Obama’s Manure: Millions to ADM, Financial Penalties to Amish Unless They Plant GMOs

Cows with mastitis stand in shit

By Kip Reading

In addition to the theft and corruption, how many lies are we caught in, how much deception? Just take a quick tour of “Upside Down in Agriculture and Global Warming.” Some might call it “Insane Injustice” as Obama gives ag giant, Archer Daniels Midland, millions to capture carbon in projects ADM designed itself.

How much fossil fuel does this company use to produce its industrial products, to run its massive industrial operations, to transport its products around the world, to keep the lights on in PR companies that fight organic farming (which is a solution to global warming), to fly its lobbyists around to end up with such a give away? Doesn’t industrial ag contribute 40% to global warming?

On June 11, the Associated Press posted an article entitled ADM gets $99 million for carbon-capture project, which states, in part:

“The U.S. Department of Energy will give Archer Daniels Midland up to $99 million in stimulus funds to help pay for the Decatur-based agricultural company’s second carbon-capture project.

“ADM says the money will allow it to begin designing and building the new demonstration project starting in 2012. The company hopes the project will capture and store 1 million tons of carbon dioxide a year from ADM’s ethanol plant. ADM plans to spend $43.6 million.”

This flooded manure lagoon is filled with antibiotics, GM hormones and a host of parasites and pathogens.

ADM, seeing farming as a fragmented industrial activity, has no idea how to use carbon sustainably as part of normal natural processes. So, they create genetically engineered feed for animals, increasing the risk of MSRA and making the feces from industrial animals a health hazard. Then, they’re big idea for handling such “carbon” is digging into a mountain, burying it there, and hoping it doesn’t leak out. For this corporate idiocy, wrong at every step, Obama gave them millions.

Yet, as Utah State University explains, normal “manure is full of vital nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous) required for soil fertility and plant growth. Simple reapplication of manure may also eliminate the need for expensive storage facilities.”

Free range cattle spread healthy manure safely

When farmers do things right for generations

While Mother Nature News calls unwanted regulatory threat “unusual government collaboration,” the reality is that the Amish will be subject to rules from desk-sitters at the EPA who will “decide” how to run their beautiful farms. MNN refers to the heaps of manure generated from Amish farms, apparently with no idea it has value and isn’t contaminated:

“The EPA is walking a fine line between enforcing clean-up practices while maintaining a respectful understanding of the culture….

“The EPA officials want to communicate the need for agricultural reform before resorting to fines and penalties.

“The EPA wants to encourage the Amish to create barnyard runoff controls and streamside forest buffers, and to also adopt no-till farming practices.”

Pause for what was just slipped in there by the EPA. ‘No-till farming practices’ is code for using genetically engineered seeds and pesticides. While ‘no-till’ does reduce carbon emissions, a more sinister plan motivates the concept. Monsanto states, “farmers leave the stubble or plant residue on the soil’s surface, rather than plowing or disking it into the soil.  The new crop is planted directly into this stubble, and genetically modified (GM) herbicide-tolerant plants make it possible and practical for growers to control weeds in the crop by applying an herbicide rather than plowing.” 

“Plant the seeds, blanket spray pesticides, no need to weed.” Biotech corporations will employ PR to deny the superweeds, which have been a problem of GMO farming since at least 2005.

MNN continues:

“Many of these changes would be underwritten by federal grants, but persuading the Amish to change their farming habits with government money will be difficult.”

The “money has been lucrative for local agricultural companies …” NY Times reports.

So, Obama, under cover of carbon sequestering, is yet again betraying sustainable agriculture by pushing GMOs on the Amish, the epitome of organic farmers. This fact is hidden by the NY Times and MNN articles that suggest the EPA is sensitive to the Amish. In reality, the EPA would force them to pay for changes on their farms they may not be able to afford and then threatens them with fines and penalties if they don’t betray their own traditions. These regulations benefit Monsanto, which Obama serves over and over again (putting them at the FDA, the USDA, USAID, trade, and apparently now, the EPA is working for them, too).

The Amish farm sustainably. Carbon is automatically sequestered in the soil by organic farming. The Amish don’t need “cleaning up.” They have been helping to reduce global warming for centuries through everything they do.

Though they have been doing right by the world, they won’t be allowed to design projects that harmonize with nature, but will have to pay for changes and then pay fines and penalties if they don’t go along with government imposed regulations that do not fit their farms and threaten their families’ lives, and others, by farming and selling GMO crops. (See, e.g., Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage and Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality.)

It’s easy to see now why farmers are opposed to the Clean Air Act or Cap and Trade: “Cap farmers and give more Trade to the corporations.” The corporate fix is in with these bills and the money keeps rolling in from government to the corporations, which are writing government regulations that surreptitiously (and with sustainable-sounding terms) mandate dangerous corporate products the public rejects. That is, farmers are being targeted for doing right for generations and now will be financially punished for trying to continue to do so.

Does it get any more pro big business and corrupt than this?

14 responses to “Obama’s Manure: Millions to ADM, Financial Penalties to Amish Unless They Plant GMOs

  1. The grand ethanol scam, with all of its disease-causing solid wastes being forced fed to dairy cows and livestock, is such a loser it defies the imagination. Now they want to add to their chemical complex a carbon-capture system– no one has ever demonstrated this could even work– and if it did would require 30% more energy.

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  3. Don’t dis no-till farming. Even the Rodale Institute (long-term champions of Organic) are fans of no-till. My understanding is that the Amish are ok with herbicides.

    Manure isn’t really such wonderful stuff. It has too much phosphorus relative to nitrogen so the excess becomes a pollutant. When manure is stored or composted, there are methane emissions that are actually way more problematic than most people realize.

    Manure should be put into anaerobic digesters to turn it into bioenergy.

    • You missed the point. Monsanto has co-opted the term “no till” farming as a cover for GE-seeds and Roundup.

      “Manure isn’t such wonderful stuff.” Are you really completely ignorant about its value and endless uses? Or are you posting as troll for big ag?

  4. amicus curiae

    re Steve Savages post.
    too much phosphorus to nitrogen..
    and who told you that?
    ever heard of super phosphate Dap and even triple..
    all well and truly way over the amount that any animal could pass from its body, all over used yearly by the No till chem fools too.

    Natural manure, on healthy soil is eaten by worms and dung beetles within hours of its being dropped, if it was too “hot” they would avoid it, as they DO with for eg Dynamic lifter, a super hi nitrogen etc etc product based on chook poop but with some extras. Dogs eating it have been ill and died due to the massive nitrogen urea content.

    the methane beat up is another warmista ploy, simple manure piles soon get healthy bacteria working in them. commercial ponds however soon go anaerobic and sure do outgas methane and other pongs.

    dry manure piles, are in no way smelly I happen to have 5 tons of manure and straw right outside my front door right now, some old some fresh with straw, and theres the barest trace of a hint of horse:-)

    the Phosphorus is mainly in the Urine, which in feedlotted animals is all mixed in, theres a supposed? shortage of phosphorus happening..and Sweden? has toilets to isolate it and save it for USE on their fields.

    overuse of the natural resources, and..some buying up of all the available sources about 4? years back BY the multinat fertilizers companies helps keep that LIE going nicely, and causes the rude price hikes we now see.

    Rodale support large scale farming, and you Can use no till without gm. if? roundup didnt have resistant plants then youd not need that second or third spray would you?

    I hope the Amish tell the EPA, useless lot of gits that they are, to go to Hell!

  5. To Steve Savage:

    Too much of anything is not good. Amish farmers historically, have operated at a scale where the things they are doing are small and less damaging, in comparison, to others. This is part of their religion and their outlook on life–to keep things local and within their realm of competence and tradition.

    Manure, at a certain level of ‘production’ is good, very good. At a higher level of ‘production’, too many animals on too few acres it is bad, very bad.

    You have to understand this principle of land use, population density and scale. Imitate nature, not the factory, the timeclock, the ultimate machine, the rape and ruin and the military occupation and destruction of indigenous people and others who prefer a more natural, loving rather than killing type life. It might even pay ( in terms of life, not money), to be downright Un-American.

    Far worse than any Amish are the teeming hordes of urban and surburban lawn-keepers of America who produce NOTHING in terms of food and yet what they do to the eco-system via chemical sprays, their own sewer systems and heavy personal pharmaceutical use and profligate useless and indeed HARMFUL waste production of all sorts is staggering. Perhaps you should look into their (these lawn-keepers) antics first and champion some kind of change or revolution there. Ya think?!?

    Or maybe you’ve got one of them chem-green lawns and a GENUINE green machine John Deere lawn tractor of your own in your garage?!?

    Keep on truckin’ pal.

  6. Amish farms don’t necessarily practice organic or sustainable agriculture. Some do, and some don’t. Some pasture-feed their animals, others use grain and confinement. Conservation practices like composting and streamside buffers are not common among the Amish.

    Fact is on a county-by-county basis, Lancaster County is the largest single contributor of nutrient pollution to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. There’s definitely room for improvement; the question is how to proceed. Chemically-intensive methods may allow higher production and improve some water quality parameters in the short term, but true organic conservation methods will be infinitely better for long-term sustainability.

  7. No till farming is not code for using commercial fertilizers or GMOs. More on no till farming:

    The Rodale Institute is the one of the worlds leaders in organic farming.
    This process does not require GMO plants. If it did, then Rodale wouldn’t use it.

    “The EPA wants to encourage the Amish to create barnyard runoff controls and streamside forest buffers, and to also adopt no-till farming practices.”

    As someone that has been involved with stream restoration with Trout Unlimited, I agree with the EPA encouraging the Amish to be better stewards of the land and water. Not all Amish and Mennonites practice organic farming. Some spread sludge and dead animal waste over their farm fields. Sludge is toxic to humans and animals.

    • BTW – I live in an area that has many Amish and Mennonite farms and I buy my produce from those that farm organically. Not all Amish and Mennonite farms are alike.

    • In the hands of the EPA, and with such disparity in how farmers versus ADM are treated, no one should be trusting this. Since when does the EPA control what the farmers do and why are they fining the Amish while giving millions to ADM? Why not give millions to the Amish to use organic methods and find ADM for its brutal and filthy CAFOs?

  8. Steve – Manure should be put into anaerobic digesters to turn it into bioenergy. Some farmers are already doing just that.

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