Mutant cows die in GM trial

George and Charlie, born in 1998, were the first cloned transgenic calves, paving the way for "pharming," thru which frankenscientists hope to combine cloning and genetic modification to create animals capable of producing medicinal products. (Image at BBC)

By Eloise Gibson
New Zealand Herald

Genetically modified cows were born with ovaries that grew so large they caused ruptures and killed the animals. The bungled experiment happened during a study by AgResearch scientists at Ruakura, Hamilton, to find human fertility treatments through GM cows’ milk. AgResearch is studying tissue from one of three dead calves to try to find out what made the ovaries grow up to the size of tennis balls rather than the usual thumbnail-size.

Details of the deaths – in veterinary reports released to the Weekend Herald under the Official Information Act – have reignited debate over the ethics of GM trials on animals.

AgResearch’s applied technologies group manager, Dr Jimmy Suttie, said he did not see the deaths as a “big deal”, and they were part of the learning process for scientists.

But GE-Free NZ spokesman Jon Carapiet said details of the calf trial showed the animal welfare committee overseeing AgResearch’s work was “miles away from the ethics and values of the community”.

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4 responses to “Mutant cows die in GM trial

  1. jews0eat0comfortably

    I agree with the NZ folks that said putting human genes in the animals is stupid.

  2. gee it didnt happen in mice so we can say oops..and continue.
    theres a reason some humans dont conceive, and this insane and senseless drive to create babies that were not meant to be, while harming animals, all the while needs to be stopped.
    what isnt getting through here? we have Gates wanting to chemically neuter all 3rd world females via vaccines and now nano vaccines no one can avoid..and overpopulation being pushed by gree, and eugenicis proponents , all the while theres this loopfruits “help” to create more mouths.
    oh silly me, they are acceptable babies as they are first world..
    all those poor forever pregnant mares, whos urine provided the pill, now passe, and either rescued or used for pet food, after a life of confinement and legally sanctioned abuse.

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  4. madness. i am ashamed of them and of the kind of human they are. white coats and degrees does nothing to hide the fact that this is criminal behavior,animal cruelty posing as science.

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