10 Mistakes to Avoid at the Farmers Market

By Darya Pino

If you haven’t spent much time at farmers’ markets, you may not know that they can be a bit intimidating. Locals always know exactly where to go and what to buy, and seem to possess some kind of secret, cult-like knowledge of seasonal favorites and exclusive deals.

How’s a farmers’ market newbie supposed to sort through the piles of exotic vegetables without feeling like a trespasser?

The reality is this: farmers’ market fans can indeed be fanatical (I know I am), but the farmers themselves couldn’t be more friendly and welcoming. Avoiding these ten mistakes will help you fit in at the market and get the most out of being a locavore.

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6 responses to “10 Mistakes to Avoid at the Farmers Market

  1. Great list and I think this might be really helpful to people who haven’t spent a lot of time at the markets.

  2. In the UK I’ve found that there can be a bit of wiggle room on pricing if you want to buy a lot of something. A polite “what sort of deal can you do me if I buy six?” has never caused offence yet.

    Another good rule in my book is: buy the heavy stuff and leave it on the stall. Most sellers will be happy to put a bag at the back of the stall for you to collect when you’ve been all round the market.

  3. Awesome list!

    I always seem to either buy too much and I can’t eat it before it goes bad. Or I don’t buy enough and I can’t wait until the next market so I can get some more.

    So I would add not to go when you’re hungry – or too full 😛

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