while there are certainly some farms that are better than others, all organic farms produce products that are much safer than pesticide-laden produce found on conventional farms. and the genetics have improved so greatly…give me a break. what government-sanctioned corporate rhetoric!

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  26. That’s wonderful. You start right off with the biggest misconception going. TOMATOES ARE AKALINE! So are green beans. That’s why Italians always acidify tomato sauce with lemon or lime juice. That’s why you don’t boiling water can either. An acidic environment retards bacterial growth. “Low acid” tomatoes are the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. So, we start right off with an expert that doesn’t know this? Or did you add to his comments?

    The article is great, but liberals have to be less sloppy when it comes to facts. And accept when they’re wrong. In that department, they’re as bad as conservatives.

    • Jennifer Lavender

      Check your facts. On the pH scale, a rating of 3 is strongly acid, a rating of 11 is strongly alkaline, and 7 is neutral.

      Fresh tomatoes range from 4.3 to 4.9 and canned tomatoes range from 3.5 to 4.7. Both fresh and canned tomatoes fall well within the range of being acidic, with the canned versions being even more acidic than the fresh.

      I’ve never heard of anyone, Italian or otherwise, adding lemon or lime juice to their tomato sauces. I have heard of a lot of people adding sugar though.

      • you have to add an acid to a tomato sauce or else it will cause acid-reflux once eaten. most chefs add red wine or red wine vinegar.

    • Besides the fact that tomatoes are acidic, Mitchell, the article says canned tomatoes are bad because of BPA.

      And what the hell does “liberal” have to do with this discussion? Are you still bamboozled by the false Left-Right paradigm?

      Where did you go to school, btw?

      • Some tomatoes come packaged in cartons, such as Pomi and Trader Joe’s Italian Tomato Starter Sauce. I believe these are both BPA free.

    • Excelllent reference on home canning and the acidity of tomatoes here:

      To quote a small portion –

      Tomato Acidity
      Tomatoes are generally considered a high acid food item with a pH below 4.6. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation has been printed in the popular press about “low acid” tomatoes referring to those with a sweet, non-tart taste. These tomatoes are often white, yellow, or pink in color but are not low in acid content. The higher sugar masks the acidic flavor.
      Researchers at USDA and at the University of Minnesota have found that most underripe to ripe, cooked tomatoes have a pH below 4.6. Unfortunately, a few varieties may have a pH above or close to 4.6. These include Ace, Ace 55VF, Beefmaster Hybrid, Big Early Hybrid, Big Girl, Big Set, Burpee VF Hybrid, Cal Ace, Delicious, Fireball, Garden State, Royal Chico, and San Marzano. Some of these are grown for commercial purposes and are not found in home gardens. However, safely canning these varieties requires additional acid for water bath processing or a pressure canning process similar to low acid vegetables.

  27. WAKE UP, PLEASE, WAKE UP Everyone, in heavens name…….! This article is FACT. The food we eat is making us sick equals prescribed meds to make us “well” equals mega bucks for the pharmaceutical industry.. and the food industry. Keeping us so drugged up and out (more expense) that we will then, NEVER see what is going on right before our eyes! The Food and Aggra industries work in unison with pharma….. Keep profits to a max but never mind about quality. If the people get sick as a result, they are beholden to pharma to make them well possibly for the rest of their lives?? Ker-ching!! We have ALL been conned… Do these people care? You bet your bottom $ they DO NOT!

  28. Good information, thanks. One suggestion – it will do no good to check a milk label to see if it contains rBST or BGH, because Monsanto successfully sued the state of Vermont, setting a precedent nationwide, to prevent labels including informatin on whether BGH is used. You can, and should, choose milk and dairy products whose labels state that no BGH is used in raising the cows. A good analogy: when I was a kid, I had a little Hot Wheels battery powered car – it was fun and ran well on a normal AA battery (naturally occurring BST); then I discovered it would run about 3 times faster if I used batteries meant for cameras (rBST). How cool! Except the engines burned out after a couple of batteries worth of use. Oh well, time to get another Hot Wheels! (cow)

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  30. Back in the feudal age… Kings and Queens used to keep their peasants on a low-protein diet that ensured they would not be fit enough to revolt. Today… the UN is spearheading this same strategy for the global power elite, who do not want servile humans, whom they see as cannon fodder, to become healthy, wealthy or wise…. As the kingpin robber baron John D. Rockefeller once said… “competition is sin”, and there is no way common men can compete with the elite when they’re too weak, too sick, and too apathetic to respond.

  31. Or, we could just VOTE OUT the FAT, RICH REPUBLICANS who allow factory farmers to increase their PROFITS by poisoning the food of the average, American, MIDDLE-CLASS family!

    Protect your health. Protect your country. Protect your life. Go to the polls every year and remember:


    • both parties serve corporate interests.

      you want a better world? stop voting.

      start doing something real to effect change – like growing your own, buying from local farmers (who often are Republican), joining cowshares or co-ops, buy from farmers markets…

      but please stop playing pretend. elections are for the fooled masses, not for those serious about change.

      • All the ranting on here is “preaching to the choir” anyways. You think anyone making millions off the “Corporate Interest” read any these pages? NOPE!

        • you’d be surprised. the “corporate interests” are really more concerned with this type of a thing than one might think. this is because organic agriculture, hemp and free energy are the biggest threats to the establishment that there are. you can go ahead and try to refute that, but franchement, it will be falling on deaf ears.


  33. Yeah, like stopping voting is really a smart thing. You are out of your mind! You don’t vote the Republicans win! W-T-F are you thinking?

    • please, Trace, if you’re smart enough to be reading a website like this one, you’re capable of seeing thru the illusion of democracy.

      A far more eloquent writer just posted, Do Not Pity the Democrats. Make sure you have a strong stomach – but force yourself to read thru it in its entirety. Here’s a brief excerpt:

      “Investing emotional and intellectual energy in electoral politics is a waste of time. Resistance means a radical break with the formal structures of American society. We must cut as many ties with consumer society and corporations as possible. We must build a new political and economic consciousness centered on the tangible issues of sustainable agriculture, self-sufficiency and radical environmental reform.

      “The democratic system, and the liberal institutions that once made piecemeal reform possible, is dead. It exists only in name. It is no longer a viable mechanism for change. And the longer we play our scripted and absurd role in this charade the worse it will get.

      “Do not pity Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. They will get what they deserve. They sold the citizens out for cash and power. They lied. They manipulated and deceived the public, from the bailouts to the abandonment of universal health care, to serve corporate interests. They refused to halt the wanton corporate destruction of the ecosystem on which all life depends. They betrayed the most basic ideals of democracy. And they, as much as the Republicans, are the problem.”

      Time for a paradigm shift, or we’ll all get the shaft. The revolution starts now.

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  36. charmaine calvert

    Are absolutely all cans used for vegetables lined with this resin? I’m having difficulty finding out. Anyone know? Thanks for an interesting article.

  37. So if you are not going to eat these 7 foods, the foods that you will eat must be examined for the presence of these foods also. Having grown up on a family farm, I know that the population can not be sustained on the kinds of farming needed to provide the organic/pesticide free/fertilizer free production of food. We all will need to participate in the growing of food in the fashion that you can….what used to be called “Victory Gardens” in your back yard, pots on your patio, or local farms and pick your own food….are the US Citizens ready for that? Be interested in what goes into your body, participate in it’s growth and preparation, and be aware…you will find the answer that works for you.

  38. You may want to have trade relationships with Mennonites, Old Order Quakers, and Amish, if you wish to eat nournishing food these days.

  39. Emily I grow enough fruit & veg on my 1/5 in city acre for my family. I do buy some supplemental feed for the chickens but not much and we buy 1/2 hog and 1/4 cow from local farmers each year. I know what the animals ate and am there for the farm kill then process the meat myself. I milk mini dairy goats which I co-own with my friend up the street and make farmhouse style cheeses. It’s totally doable. We buy coffee, cocoa, salt, sugar and baking powder. Other than that I know exactly what is in everything we eat. It takes commitment but that is about it. I’m not Mennonite, Amish or Quaker. Just an innercity mom who cares passionately about the environment and my kid’s health.

    • Wow, Sustainable Eats!
      You are my shero…going to pick your brain on how to replicate your model, here in Brazil where I live.
      Keep on the good work and inspiring others to do so!

    • Mini dairy goats! Awesome! I’ve been wondering if such a beast exists. Is there a good/reliable online source of info about where to get them, how to keep them? (I’ve also heard that their poop–dried–can be used as heating fuel 🙂 They sound like ideal animal friends.

  40. How nice to hear. Good for you!

    I live in a city apt., and what you do is no option for me. All I can do is pray for deliverance and depend on God’s Grace and Mercy to cover me.


    • Even apartment dwellers have an opportunity to grow food. Most apartments have plenty of lawn area. Talk with the owner/manager and see if they will let you and others (if others are interested) have a spot to grow a garden. You will probably need to build up on the soil because they probably use chemicals on the lawn……but there is much potential “)

  41. Emily are there no farmer’s markets where you live? The smallest, least important thing I do is garden. It’s the making everything from scratch and finding local meat farmers that makes the biggest difference. Could you not do that, even in an apartment? Even if you sprout instead of buying packaged salad greens that makes a big difference, or if you choose 100% grass fed beef over CAFO beef that makes a huge difference. There are many small things anyone can do that add up to big change over time and in numbers.
    xo, Annette

  42. Actually, on Sundays there IS a farmers’ market at the high school, and I can hoof it there; and I get grass-fed buffalo burger, non-gluten bread and non-GM soymilk at my supermarket. So, I’ll survive unless the value of the dollar goes to zero.

  43. charmaine calvert

    I called a wholefood supplier here in England to ask about BPA use in the cans in which they supply their organic foods. He told me that there is much misinformation on the net so I have invited him to state his own case from the industry’s point of view.

  44. charmaine calvert

    Hi Rady. Thanks very much for the extra info! I hope we hear from the gentleman I spoke to. I gave him this URL. I’m reading the new articles next. Rady thanks so much for being so tuned in to these issues and saving me goodness knows how many hours in research to try and fidn the information myself.

  45. Thanks for your very awakening and informative website! Must we not forget our loyal house pets who rely on us for their survival. Cancer rates have soared in the last decade among our cats and dogs. Most conventional canned pet food contains much the same chemical toxins as ours but go one step further with the deliberate addition of random animal by products. Healthier alternatives might be: organic dry pet food, homemade table food, local farm fresh and raw. Labels may claim all natural but are not always what we think they mean. There is no standard for Natural as there is for Organics so anything goes when it comes to the manufacturer. Trust your instincts.

  46. My dogs get Puppy Chow with table scraps and “gravy.”

    I can’t afford any better than that.


  47. charmaine calvert

    I am disappointed that the person I invited to comment on BPA from the industry’s point of view chose not to make an appearance. He did write to me and trash the research used in this article that questions the safety of BPA and made no comment to me about Canada’s ban of the chemical nor did he provide his own research that proves BPA is safe to eat. Run rabbit, run rabbit run run run.

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  50. I keep reading all these horror stories when are we going to stop getting poisened by the corporations. Don’t get me started on chemicles leaching into fresh cut pinapple chunks.

  51. Just a note in regards to rBGH and rBST in milk, the US is the only developed nation that has not banned the use of it dairy production. All milk produced in Canada is rBGH and rBST free, though products from the US may contain it. All the more reason to buy local :).

    • That makes me feel a little better, Dave (I’m in Canada). And the BPA ban–wow, big step! Now, if only we could get mandatory GMO labelling…

  52. Following the advice contained in this article would increase the average person’s food bill substantially, leaving aside the issue of availability of items such as organic potatoes in most grocery stores. Perhaps your list would be more persuasive if you came up with solutions that didn’t just subsidize Whole Foods.

  53. Whole Foods, while it carries a little organic food, mostly promotes “natural” foods which could be anything. You need to buy from your local natural organic food store. The extra cost will come back to you in your health. (I can’t afford health insurance – my insurance is my nutrition and my bicycle.) But there will be people who can’t afford it. The junk foods are subsidized. There will be a lot more who don’t understand that they would actually be happier without colas and junk foods – or whose children demand them. (Skip that discussion.)

    BTW, in my last apartment I was able to garden on a formerly grassy area belonging to the apartments next door. Landlords tend to say “When you move you have to restore it to lawn” and you say yes. Then you turn it over to another gardener when you leave. It’s hard, though, putting all that energy into building up the soil and not getting to see the lasting results.

  54. True, but organic foods also cost twice as much! If they’re spending less by not using chemicals, why is the cost of organic so high? Make organic foods the same price or less than regular and I’m sure everybody will be eating healthy very quickly! Unfortunately, the seller’s bottom line is more important than people’s health.

    • organic crops have higher losses from bugs… the cheapest way to do it is grow your own. I just finished my potato patch down here in South Florida. In about 3 months, I’ll have a hundred organic potatoes…

      plus, we’ve got radishes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, corn, green beans, etc…

      • Rady, you are so lucky you live in Florida! (I have family all over and was born in South Florida) The soil is so rich and the rain comes to water it all. *sigh* I miss it. I live in the CA Mojave Desert. I’m still growing my own food here, though, and we have a well on our property and three farmers markets going in town. the nice thing this election cycle we have a GMO labeling proposition going to the ballot.
        I appreciate this entire discussion. 🙂

  55. So much information to read through here. Similar passionate beliefs need to create collaborations to allow for bigger changes to make the difference that needs to be made. Organic is better. No question. It is necessary for optimal health to detoxify our bodies by purifying everything we put in and on it. And it currently is more expensive on the front end to purchase Organic foods, however, our back end expense of our deteriorating health as well as our children’s health and nutritional education is detrimental to our lives. We need to push the demand for better foods, soils, waters to our governments, by purchasing what we really want and bringing our demands to them harder. Let’s collaborate and figure out a creative new way of doing this. My website http://www.teamhealthykids.com is just my start. It is a fairly inactive blog site currently, but have bigger things coming. And I want everyone who is interested in Whole Foods Nutrition to join the movement. Let’s bring health back to our world!

  56. I was recently in Argentina for a month where beef is a huge part of the diet and all grass fed. Bad chemicals and such aside, it also TASTES way better. I am surprised American growers don’t latch on to this, people may not buy what is better for them, but they will buy what tastes better

  57. None of these things are on my food list. I get fresh tomatoes year round because I live in Hawaii and eat locally produced grass fed beef (in small quantities).

  58. You vote every time you buy food.
    Vote smart. Eventually if enough people only buy from reputable, wholesome, sustaining farmers/ranchers then the tide will shift. Find your local butcher (preferably one who only uses sustainable, non-drugged, local and ethically raised and slaughtered animals). Frequent your local farmer’s markets. Grow your own food and herbs. And pay attention.

  59. Capitalist greed is killing us everywhere! It is killing the animals, the food supply, the planet … Please wake up people and fight for a clean food system … See CODEX on a web search.

  60. how about an article listing all the rest!

  61. spoken like a bunch of spoiled anglo-centric rubes…people are starving around the world and we are complaining about the kinds of food we are “forced” to choose from…do i trust big business to do what is “right?'” not really…do i think some food is “bad” for nations’ worth of starving people? no , i do not

  62. I really enjoyed the article and I look forward to reading more of your content. I do find it very concerning what is happening within the food industry, and because of that, we are growing more and more of our own food. Home grown food is not only healthier, but you simply cannot compare the taste. Plant your favorite fruits and vegetables, learn how to properly preserve your surplus, and then reap the many benefits of fresh home grown produce. While you’re at it, get a few hens and start providing your family with fresh eggs as well!

  63. All matter is connected, so if you mess with it it’s coming back to you eventually. People can stay in their artificial safety zone eating the foods they deem to be safe but we are all eating out of the same garbage can, sorry.

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  66. We really need to be careful and choose wisely where we get our food. More people are putting in gardens and purchasing from growers and farmers market from people they get to know.

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  68. It’s easy to say, “put in gardens, grow your own food…don’t by in stores…” but not so easy for the majority of ppl in any country. We have to ask ourselves why this came to be…easy… WE asked for it. WE want food avialable all year round…not just apples in the summer..we want new foods ungrowable in our climates, we want fresh meat all year long without having to raise and slaughter them, we want potatoes and other staples even if we live in the city, in apartments and can’t grow our food. To accomidate this need, farmers and food producers found ways to make it happen. To make animals bigger, with more meat, to grow bigger veggies without loosing a lot to pests or disease..to be able to ship over fruits out of season..ect. …and as a person who has had a garden and grown ALL of my own veggies, those “natural” pest controles don’t work. There is a reason ppl turned to chemicals. Now if we want to food producers and government to change, WE have to get rid of the market for what they produce…and that won’t happen.

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  70. I have seen deformed cows with 3 eyes tumors and they still continue to use their tainted Milk we all that the Majority of consumers are children is the dollar more imortant than childrens health . We need to really start to inform the general public do not feed this to your children . Al Pina

  71. I’ve really enjoyed following this thread with a few exceptions. The Declaration of Ind. quote on the page is excellent. The rants that get political about the parties are not so excellent. I am a Republican (and I do vote both in elections and at the stores). I also am against greed from any source that would defraud a person. How silly to think parties are all of any one way, greedy or altruistic. As a Republican I just agree small govt. is best, just as buying local is best. I don’t trust anything from China that we eat because the incentives to produce over there are not as carefully laced with oversight. Lying is not as frowned upon. I also know some corporate types who truly believe we (writing here) are just wrong about the problems of pesticides. They aren’t greedy monsters. It does boil down to individual responsibility. The govt. is made up of masses of people and they get trapped in regulations that become more important than common sense. They don’t have anything near a succesful trackrecord in running anything as defined as healthcare nor farms, nor do they run schools so well. So without pointing at someone else we are left to point to ourselves to gather what we can, share the facts and enjoy the fruits we can.
    I was working on home grown kids, now I have more time to work on home grown tomatoes.
    Don’t forget bushel basket gardening. It may be a small endeavor but it is fun and easy to manage. I tried it in a nursery school room, lots of little hands to help water, no bugs for us, either. And there are lots of “weeds” about that are very nutritional, as long as they aren’t near high sources of pollution, like next to roads and all that exhaust. My yard happens to be free of pesticides and have lot of dandelions and violets.

  72. We are fooled by our own ignorance regarding food. If society as a whole took some responsibility towards their own well being our food supply situation would be much different.

    It’s easy to blame politicians, it’s much harder to look at ourselves and do the same. At the end of the day we drive food production and perhaps we need to look in the mirror and take a bit of the onus.

  73. Don’t you ever wonder how all this got started? Don’t you wonder how those huge rich cor_porations and ban_ks got so filthy ric_h in the first place? If you really want to understand this, read “Sec_rets of the Fed_eral Reser_ve” by Eus_tace Mul-lins. You can find the whole book online using google. It’s shocking! They are par_asites to gover_nments. That’s where they get their mon_ey. It’s really OUR mon_ey. And we let them help themselves to it. They bu_y up presidents, senators, and politicians. They force the sale of many businesses to form these huge corporations. And they force the sale of farms to buy up vast expanses of land. Must read.

  74. Also there is no nutrient value in a lot of vegetables. They are now developed to have a long shelf life to the detriment of nutritional value and if you taste one of the old unaltered tomatoes for example you will not believe the difference in flavour. But that is another story and readily available on the internet for those who want to find it.

  75. You might want to get your own copy of this great little “Healthy Handout” on Food Cleaning, http://www.leaflady.org/tocpub.htm

    This woman is the real thing.

  76. What about the working class parents out there struggling to feed their families? Single Mom’s who work full time do not have the energy, money, or time to grow a garden. It’s a lovely idea, but very unrealistic. Sometimes buying from local farmers can be inconvenient as well. Working parents need convenience, which is why Wal-Mart is so evil. Do you really think poor families, who work their butts off have time or money to seek out local farmers? No, they do not. Therefore this sick cycle will continue until MAJOR changes get made. Greed has infected these corporations and they could give a sh*! less about our health. People need to be educated. Right now, they are brainwashed. It’s important that we all do what we can to bring this issue to light for our fellow people. The revolution starts now….

    • the “MAJOR change” required is self-sufficiency… that’s how poor folks get out of the trap of eating crap food which makes them sick, which requires healthcare, which they can’t afford. That’s WHY gardening is so necessary to the revolution …

  77. True Rady, but people work 8 to 10 hour days. Our teachers leave for work when the sun is just coming up, and get home after sunset. When do they have time to tend a garden? Our societal structure is not set up to be self-sufficient. I love the thought of self sufficiency, but in this country I feel its a stretch. The majority of us are overworked and underpaid. The poor folks are slaves to their minimum wage jobs. I feel that the revolution starts with talking and educating everyone on this issue. The people have to revolt by demanding better food and putting these nasty corporations out of business. Many of us will find the time to garden, but some just can’t.

    • Well, SWL, the teachers I know get home about 3:30, but it’s true that many poor people work long hours. We post a lot of articles here about container gardening indoors. Just supplying some of your own veggies free of the market leads to independence.

      Sure, contact your government representatives, but don’t hold your breath that they’ll abide the wishes of people, when multi-billion dollar corporations fund their campaign and lobby them during their term in office.

      Best to take matters into your own hands and start gardening!

  78. get_out_of_the_rat_race

    It’s not limited to these 7 foods. Get out of the cities. Move to small towns, buy 10 acres of land. Land is cheap in the country. Raise cows, sheep, chickens, ??? goats, rabbits … take them yourselves to a local, meticulously clean & reputable meatcutter.

    Grow a heritage garden – and boycott hyrbrid seeds/plants. Hybrid seeds are OWNED, and do not produce viable seed on the plants. the rights to old heritage/heirlooom seeds are not owned by anyone, and reproduce their own seed. Large corporations like the Monsantos company would prefer to own patents on all the hybrid seed, and control the world food supply. So grow and preserve your own ! Consider an indoor grow light garden for fresh over the winter vegies (growrooms are not all for marijuana!) But definitely grow a big garden, have a root cellar, , learn how to preserve food by canning and freezing year’s haul to last until the next one.

    Get out of the rat race while you still can!!!

  79. What saddens me is that we are taught as children that there are certain people that are there to look after our rights, speak for us, teach us, help us maintain our health, etc. and unfortunately as we age, we realize that there is nothing that is sacred and that we have to question EVERY single profession, area, government, doctor. I know that it is foolish and naive to think there are people out there making morally sound decisions, especially when they are bullied and bribed, however wouldn’t it be nice to think that there are people who realize they are making decisions on important things that affect their OWN families? I can honestly say no amount of money would make me pass laws (or not pass them) knowing my very own children would be eating poison! It makes me so sad to know there are so many people in positions to change the course of what is happening and they are sitting silent, and that its still about money.

    I secretly long for a day where money means nothing and we go back to a system of bartering, and looking out for our communities and their members.

  80. Great article. Personally though, I already have health problems and disabilities that I have had since birth so I do this slower than the average person. I’m also on a low income, so alternative sources don’t work for me. I look at the prices of feeding the two of us in the store, and then calculate how much it would cost for me to feed us if I went totally local and I nearly fall over. I wish more people would go for the locally grown stuff…maybe the prices would be able to come down…I don’t know.

    I envy people who can do their own canning and preserving. I try to do some freezing (like freezer pickles and such) when I can, but energy loss is a big thing for me. So I don’t always get what I want done. I’ve already eliminated the milk from my diet (mostly…I like the occasional cheese product), and I’m the better for it.

    So you can say the solutions are to eliminate this or that or do this or that, but think about others in your community, or maybe in your own family – do they have the money or the energy to do that? Probably not. Let’s think of an alternative way to do this people…gardening pesticide free is one way; I have a container garden that I’m constantly expanding each year. That’s one way. Buying at a farmer’s market (if you can and when you can is another), but even buying futures is out of my league.

    So when you say to do all these things or buy this way or that, think of others who can’t before submitting. Not all of us have a credit card or a disposable income.

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  82. First smoking has not been proven to cause cancer. And this article is pure corn fes B.S.

  83. Kelly @kellynaturally

    Eating a vegan diet effectively eliminates worries from ingesting hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or other chemicals from animal products. It also is a way of not contributing to the mistreatment of animals.

    Breastfeeding ensures that babies aren’t exposed to the chemicals in artificial baby milk created in factories & on factory farms or the phytoestrogens in soy.

    Buying local alleviates the nutrient loss that happens when fruits & veggies sit, eliminates the need to spray with preservatives, reduces the carbon footprint of your salad.

    Grow a garden or buy from a co-op!

    Overall, I think the biggest change can come from reducing our dependence on animal products for food. It just isn’t necessary.

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  85. I don’t believe any of this article! Conventional apples,-I’ve picked apples at the farms and OD on them for years as many as 600 hundred apples in 4months.I”m 60 and have not been in the hospital once. My Mother grew up on Canned tomatoes ,Apples and lentils, she lived to 99 yr. old. Why don’t they vacuum pack food? It would last longer, and people wouldn’t be throwing food alway. The last two weeks I drank 9 gallons of 100% apple juice ,experation date 3 months ago. There was nothing wrong with it, best juice I ever had at a very cheap price. Those dates are for diary products. If all of you are worried about food ,do away with fast food joints.

    • Your logic is specious, just like the people who scoffed at cigarettes being unsafe because their aunt smoked every day until she died peacefully in her sleep at age 90 (unlike the screaming passengers in her car). As with smoking, the pesticides/BPA issue is that they doesn’t quickly kill everyone, they greatly increase your chances of adverse health effects.

      And we don’t vacuum pack food because it isn’t especially safe. Botulism, for example, is anaerobic and thrives in vacuum packing, which is why canning is potentially dangerous–canned food must be highly cooked (which is why canned tuna looks/tastes so different than fresh), highly salted, and/or preserved. Vacuum packing at home without these safeguards is dangerous–which is why the home vac sealers tell you to freeze the food afterwards.

      And expiration dates aren’t only for dairy products; take a basic course in bacteriology to find out why.

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  87. I have a family member who works at a Texas feed lot. She told me that she will not eat the beef because of what they are fed. Btw, the beef from the cattle of this feed lot are FDA inspected. What does this tell you?

    • We should all eat a lot less meat.

    • I think you mean USDA, not FDA.

      What it tells you is that the food industry is really powerful, and so Congress won’t pass laws that restrict what they can do. The USDA doesn’t even have the power to recall bacteria-contaminated meat–the most they can do is withdraw their inspectors, so the meat can’t be labelled “USDA inspected.”

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  89. This is a No-Brainer. Non-GMO genetics are designed for yield, with no compromise for standability or drydown. Products are always carefully chosen to match trait rotation systems, IRM refuge areas, and premium markets. Thanks for your blog! Let the world know!

  90. I thought the title said farmers won’t eat them. I see that people with Phd’s in organic, sustainable, and new wave psychology won’t eat them. Where are the farmers?

  91. This recent microwave article from a reputable source may be of help:

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  94. I’m unemployed for the first time since I was 15, in an area where the unemployment is at 17%. Since I’m low on cash, this summer I grew much of my food (various lettuces, tomatoes, zucchini, herbs, peas and beans) on a 6×4 balcony in containers I used to use for under-bed storage. I drilled holes in the bottoms and set them on stones dug out of my landlady’s garden (with her permission of course). I’d water when it was nice and sunny early on so nothing got saturated or too dry. I even had room in one corner for a chair so I could sit up there and watch the insects pollinate the plants. It’s September now and I have enough vegetables and herbs left to can. My landlady found it so remarkable that I got that much food from a small, high, windy space that she’s planning to put in a veggie garden for the first time next year. And while being unemployed certainly left more time for me to contemplate the fruits of my labor, I’m positive that I would’ve been able to tend that size garden even with an 8 or 10 hour job during our growing season. Even doing so for a family would’ve meant a little less we had to spend on questionable goods at the store.

  95. @tyler – yeah, we’ll ALL just go ahead and raise our own meat for slaughter. gardening – now that’s a good idea. i started my first garden this summer. canned tomatoes, salsa and made my own black raspberry jam. easier than most people think (the canning). the garden takes some work but i’d put it at a 4 or 5 out 10 on the work effort scale.

  96. After my digitally abdominal examination six years ago, a gastroenterologist informed me that I had non-alcoholic streata hepatitis of the liver (nash). The doctor described nash as fatty tissue covering the external contours of my liver. I guess that is what has happened to me over the years when my bodily innards could not digest those violent chemicals such as glyphosate extant in our food, water, and air supply.

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  99. Corn fattened beef. It wasn’t mentioned that cattle can only consume corn for a certain period of time, before their guts develop E. coli. Sound familiar? Be afraid, be very afraid of corn fed beef. Oh yes, and the corn is genetically modified (GM). All microwave pop corn is GM. Potatoes are garbage food. It’s healthier to eat yams and sweet potatoes. Or try an heirloom variety. Farmed Salmon is also given a dye in their feed as it takes time and age to develop that pink/salmon/orange color. Drink only unpasteurized milk and juice or don’t drink it at all. Pasteurized milk is the most processed thing on the face of the planet and contributes to heart disease, diabetes, inflammatory and auto immune disease, to name a few. It’s poison!

    Farmed Salmon

    • Any citations for this?
      First of all, E. coli is a bacterium; it doesn’t spontaneously generate based on food. E. coli must be consumed in order to be present in the gut.
      Second, E. coli is ALREADY in the gut of pretty much all animals; you have it in you right now. We all do. Infants get it within two days of birth. It’s only if you ingest a pathogenic serotype that you get sick.

      BTW, yams and sweet potatoes are totally unrelated to each other.

      As far as what you say about milk, if you think that pasteurized milk (which is FAR safer than raw) is the most processed thing on earth, you’ve never had a Twinkie. Seriously, pasteurized milk has simply been heated to kill pathogens; that qualifies it as being super-processed?

      If you want to make a serious criticism of milk, say that mammals aren’t built to ingest milk past childhood, after they’d normally stop nursing, so that drinking milk is itself problematic.

      • Yams and sweet potaotes are unrelated? So what? What could possibly be your point? They are food and better than most potatoes.
        Yes, E-Coli is in our gut, just as strep is also found in our bodies. Generally they don’t cause us a problem unless something causes them to flourish and then all hell breaks loose. Again, what is your point, other than to nitpick?
        I’m sorry if what I posted offends you, it probably offends many ignorant people. I have been in the health industry (true health) all of my life and know what I’m talking about, just as most people here do.

        • The point is that sweet potatoes are more nutritious than yams, and most people confuse them. Neither, though, is dramatically better than potatoes; see, e.g.,

          And you’re missing the point about E. coli. You are mistaken about all hell breaking loose when something causes them to flourish: they’re already flourishing in our guts–there are more bacterial cells in our bodies than human cells; see,
          All hell breaks loose when we ingest a dangerous serotype.

          I strongly agree with you that cows shouldn’t be eating corn (they’re ruminants), but the bigger issue is the incredibly disgusting conditions they’re kept in at the CAFOs. A corn diet doesn’t cause pathogenic E. coli contamination; feces-covered living spaces do– weakened immune systems from that improper diet then make disease more likely.

          Please cite a source saying that Streptococcus is found in our bodies in the same way that E. coli is.

          Pointing out insignificant grammatical errors is nitpicking; disputing erroneous assertions is not.

          Stating that you’ve been in the health industry all your life isn’t enough; getting your facts right is.

          • Watch Food Inc. and Farmageddon. My pointing out grammatical errors? I have no idea what you are talking about and would never stoop to such nonsense.

          • I’ve seen both films.
            At no point did I write that you corrected grammatical errors; I used that as an example of the proper use of “nitpicking.”

  100. personally, I rather eat something that has a bug bite out of it because I feel that less sprays have bee used on it. I try to grow alot of my own food’ I think that everyone should. Even if you don’t have a lot of land you would be surprise how much you can grow on a patio

  101. If you are really for farmers, then look at how many have had to sell their family farms to pay estate taxes! Families who have farmed for generations are “land-rich”, with hundreds or thousands of acres, but don’t have the cash to pay the taxes on all that land when the patriarch of the family dies. Many of them have to sell the farm to developers just to pay the taxes! So on paper they are rich, but not really, and all you tax-the-rich folks lose out on good, US grown food!

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  104. Why are we served this crap when others have known about the dangers and still serve it? Where’s their conscience? We should be trying to prevent disease not create more.
    My daughter has Autism and I know a few others that either have children with it or know someone with it. I’m positive it has something to do with our food. It’s not pure anymore. I’ve also developed Lactose intolerance in the last 10 yrs and now lack digestive enzymes to digest proteins, fats, and carbs properly. It’s becoming more common. Fruit and veggies are not being allowed to produce fully before they are picked then lack natural enzymes. I’m glad now that I am aware of these foods. I knew about some of them already but not all. I always thought canned Tomatoes were good for you. I knew about milk having hormones but infected cow udders and pus? That’s just gross! I grew up on a farm and drank fresh unpasteurized milk and had fresh eggs. We never got sick or got diarrhea from eating it. Now the gov’t steps in on the little guys and says we can’t sell it bc we might get someone sick, then serve us food tainted with chemicals and crap? I’m disgusted!!!

  105. This is amazing facts to know for me and my family and more importantly my 2young sons might just have a healthier life ,Thank u

  106. Please take a moment to read this, We can feel Better!!

    • Walking away from bad food is one step; but walking away from mainstream media, television, HollyWood fantasies is the NEXT STEP, the step that will take you out of their control.

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  108. I’m very worried about the border agreement that’s just been announced between the US and Canada. Does it mean that hormones that are now not allowed to be given to cows here in Canada, are going to become legal? And how many other regulations are going to be watered down?

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  111. Here’s the thing and i just recently experienced it for myself. Yes its great to organically grow produce but due to the strength of insects & weeds which have adapted to the strong pesticides and herbicides which have been used now for decades to control their populations, it is very hard to find anything organic to use to successfully ward off an attack by a particular pest or the overtaking of weeds. The old ways simply don’t work like they used to. My example is that we have a sod farm which we also grow a little produce on. In this instance it was sweet corn. We had one area which was given to a friend who is a pro farmer, where he grew some of the best looking corn I have ever seen in terms of home grown sweet corn. Usually they always have some worms in them, some weeds amongst the stalks etc. Last year I was lucky to get that, and as mentioned his crops were fantastic. Later I asked about what he did differently and was told that he sprayed (his words, not mine) constantly … where as I never did once. Next year, I will not be so naive although I deeply regret having to use the chemicals. I don’t have an answer, but that my friends is the problem. Suggestions for the organic ways of controlling pests, just isn’t getting it done these days.

  112. Chemicals and bad stuff are everywhere, so I stopped eating altogether.

  113. Everyone in north carolina,states its the allegeries. It seem very strange that when they clean out then chicken houses and spray the fields that is when everyone gets this sinus and cough that last most of summer called epa called Dept Agriculter,they say the say things thats the why it alsways was. Hello people are getting sick that was not the way it always were. Just when they started to commericalize chicken and turkey farms its dangersous and no on wants to address the issue. Human chicken and turkey waste is being spread on field with all types of preventive medicians. Some onne please listen this is our children future

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  116. how about governments intervene with strongest policies to force farmers to at least mix grain and grass in their feeding systems?

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