The New Frontier: Genetically Modified Oil Wars

By Deniza Gertsberg
GMO Journal

Consumer Beware: the next generation of biotech crops focus directly on you. Unlike most of GM crops currently on the market, which are genetically altered to be herbicide and pesticide resistant, the new generation of GM crops are designed to express alleged nutritional benefits. Focusing on soybean oil — the fastest way to reach the broadest number of consumers because of its ubiquitous presence in many foods — biotech companies are mutating seeds used to produce oil designed to express various types of “nutritional” benefits.

Since we do not yet know whether genetically modified crops and food products made from them are safe, and in fact studies have suggested otherwise [also see 2010 info: organ damage, sterility, and diabetes and obesity], it is hard to swallow and digest (no pun intended) the news that GM oils are designed to express nutritional benefits. How nutritious can food be if it has, as is suggested by studies, adverse health impacts? It’s like smoking cigarettes which have been designed to address halitosis.

But that is not stopping biotech companies from R&D. And so the oil wars have officially begun.

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7 responses to “The New Frontier: Genetically Modified Oil Wars

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be careful to delete soybean oil from my list of preferred ingredients.


  2. S0 much for safe food.

    It’s time to bring Big Farmer and Big Pharma down into the dust bin of history.

  3. Let the corporate executives be the guinea pigs for this sham. If this stuff is as good as they allege, they (those who stand to gain the most money) should relish in the chance to add this to their diets. In the meantime, thanks, but no thanks, first of all, food products that get sprayed heavily by Roundup are not my idea of a health food, no matter how much they tweak the genetics.

    Margarine at one time was the big health savior, anyone remember that? I guess some folks still eat it, or it wouldn’t be on the shelves. P.T. Barnum, “there is a sucker born every minute” sighing

  4. jimmieanna-I also wonder what the biotech indus leaders eat.

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  6. Having just perused htis site, I wrote to the White House.
    I think we need to barrage the WH with letters.

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