Bolivia gives up GM crops in 5-year transition plan

By Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
Americas Program Biodiversity Report

Bolivian president Evo Morales decreed a five-year transition period in which to eliminate genetically modified (GM) crops from the national territory, as well as a process for rescuing local seeds in order to promote food sovereignty.

“The process of recovering food sovereignty in Bolivia has had to overcome various obstacles,” commented Radio Mundo Real.  “In addition to the problem of the Brazilian latifundistas who appropriated vast areas of land without pause for decades, the penetration of GM seeds is a true ‘Trojan Horse’ in the popular project of Evo Morales and Bolivian campesino organizations.”

“Obviously, we cannot support the assertions of the giant agribusiness consortia which see hybrid and GM seeds as the solution for the problem of world hunger,” said Oscar Mendieta-Chávez, advisor in the Rural Development and Lands Ministry.

“These GM seeds are not the product of nature or of God, and therefore rather than being of benefit to the campesino farmer, they risk contaminating wild, local genetic resources as well as consumers,” the functionary added.

Meanwhile, Chile and Costa Rica organizations continue to battle GM crops. Read more:


Radio Mundo Real. “Ultimátum: En el plazo de un lustro Bolivia estará libre de transgénicos”. May 31 2010.

For more information:

H/T GM Watch.

6 responses to “Bolivia gives up GM crops in 5-year transition plan

  1. YEE-HAH!

    People are recovering their senses!

    Profiteering is a filthy way to run a planet!

    : )

  2. Don’t forget BULGARIA! They don’t even want GM INGREDIENTS! Not Now! Not Ever! Scientists are forbidden to conduct GM experiments! Originally Bulgaria wanted a 19 mile “buffer zone” between “organic” and GM – to isolate GM crops so that they wouldn’t CONTAMINATE the food supply! Soooooooooooooo How come THEY ARE SO SMART?
    It is such a head – shaker!
    At www,…they show the “Effects of Genetically Modified Foods”, (World Natural Health Organization), there is all sorts of info on GE or GM foods to show how poisonous they are, PLUS they show the history of Monsanto, as does the site: http://www.Organic Consumers….a really super site.
    We just have to get the message out to THE PEOPLE! to take a stand against Monsanto, DuPont, and now even Bayer!
    Other countries see it – now, we need to see it to and take charge of our health. After all: We just must go with the attitude that it is PATRIOTIC TO BE HEALTHY! We are helping our country and ourselves by keeping the cost down on Health Care by eatting food that doesn’t have Gm ingredients, AND telling companies that use GM ingredients – DON’T! For our children’s health, for the elderly, and for ourselves and everyone we know and love!

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