Bill Maher: Spinach or Drugs

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

“If you believe you need all the pills and drugs the pharmaceutical industry says you do — then you‘re already on drugs.” ~ Bill Maher, 2007

Good comedy is usually about dissecting and pointing out the sheer lunacy of something that happens all the time. And, usually, you can’t use satire unless a vast majority knows exactly what you’re talking about, and can relate to the topic.

This is why I really love this video. Bill Maher whacks the ball out of the park with his commentary on the current state of “health” care in the United States and the propaganda machine that wants you to believe you need a pill in order to get out your door in the morning.

“There’s no money in healthy people,” he says, and that truth is at the heart of our American health crisis.

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7 responses to “Bill Maher: Spinach or Drugs

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  2. A number of years ago I was in a Public Relations Society of America special workshop on media relations. In that workshop was a senior PR person from one of the major drug manufacturers who asked the group for ideas on how to influence the public, through the media, that they needed adult ADHD drugs.

    You see, the adult ADHD drugs were about a year away from being released, so the PR executive had about one year to come up with stories and reasons why adults needed these drugs. Essentially, said the PR exec., the public doesn’t believe or even know there is a need so we have to create one. And they did. I watched stories appear over the next year, creating that necessity. Ads convincing the general population. It made me sick to watch it all. Even sicker to realize that the general public is addicted to quick fixes and to pharma.

    This is just one MORE reason why I never put my active son on these drugs, while every other parent I knew put their kids on ADHD pills to flatten their spirits. Nearly every little boy I’ve ever known has gallons of energy — there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe we need more recess and sports, more hands-on in elementary school, more leadership opportunities for little kids? More patience and understanding from teachers and administrators?

    By all accounts I should be labeled ADHD. I’m the Energizer button until 11 PM every night. I have a million projects and have to force myself to focus — but when I do, and I do know how to do that, there’s genius there! I have so many thoughts in my head that I have to use meditation to quiet down at night — but isn’t that what creative and mover-shaker people are made of? Mental discipline, for me, is my drug. It’s a lovely thing.

    • thank you for this comment, Terra.

      John Pilger just covered media collusion in the interest of big business (with regard to the war, Obamacare, etc.) on Democracy Now!. He says “There’s a war on journalism.”

      Ain’t that the truth?

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  4. awesome post! im a huge fan of bill maher. (saw him as a distinguished speaker at my university!) i completely agree with what he is saying and i completely love (and agree) with the list of the 10 basic tenets of optimal health. i just wish there was a easier and simpler way of getting more raw foods in my diet.

    • yeah, Maher’s pretty funny. my republican father even enjoys him

      re raw foods: grow your own or buy from your local farmer or food co-op.

  5. Many thanks for information…

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