Even birds choose superfoods when needed

Hermit thrush (Ryan Brady)

Birds fuel up on superfoods before long migration flights

By Larry O’Hanlon
Discovery News


  • Insect-eating songbirds switch to fruits rich in antioxidants before migrating.
  • The antioxidants apparently help the birds deal with the stress of migration.
  • Birds and other wildlife could help biochemists prospect for useful substances in nature.

Bug-chomping songbirds have been discovered doing something remarkable before migrating south for the winter: They switch, awkwardly, to berries rich in antioxidants.

The dietary change has less to do with fattening up and more to do with stocking up on nutrients to help their bodies deal with the stresses of migration, say researchers.

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One response to “Even birds choose superfoods when needed

  1. It doesn’t seem apparent to some people that Science has taken on the purpose of killing and culling life, not protecting it.


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