How would you fancy cloned beef?

By Joanna Blythman
Daily Telegraph (UK)

A farmer claimed that milk from cloned animals was entering the UK food chain. In the following days it emerged that meat from the offspring of cloned animals had been also been sold for human consumption. On August 3rd, the Food Standards Agency (UK) admitted that meat from a cloned cow entered the food chain last year. ~ Ed.

The men in white coats are out in force, assuring us that milk and meat from cloned cattle presents no risk to human health. It’s just food like any other food, they say. However, the Food Standards Agency seems startled, as though it has been roused from its bed in the middle of the night. It agrees that cloned food is safe to eat – or, rather, it prefers to hedge its bets, saying that there is no evidence to the contrary. Its only objection to the cloned milk and meat that has slipped silently into our food appears to be bureaucratic: the necessary forms have not been filled in nor permissions sought.

Consumers, on the other hand, can’t get rid of the persistent, queasy feeling that there is something disturbing about food from clones. This isn’t a uniquely British attitude, another expression of our dewy-eyed fondness for cuddly pets. Only last month, the European Parliament voted to ban cloned meat and milk. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration has been attacked by consumer and environmental groups for approving cloned food without adequate safety checks.

Such opposition is dismissed by advocates of cloning as irrational and backward, another example of how the over-sensitive ethical antennae of neurotic consumers with too much food in their bellies can get in the way of scientific progress feeding a hungry world. More evidence of the public’s ignorance of science.

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2 responses to “How would you fancy cloned beef?

  1. No way. I no longer eat beef at all because of the way they are being poorly managed.

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