Doing Business Under a State of Siege: Looking Beyond Regulator Scare Tactics in WI, CA, MN

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. with actor and comedian George Lopez, sponsor of the George Lopez National Kidney Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic in Toluca Lake, CA, in May.

By David E. Gumpert
The Complete Patient

The Whole Foods and Organic Valleys of the world are creating a huge vacuum by abandoning the sale of raw milk. Organic Pastures Dairy Co. in California has been masterful, from a business perspective, of “branding” raw milk, even going so far as making it a major cache’ item at a celebrity golf tournament.

I’ve wanted to write a followup to a posting I did a couple months back on the tremendous business opportunity represented by raw dairy, and nutrient-dense foods in general. Each time I started writing, though, there seemed to be yet another government raid on a dairy or a food club.

[On July 8], agents from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, accompanied by eight police officers, executed a search warrant on Vernon Hershberger, a dairy producer who’s been resisting government efforts to shut down his farm store. According to one witness, the police surrounded the store and warned off anyone who tried to approach. They had previously been frustrated in trying to enter the store because the warrant didn’t give them authorization to use force, and the store had been locked. But this time, they used the element of surprise to accomplish their goal. They confiscated a computer and several boxes of business records, but took no food. Presumably DATCP wants to make a case that Hershberger violated the ban on sales of raw dairy by breaking the seals on his coolers applied by DATCP agents.

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10 responses to “Doing Business Under a State of Siege: Looking Beyond Regulator Scare Tactics in WI, CA, MN

  1. The Federales are so chickenshift it’s hard to know what to say. They’ll let the Gulf of Mexico be toxicated until life itself on this planet is at risk, but they’ll threaten a man who stands for clean and honest food. Regulators are so whacko and crazy, there’s no way to deal with this shift. Government is so lop-sided, corrupt and paranoid, they all need strait jackets and rubber rooms.

    • yeah, it’s a war alright – corpogov vs. the planet

    • Thank you, Emily.

      As noted elsewhere in a reply to sheldon101, I’m a former dairy farmer whose livelihood was completely destroyed by regulations. This has been going on forever (well, since the bureaucrats took power) in this country as independent local small food is regulated and criminalized to the point of extinction. People, as noted by sheldon101’s typical ‘scientific’ response, are afraid of food without their Big Brother puking (ie., certifying it ‘safe’) on it first.

      Get a life, such people, because you are dying and worse: you are killing those who would live, with your regulatory fervor. (Pass another law please, conduct another scientific ‘test’! And who, controls the science and the law? ?? DUH!!)

  2. Whole Foods is so weird. I get the ban on raw milk sales, even though I think Whole Foods is spineless for doing so, but kombucha? What’s next, fresh produce?

  3. Surprisingly, I agree with some of this.

    Public health officials are pretty solid in opposing the sale of raw milk.

    But if the law allows it, then that shouldn’t be a huge problem. In California, Rawsome could legally sell raw milk from Organic Pastures. But they’re not doing so legally (if Organic Pastures is a supplier) because they won’t get the required health department permits, which I’m sure that the next door Whole Foods gets.

    There’s also a problem with Real Milk and WAPF because they’re arguing for looser regulation of raw milk. They opposed the 10 coliform/ml standard in California.

    Raw milk is inherently riskier than pasteurized milk. Those who want to be more widely available should be advocating for a tough, but doable safety regime.

    • I think if you spray a little of that Corexit stuff on your raw milk sheldon101, that should make it safer, eh?

      Sorry, just a little sarcasm to maybe make you think about the real dangerous stuff.

      But I guess you believe in the safety of numbers.


      ‘criminal’ former family small dairy farmer destroyed by regulations and administration of regulations and other toxic stuff…but it was organic!

  4. One more final thing: They used to sell home milk pasteurizers. Maybe they still do. If you’re afraid of some germs in your raw milk, maybe you can get one of those home pasteurizers and do it yourself.

    The point being, avoid BIG BROTHER. Don’t listen to him, don’t empower him.

    He is not your friend.

    Likewise the ‘science’ that enables him.

    I think it’s already too late and BIG BROTHER has won. He certainly beat me. He’s certainly beating the Gulf of Mexico…

    But we the people could still take the planet back. Someday. Maybe.

    a real farmer

    p.s. I hate Organic Valley because of what they did to me! (Whole ‘nother story…)

  5. Have you looked at the recent price of fresh soybeans, edamame?

    $5 a pound?

  6. What nastiness.

    I have this bizarre notion that government has a useful role when it comes to issues of public health.

    I have this bizarre notion that this includes prohibiting the use of certain chemicals.

    What the yahoos who comment here is a government that only has a legitimate role in the aspects of public health that they approve of.

    Big stores selling hamburger meat made from a 100 different cattle? Let us make sure that they keep it properly refrigerated.

    Joe Schmo farmer selling raw milk, naah, we’ll rely only on his word.

    Fortunately, yahoos don’t always get what they want.

    • to sheldon101:

      that’d be yay-hoo to you, pal.

      maybe you should think just a little bit more, now that you’re getting started.

      my word, by the way, is good. I’m not like the government.


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