Goldman Sachs’ Food Bubble

By Democracy Now!

While Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $550 million to resolve a civil fraud lawsuit filed by the SEC, Goldman has not been held accountable for many of its other questionable investment practices. A new article in Harper’s Magazine examines the role Goldman played in the food crisis of 2008 when the ranks of the world’s hungry increased by 250 million. We speak to Harper’s contributing editor Frederick Kaufman. (Transcript below)

Read transcript at Democracy Now!

4 responses to “Goldman Sachs’ Food Bubble

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  2. This is certainly a great piece for investor still looking at the market.

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  4. Im looking for a book that targets this very topic – I think its titled
    The Bubble Corporation?
    The bubble Company?
    I heard an interview like this within the last year where the author had described GSachs as the architect of almost all dangerous investment bubbles of the last cerntury – complicit in this is the Fed Bank, Reserve and every administration that continues to appoint X GSachs employees as Fed Chair or policy advisors etc.

    If you know of the book please
    respond to my email

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